Here’s Why Nick Lachey Needs To Finally Just Give It Up

Back when he was married to pop superstar
Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey was a reality TV star with a solo music career on the way. However, things have changed a lot since then. Here’s a helpful list of reminders why the
singer sadly isn’t that famous anymore. Nick Lachey and wife Jessica Simpson were
the Barbie and Ken of the late ’90s pop music scene, with a mutual popularity that only
grew thanks to their reality TV series Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Simpson famously didn’t know the difference
between chicken and tuna… “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this
fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken.” …and Lachey was desperately trying to launch
a solo career, but despite their fumbles, fans thought the crooning couple was destined
to last forever. Nonetheless, just three brief years after
tying the knot, Lachey and Simpson called it quits in 2005. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. According to The Washington Post, Simpson
was the more financially successful of the pair at the time of their split, and not by
just a little. The difference was huge: She was worth about
$35 million, and thanks to Lachey’s lack of solo success, his fortune was apparently just
$5 million when they broke up. And according to Simpson, her divorce from
Lachey cost her a lot. “Biggest money mistakes? Hm, I don’t know. For some reason, I thought of my first marriage.” Of course, Simpson has since created a billion-dollar
retail business and is said to have a personal net worth of around $200 million. Lachey hasn’t achieved quite that level of
success just yet. However, Lachey found happiness when he got
married in July 2011 to wife Vanessa Lachey. 98 Degrees might have been the third wheel
in the fan war between *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, but there’s no denying they had some
hits, including “The Hardest Thing,” and of course the iconic marriage anthem, “I Do.” In addition to these songs, Nick Lachey also
made music with then-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, including the duet, “Where You Are.” Lachey married Simpson in 2002, but unfortunately,
the couple’s popularity didn’t encourage fans to buy Lachey’s debut album, SoulO. The album peaked at Number 51 on the Billboard
200 chart. However, the album he released in the immediate
aftermath of his divorce, What’s Left Of Me, performed much better. It rose to Number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart,
and was certified gold by the RIAA. The success didn’t continue though, and in
2013 he released an album of children’s lullabies. For his subsequent release, 2014’s Soundtrack
of My Life, Lachey recorded cover versions of famous movie songs, such as Aerosmith’s
“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and Bruce Springstreen’s “Streets of Philadelphia,” but nonetheless
the record failed to set the charts alight. It’s safe to say that Nick Lachey’s music
career just isn’t what it was. It’s unfortunate that 98 Degrees never hit
the heights that other ’90s boy bands achieved. In 2013, Lachey’s boy band finally returned
with their comeback album 2.0. Unfortunately, it was a flop, and only managed
to sell roughly 7,400 copies during its first week. Despite the failure, everyone seemed to have
a good time. Of the band’s comeback, Lachey told The Washington
Post, “We had a new album out and what we realized
is that we’re out there performing, you’re looking out and seeing all these familiar
faces, fans that we’ve known for the better part of 15 years now. They’re there with their kids, some of them,
and I’m thinking, ‘This is really cool.'” Back in 1999, 98 Degrees had major success
with their festive record, This Christmas, so in 2017, they decided to release another
holiday album called Let It Snow. Unfortunately, it didn’t have nearly the same
amount of success, and it certainly didn’t chart. However, Lachey told People, “We thought, ‘Why not do a second version
of that?’ and try to create the same type of timeless classic sound that we thought
we accomplished in the first one…It just made the most sense. We loved the first record and we’re loving
the second record, too.” At least someone had fun. Though he has a storied career as a reality
star, Nick Lachey’s 2017 stint on Dancing with the Stars didn’t go so well. You’d think the boy band veteran would completely
nail a dancing competition, but apparently it was pretty awkward. Of the experience, Lachey told Us Weekly,
he was glad he could check it off his list of accomplishments, adding, “I can look back and say I have no regrets. But it was not one of the fonder moments of
my life.” Despite claiming to not have any regrets,
Lachey got real about his time on the show and also told Us Weekly, “If you enjoy dancing, it’s a great time…But
for me it was just like, man, I never felt more uncomfortable in my life than being out
there being judged at doing something that I don’t even [like] doing. So it was a hard process.” Nick Lachey is no stranger to reality TV,
and he managed to keep himself in the spotlight post-98 Degrees when he landed a hosting gig
on NBC’s new reality TV singing competition, The Sing-Off. The show, which premiered in 2009, did give
the world Pentatonix, but by the end of Season 3, the ratings situation was so dire that
a 98 Degrees reunion couldn’t even generate much public interest. Nick, alongside younger brother Drew Lachey,
moved onto a reality TV docu series about a bar they opened in Cincinnati, Ohio, called
Lachey’s Bar. Think Wahlburgers, but without New Kids on
the Block or superstar Mark Wahlberg. Unfortunately, A&E never renewed the show
for a second season. And according to Billboard, the bar ended
up closing its doors in 2018. Since then, Lachey has only landed a few one-off
TV gigs. Notably, he competed in an episode of The
$100,000 Pyramid and hosted the Miss USA 2018 pageant, which has been suffering from falling
ratings for years, according to Variety, so we can’t place the blame solely on Jessica
Simpson’s ex-husband. At this point, it seems like the multi-platinum
singer is hosting competitions a whole lot more than he’s actually singing. After The Sing-Off stopped making full-sized
seasons in 2011, it didn’t take long for Lachey to find another gig. Unfortunately, his new singing competition,
The Winner Is, was also short-lived. It didn’t even manage to make it past one
season on NBC. Of course, someone as experienced as Lachey
was able to find hosting work again, it just wasn’t with a major network for adults. Instead, he went to Nickelodeon to host a
children’s show called America’s Most Musical Family. Appearing in yet another singing competition,
Lachey was forced to share the spotlight with a panel of judges that included R&B legend
Ciara, ’80s icon Debbie Gibson, and YouTube star David Dobrik, who had virtually no musical
experience but millions more subscribers than Lachey or 98 Degrees. To add insult to injury, Dobrik suggested
that Lachey was old. In an interview with Z100, Dobrik said, “Nick pulled me into his dressing room and
there was a bunch of adults there that were having snacks and drinks, and I just felt
like a grown-up…I felt like I was at camp and my [camp] counselor was like ‘Come on.'” Well, it could have been worse. At least Dobrik didn’t call Lachey a boomer. Nick Lachey isn’t just a singer, reality TV
star and host. In 2004, the star got actual recognition for
his acting talents with a multi-episode run on Charmed. This should have been a huge step forward
for Lachey’s acting career. Unfortunately, that didn’t really pan out
either. In 2004, it looked like Charmed was going
to land Lachey a starring role on his own TV show. According to Today, the actor even signed
a development deal with 20th Century Fox Television and Brad Grey TV. Apparently, the plan was to develop a half-hour
or one-hour series specifically for the 98 Degrees singer, but it sadly never came to
fruition. If you check out the singer’s IMDb credits,
the only recurring acting role he’s ever had since Charmed was a small voice-acting spot
in the Netflix animated short Harvey Girls Forever! Beyond that, Lachey has had one-episode cameos
in shows like Hawaii Five-0. He also nabbed small roles in a few movies,
but his character in Nicole Kidman’s Bewitched didn’t even have a name. Mostly, Lachey hasn’t acted in front of a
camera in years. It seems like most of us know Nick Lachey
from his 2003 MTV reality series Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, especially since, by the time
the series aired, 98 Degrees hadn’t been on the Billboard charts for a few years. You simply can’t fight the fact that Lachey
and Simpson were one of the first reality TV couples to have a show that chronicled
their lives, yes, even before Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, or Carmen Electra and
Dave Navarro did it. Although Newlyweds only lasted three seasons,
and Lachey and Simpson divorced shortly after it ended, the star admitted that the series
landed him some longtime fans. During an appearance on Watch What Happens
Live in 2019, Lachey said, “That show gave me a chance to kinda show
who I was. Cause when you’re in a band, like, a boy band,
nobody really knows who you are as a person…And got a lot of fans to this day because of the
show.” “It does fascinate me though that, you know,
it’s been fifteen years, I think, and people still think about it like it was yesterday.” Even though Nick Lachey isn’t nearly as famous
as he used to be, he’s a star to at least three people, and they’re his children. Lachey’s main focus in the last few years
appears to have been his family, and it’s not hard to figure out why. In an Instagram caption, the singer said outright, “Fatherhood is the greatest job in the world.” He also admitted that his priority was protecting
his offspring, which undoubtedly leaves a lot less time for things like singing in boy
bands, being on TV, or releasing solo records. If you’re looking at Lachey’s TV credits,
there’s a notable pause around 2016, and that’s probably not a coincidence. According to Entertainment Tonight, Lachey
and his wife Vanessa welcomed their youngest son on Christmas Eve that year, but he came
10 weeks premature and needed to spend time in intensive care. Of the experience, Lachey wrote on Instagram, “I felt a vulnerability I had never known
before and a fear I wasn’t familiar with. I can only imagine how many fathers out there
felt the same way I did in that moment. The next 6 weeks in the hospital were the
toughest and yet most wonderful weeks of my life.” Lachey and his wife haven’t ruled out adding
a fourth child to their brood, but it seems like their hands are pretty full with what
they’ve got. Vanessa Lachey told People in 2019, “We’re very happy as a party of five, but
you never know. The second I say no, I’ll probably get pregnant. And the second I say yes, I probably won’t.” Regardless of Nick Lachey’s current level
of fame, he’ll always be a multi-platinum artist. Nobody can take that away from him. Plus, there’s always a chance the star will
get his second chance, not in singing or as the focus of a reality TV show, but still
in pretty familiar territory: hosting. In February 2020, the husband and wife team
of Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosted the first season of a new series called Love Is Blind
on Netflix. According to Deadline, the show is described
as, “A less conventional approach to modern dating
where they hope to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with…without
ever having seen them.” While hosting is still on the cards for Lachey,
starring in another reality show is out of the question. The singer told Us Weekly, “Having been there and done that, I don’t
think there’s any chance you’ll ever see that happen again. You know who I am.” It looks like we’ll just have to wait and
see what Nick Lachey does next. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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    I think he’s probably living a much happier life. Hollywood is pretty shitty and unfortunately I think it has sucked the life right out of Jessica.

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