Hen Party Crackers: Here Come The Girls S01E5/8

Hi, my names Hannah and welcome to my series,
Here Come the Girls, from my wedding scrapbook. This week I’m going to be showing you some
more ideas with preparation for your lovely hindu from my book, Girls Night In. So this
week we’re going to be doing talking point crackers which are really really fun. You
can put loads of different things inside them and it’s a great place to get to the conversation
flowing at your party. [music]
So from your sheet of white card you need to cut out ten centimeters by ten centimeters
square, which is obviously this shape. And then we need to make this into our inner of
our cracker so we just need to curve that around into a nice tube shape. It’s a really
good idea to use the side of the table when you’re doing this and you can just pull the
paper down the side and it kind of helps it curve a little bit. And we just roll that
around and I’m just going to use some sellotape and then we just need to sellotape down the
side just there. And you just fold over your ends like that and we’ve got a nice little
tube shape. So this is quite a fun bit, you need to think of some questions or dares that
can go inside your crackers. I’ve come up with a few ides here but obviously you can
come up with your own personal ones. This one was if you had three wishes what would
they be? What was the name of the first boy you ever kissed? Or what was your first impression
of the husband to be? Now this could be to any of the girls. That might be quite a funny
question. So write those down on tiny little bits of paper, much like you would with a
normal Christmas cracker. So our next stage is to make the outer layer of our cracker.
So we need to cut twenty by twenty centimeters of the crepe paper. It’s a little bit tricky
to cut so just be a little bit gentle with it because it can rip quite easily. So I’m
going to measure twenty centimeters by twenty. Just really lightly draw a line down it and
we’re just going to cut that out. And always cut it out with scissors because otherwise
you might tear it. Now we’ve cut out our twenty by twenty centimeter
square of crepe paper. We’re going to fill our tube with our little bits and pieces,
so I’m going to add the chocolate in there and I’m going to add the dare and then finally
I’m going to add the cracker snap. So just thread that through, Obviously it’s going
to be a little bit long now but we’ll cut it down in a second. And then we’re just going
to roll. Put it right in the middle and just roll the crepe paper around the outside. And
then we’re going to get our sticky glue line because the reason why we use these is it
makes everything really neat and tidy. So we’re just going to cut a little section off
there and then we’re going to add that to the edge of our crepe paper and just pull
that off really carefully and we’ve got a nice stickly line there. And we can just roll
that over onto there and then that’s nice and closed. So we need to close up our ends.
I’ve got this pretty green bakers twine here. I’m just cutting a couple of sections. Tie around the ends. You just need to give
that a double knot just to make sure it’s really secure and do the same on the other
side, tie there. And then just trim off any excess ends and at this stage we can trim
just the ends of the cracker snaps off. So that looks lovely as it is but I’m going to
add some scrapbook paper at the top just to give it that finishing touch. So from the
scrapbook paper I’ve cut out nine centimeters by ten centimeters and again I’m just going
to roll that on the edge of the table just to give it a bit of a tube shape to it. And
then we’re just going to attach that around the outside of our cracker. And as you can
see it’s got a nice tiny little bit of overhang there and again I’m going to use the glue
line so it looks nice and neat and tidy. We’re just going to stick that line tape on our
paper and so we just need to peel this off again just from here. And you want to make
sure that that goes over the top of the edge and there we have our beautiful talking point
cracker. So if you enjoyed this video, please give me a nice big thumbs up. Don’t forget
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chocolate rock.

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