Heroes Orchestra LIVE CONCERT – 20th anniversary of Heroes III (part 1/2)

Hey guys! It’s Paul Romero out Los Angeles I’m the writer of the Heroes of Might and Magic music and I am so happy you can come tonight for the 20th anniversary of Heroes with the Heroes Orchestra. I wish I can be there, and I think all of you for being wonderful fans of the game and of my music. And I hope one day, very soon that I’m gonna come back to Poland and do a big concert with Heroes Orchestra. In the meantime have a fantastic night tonight, and good luck to all the musicians and to the audience members. Thank you again for listening. Have a wonderful night. Take care!

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  1. Музыка из замка темницы всегда казалась очень сказочной

  2. just few minutes in and I already feel like crying :') the nostalgia feels are gonna kill me :'D

    this is so beautifully arranged!

  3. Never thought i ever heard such a beautiful classics from my childhood memories, such a blast from a past where i knew i'm not the only one spending countless hours just to play this game, Happy 20th Anniversary HoMM III, The best TBS i ever played, someday i'll revisit this game and enjoy the fun together when my son already big enough!

  4. Я думаю это было то уникальное сочетание, когда все соединилось в одной игре! геймплей, музыка, графика. С таким же трепетом я вспоминаю Dizzy…

  5. Интересно есть шанс что приедете в Ригу с концертом? я думаю у нас очень много людей хотели бы сходить послушать вживую =)

  6. It is nice to hear the richness of whole orchestra. It sounds much better than in game. People might disagree, but I'd really like to hear this as purely instrumental.

  7. I am a grown man now,but this beauty brought tears to my eyes.If it's possible,PLEASE ,somehow add this as a soundtrack to the game.

  8. Finding this has brought me so much joy. I didn't know there were so many people who share this special, nostalgic bond with this soundtrack similar to mine. Really shows you what the power of music can afford us: lifelong memories, spiritual comforting… Hearing any song off this soundtrack still takes me back to 1999, playing this game as a child and just so captivated by the magical surroundings inside this world. That Tower town theme still gives me goosebumps. Thank you!!

  9. Choir needs to tone down volume on some parts.. I love the spunk but you can tell its a bit to much from a performance stand point.

  10. hope the CD or digital files can sell on bandcamp or other platform, bank transfer is so high handing charge.

  11. местами не те ноты, я столько раз слушал музыку из игры что моментально это замечаю и это напрягает

  12. Мне 11 лет.
    Мой папа научил меня играть в Героев 3, и я ему за это очень благодарен 🙂

  13. Это невероятный шедевр! Боже, слушая эту музыку, мало того, что проснулась ностальгия, так еще успел прослезиться! Какое душевное исполнение, слова не передать!!!
    Продолжайте все в том же духе, прошу вас! Ваши таланты и творчество невероятны! Успехов и здоровья вам!
    Это просто ШЕДЕВР

  14. 又想起了当年恣意挥洒在英雄无敌3里的那些岁月,很亲切啊。有谁和我一样,LUNA火墙横行地图~

  15. Просто божественно, нет слов….музыка шикарна и хор на высоте….

  16. This, is no doubt a master piece, Paul Romero is truely a master of composing! I have been a fan of the Heroes series for many years and music is one of the biggest reason why I love it.

    However, I did notice some changes this orchestra made to the original version, the obvious one being the extensive use of the choir. While it certainly added to the heaviness and grand presence of the music, especially for the Necropolis theme and Castle theme; however, in my opinion, it tuned down the beauty and flexibility of some other part. While the choir had a loud voice the sound of violin, piano and harp was barely eligible when the choir was active. This could cause the main tone of the music to change. For example, the rampart theme was written in a way to reflect the beauty of the nature, the origin music was very emotional. While the main character was the flute to emphasise the emotion, the harp played an important part to reflect the freedom and beauty of the forest and with violin as background to connect all these part together and draw out the overall tone of the music. The Rampart theme played in this video however had a different tone, as in harp, violin faded to the back, covered by sound of choir and horns, the original melody played by these two instruments however wasn’t delivered by any other ones. So I feel it might be picky if me, but I think some of the theme and the spirit of the original music was lost in translation.

    Same can be said about the stronghold theme, I believe, originally the music consist two theme, the grand majestic part that could remind you of the mountains was delivered of course by mainly the brass family (the heavy ones). The second theme is lighter, more delicate and agile. You can here the lighter instruments jumping up and down, that always reminds me of the eagles living in the mountains, flying without a care. It was the comparison and the shift between the two, made this music alive and complete, they both build up this music for the final climax. But again, the sense of freedom and agility was completely covered by choir, and in my opinion, this music is less for it.

  17. I feel like I may have misrepresented myself, so I really need to say this: What I said was just my own humble opinions. Though I think there are a few flaws in the presentation, but you guys indeed did a wonderful job on bringing these really underrated music back after all these years! You are all truly awesome and talented people! I watched a lot of your videos, I’m a big fan of yours! Keep up the good work!

  18. I love the "New Week + Main Theme from HoMM III" of this concert.

    Can you please consider about uploading that song as a single track?

    I would much appreciate that work

  19. Dirt and lava themes are the reason I fall in love with Heroes over and over again. Unfortunately these two are often overlooked in context of the rest of tracks. I'm glad you did justice to them. ♥

  20. "12:14 Rampart from HoMM III"

    Truly the most peaceful thing you will ever encounter in your life

    One word, Nirvana ( place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven.)

  21. Thanks for all the great work. A surge of nostalgia every time. Necropolis, fortress, stronghold and inferno themes are especially moving. Hope to see you in Russia someday

  22. i am from indonesia. best game and beautiful soundtrack forever. i am playing the game although my age now is 36 yo.

  23. 35:07 DIRT THEME and 37:28 LAVA THEME performed by Heroes Orchestra are just genius and should be placed amongh the other world culture brilliant masterpieces.

  24. Это лучшая игра в которую я когда-либо играл. Она навсегда в моём сердечке. From Belarus with love.

  25. Thank you all who made it possible to reach this immortal masterpiece on youtube! Also deep respect to the composer and all the performers! Heroes of Might and Magic is a defining game of my childhood and youth with its full soundtrack which keeps enchanting me even as an adult and always will. It is something one can never forget!

  26. to był najlepszy koncert na jakim byłam! choćby na następny w takim miejscu i oprawie trzeba bylo czekać 20lat – warto i będę! #yourockguys!

  27. Literally shed tears hearing all of this because Heroes 3 has been one of my dearly childhood memory…..some of the best memories i had

  28. Самая лучшая написанная музыка среди всех игр что я когда-либо слышал…просто самый топ (олды поймут)
    Best music among all games (In my opinion)

  29. You have no idea how many good emotions this brought out in me. Omg, thank you. You've essentially brought back a big part of my childhood. ♥

  30. Какая же крутая игра и какая же я уже старая :)) помню как захватывающе было захватывать лесопилки и шахты, на скопленные деньжата строить башню грифонов, апгрейдить ее. Прям кайф!

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