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[Sneaky laughing] [Kaden] This video is
sponsored by “Moose Toys!” I just broke out the zoo and
I’m gonna defeat you all! Mwah ha ha! [Fun music] Well, can you beat fire? Whoa, water power come out! [Fun music] Let’s see what you all can do about, my sand power! Mwah ha ha! Hi-ya, ha, you missed! Hey Kaden, what you doing? Oh I’m just playing with
my “Goo Jitsu Toys!” There they are, but it
looks like they haven’t discovered the “Goo Jitsu” power yet! [Sneaky laughing] I must get it! My “Goo Jitsu” animals have changed, and broke out of the zoo! Those hero powers must be mine, so I can rule the world! [Sneaky laughing] They’re going to save the city! Oh cool! Are those the action figures that grandma gave you for your birthday? These aren’t action figures! They’re changed gooey fighters! Gooey? What do you mean? They’re nothing like
regular action figures. But how do I get them
from the Fun Squad Kids? They stretch, squish and crunch! They stretch? I know, I’ll ring the doorbell! [Sneaky laughing] Yes, they are fueled with goo powers, but I haven’t really tried them out yet. I want to try! [Soft upbeat music] [Door bell ringing] Who’s that?! I’ll go get it! Those goo powers must be mine, so I can take over the world! [Sneaky laughing] [Suspense music] No one’s here! Maybe someone knocked and ran? What! How dare you?! My “Blazagon” will get you! That’s mine! Aaah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ahhh! [Suspense music] Great! Now how am I going
to get those goo powers? Whoa, what just happened? I don’t know?! Impossible! Whoa! Look Jack, this guy is
fueled with lava goo power! Yeah, but there’s no way his power transferred to you, right? Maybe, his hero power
activated when we squished him! Hero powers? Activated by squishing? Or stretching or crunching? Could that be it? Let test it on another guy. [Soft music] Great! Now how am I going
to get those powers? Hmmm.. I know, I’ll use
my invisibility cloak, and I’ll take my superhero powers when the boys don’t see me! [Sneaky laughing] This is my best idea yet! [Sneaky laughing] They’ll never see me now! Wait! Don’t test that one! Why not? “Rock Jaw” and “Viper”
are the two bad guys. Let’s try a good guy first! Okay, which guy should we try out first? [Fun music] How about this cool ninja guy?
“Pantaro!” He’s got cool freezing powers! Whoa! He’s super squishy! Oh! I can feel it, I can feel it! It’s working, it’s working! Jack, aim it at the fireplace! Okay! [Ice freezing] [Exclaims] No way! Oh man, this is so silly! Which “Goo Jitsu” guy should we try next? [Playful music] I want all of the hero powers, but I’ll take the bad guys first! [Sneaky laughing] How about “Tygor?” Let’s see what his goo power is?! Hmm.. what does this guy do? I don’t know? It looks
like he has something– [Boink] What was that? I don’t know, but let’s
figure this guy out. Ooh! That was a close one! Okay Jack, it’s your turn to do it! Okay, so what do I do just
stretch it or something? [Kaden] Yeah, that’s pretty much it! [Kaden] Watch out, “Tygor’s”
powers are flash bursts! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Something’s happening! Whoa! [Zaps] [Exclaims] No way! I can’t believe I did that! All we have to do is play
with our “Goo Jitsu Toys,” and it’s power comes alive! This is amazing, let’s try another one! I know, right! Test it, test it! [Footsteps] [Sneaky laughing] I got two of them!
[Sneaky laughing] Now to get a few more! [Playful music] Let’s try the lion, this
guy’s filled with sand! Whoa! He feels cool! [Sneaky laughing]
[Exclaims] Ooh, I’m getting so many of them! [Sneaky laughing] What’s Dr. Mad Scientist doing here? I’ll fix this! I’m going take these two! [Suspense music] We don’t want to stretch this guy,
cause of we stretch him there’s gonna be sand all over the house! Yeah, we don’t want to make mom upset! We will have to clean it up! [Suspense music] I’ll never let Dr. Mad Scientist win! Yeah, that would make mom so mad! Okay let’s try it on– Wait where’d they go! Wait, they were just right here! Yeah, we’re the only
two people here, right? Yeah, except for Kalia, she’s in her room! I don’t know where they went, but let’s look around the room! [Fun music] [Breathing] [Kaden] Wait, maybe they’re here? Gosh, I don’t know where they went? Neither do I! [Suspense music] What, what, what! Where did they go? Where did they go? Nooo! I need those goo powers
to conquer the world! I gotta find those toys! I’m gonna get Dr. Mad Scientist! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! What was that? Take that Dr. Mad Scientist! What? He was hiding behind a cape. A cape? You mean an invisibility cape? Yeah, he was taking your toys! You’re the one who took our toys! Give them back, or else! Yeah! Uh, uh it wasn’t me! He was after our goo powers! LETS GET HIM!
Ahhh! [Sneaky laughing] Take this Fun Squad! [Sneaky laughing] It’s not working for me. Ahh! Ahh! [Children] You better run! Ahh, I’m outta here! [Boys] Ahhh! Oh no, where do I go! You better run! Get him Kaden, get him!
[Pew, pew, pew] Yeah, come on Kaden you got this!
[Pew, pew, pew] [Kaden] Flash burn, flash burn! [Zapping] That’s right Dr. Mad Scientist, run! Hey, why don’t you think the goo powers worked on Dr. Mad Scientist? All right, I need the
powers, c’mon, c’mon! Why isn’t this working? Why isn’t this working for me?! Come on I need this to work, c’mon! You know, he has the snake,
you think he’s super stretchy? I bet he has the power of stretch and doesn’t even know it. Come on, let’s go get him! Oh shoot, here they come! Ahh! Dr. Mad Scientist, stop right there! You’re super goo powers cannot get me! Goo powers, that’s it! Jack grab his hands! [Sneaky laughing] All right let’s settle
this, once and for all! Whoa, check the way he is stretchy! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! What! What! What is happening to me? What is happening? What is happening? Ahh! Ahhh! Jack it’s working! Pull
harder, pull harder! Being stretchy backfired, we got ya, we got ya! Ahh, ahh what’s going on? What are these guys? I’m like so stretchy! Jack no way, it really worked! He is stretchy! I said let go! Haha, I’m all stretched out but
it’s like I have no control! Ahh, no! Ahh! No! Whoa, whoa, oh noo! Take that Dr. Mad Scientist! Whoa, whoa what’s going on?! You guys stop! Now, for the ultimate bounce! Ahhh! Kaden come over here, I
want to play jump rope! I got this hand. Three, two, one!
Jump! Jump rope! Come on, these are
my arms you’re talking about. His stretched out arms are
just like “Viper the Snake” Knock it off! [Kaden] I have an idea, let’s
wrap him around the tree. No, no, no! What’s going on, nooo! What is going on!
Nooo! I’m stuck, I’m stuck! Knock it off, knock it off! Should we just leave him
here, or have more fun! Let’s have more fun! I got a great idea, he’s the reindeer, we’re
Santa and the sleigh! I’m out of here!
I’m out of here! Kaden hold on tight! Come on hold the arm! What, I’m out of here!
Ooh! [Sleigh bell music] No, no, no! [Sleigh bell music] Quick Jack, get him! He’s getting away! Get him! [Fun upbeat music] I just gotta get away, gotta get away! I’ve got you now Dr. Mad Scientist! Go, go, go! Holy cow, this is exhausting! Go, go, go! Oh, I give up! Oh, I can’t do this anymore! I give up you guys! You having these goo powers, you’re making this day so much fun! [Jack And Kaden] Let’s make a heart! Oh Dr. Mad Scientist, who’s your crush? I don’t have a crush, what
are you talking about? [Jack And Kaden] Broken heart! Oh you guys please,
please just stop, come on! Aww, Dr. Mad Scientist do you need a hug! A hug, that’s a great idea! [Fun upbeat music] This will be the tightest
hug you’ve ever had! But I don’t want a hug. I don’t want a hug! Tuck his hands in back here. See you later, spaghetti arms! Yeah, donut man! Hey, come back here! Oh great, how am I going
to get out of this one? Dr. Mad Scientist wants his mommy! [Crying] Whoa! This one has bones and shark teeth! This one shoots ice! This one is cool because
it has slime in it! And this one had bones in it! And this has like water in it! This one has sand in it! My favorite guy is this guy,
because he’s super stretchy, and when you let go, it
just slowly grows back! There are 15 different heroes to collect! [Jack] And all with unique fillings! If you want to find out more about “The Heroes of
“Goo Jitsu”,” kaa pow! Click on the link in
the description below! If you want to see another awesome video with these cool amazing toys, check out the video “The Ninja Kidz” did! Make sure to like and subscribe below! And click on the other Doctor video, the video right below! Click it, click it, click it! It’s awesome! [Sneaky laughing]

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