“He’s SUCH a Liar!” Married at First Sight Couples React to Season 10, Episode 11 | Lifetime

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  2. I stopped watching after the third episode this season. Just throw the entire season away. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Wtf is Zack talking about? Mindys friend Lindsay is a snake what type of friend does stuff like that. Mindy needs to accept that Zack isn’t into her and leave both of them alone

  4. Zack is a narcissistic, self-absorbed poser. He’s not even that great looking. Average at best. Mindy is wasting her time with this loser. She’s way too classy and intelligent to put up with his BS.

  5. Now we all know that Lindsay is the reason for Zach not moving in with Mindy. The both of them are having a secret affair and they're just waiting for filming to end so that they can come out to Mindy and say we're together. They don't want it to play out on TV. But the cat's out of the bag already. Mindy, if you're reading this, they're both not worth it. You deserve better!! I've been in your shoes a long time ago and I can tell you first hand that Lindsay is NOT your friend. I learned it the hard way and you will too it seems..

  6. Mindy… that ain’t your friend. She want attention.. drag that dirty person to the light. Give her a lifetime of attention she is clearly seeking. She on mess. That is a fact

  7. Zach, if you started this conversation, you have to finish the conversation. Lindsey and Zach are HORRIBLE people. Mindy deserve better.

  8. I love, love, love Jessica and Austin. I absolutely despise Zach, also cant stand Taylor, Michael, or Katie. Poor Derek will get his heart broken and poor Meka will be supporting herself and Michael because I don't think he even has a job,

  9. What effort is Katie putting in? She is whiner and a complainer and Derek deserves far better. I bet he dumps her. Michael is such a liar. No woman will ever trust him after seeing this. Zack is a liar and a jerk and a loser.

  10. Its Gaslighting 101 from Zack! He made up the issue about the dishonest episode…he was projecting his deception with her ex-friend…He's a covert narcissist and coward…who just wanted TV exposure! Now the imposter has been seen for what he is…a pathological liar….Mindy is clever enough to realise …and know its his 'personality (disorder) that he admitted to!

  11. Mindy’s supposed “friend” is a snake. She should be WAY more upset with Lindsay than she is with douchey Zach. You know her friend was the one who started it with Zach. I don’t believe for a second that he initiated that correspondence. She lied to Mindy about how involved she is with this creep. Mindy needs to stop being a door mat and take out the trash in her life. Buh bye, Lindsay and Zach!! See your trifling butts at the landfill!

  12. Mindy shouldn't have even let Zach get up from that table until he told her what he was talking about. No way you're gonna sit there and call me a liar repeatedly and not tell me exactly what you're talking about! Also, if Zach could just string one coherent sentence together that would be fantastic.

  13. I'm from Panguitch. This song of yours makes me cry "Happy Tears" as I LOVE Bryce Canyon and everything about it. Thank you, Tim.

  14. So help me understand…do the doctors really research and background checks to pick these couples or it's just first come first couple or pull names out of a hat…….no way I don't believe they do….but it's good entertainment….

  15. One month with a stranger and these two women Katie and Jessica want these men to say Love you…..One month? No it takes time to get to know someone and feel comfortable to say I love you….Jessica treats Austin like she is his mother…and Katie is just needy and pushy….Taylor is a nut…..Meka looks like she is in pain all the time…unless Micheal is giving her a gift…Zach and the no good friend both need to be kicked to the curb…the friend said I told Zach no more conversation until after filming….which means she plans to keep talking to her friends husband after they are done filming the show….No Good friend…low down and dirty…the thing is Zach will do Lyndsay the same way….he is looking for an out clause from Mindy…he could be a real man but no he is a child and is communicating with her friend…and both of the dogs are doing this behind Mindy's back….low down and dirty the friend and Zach….

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