Hexagonal Tower Explosion Box Tutorial – Giant Birthday Surprise Idea

Hello, Welcome you all to vm craft, In this video I will teach you how to create hexagonal tower explosion box. this will gonna be very simple tutorial. We have created every thing step by step This hexagonal tower explosion box is of three layers and fully decoration with colored sheets The top layer of the box is specially for putting gifts and rings or any kinds of gifts which is event specifiic The whole tower explosion box is of 3 main sections. Base part of the tower, the actual tower made of 3 boxes, and 3 layers for putting boxes. In between boxes the supporter is hidded which is not visible. We have created it for you. First Make the hexagonal base, easily using the dimensions. fold the sheets and cards put the decorative sheets to make it look attractive. Create the second hexagonal base for tower explosion box as previous. Let me tell you this will be going to perfect and new birthday gift for your special ones. Well if you need then make this as a anniversary gift. call us now and we will modify this and decorate this for you. While creating boxes just dont cut the height layer right away. Create outer hexagon and follow the steps given in the video. after marking starting cutting but only one side not both side. Here cut only one side. fold it properly. Decorate the hexagonal boxes withe the sheets or designer sheets. Well you can stick photos or stickers anytime on the walls for making it looks attractive. Create layer for the box 1 as showed in the video. this can be simple to cut. Decorate it with the sheets. Now comes the important part, Creating the supporter for the box. Just take the sheet wide enough and significantly taller than box. Just fold with both ends because those will be sticked to box and layer. the size of the suppor will be 1 cm taller than box size. it will prevent layer coming outside the box and it will intact with tower. Take the box 1 and stick the supporter facing each other. Make sure supporter should be sticked at middle if supporter is folder outside. If you supporter is folding inwords then stick it outside. Because supporter needs a room for folding itself when hexagonal boxes are closed. part 7 is create the actual tower but this will be going to hexagonal tower. Open the layer put the fevicol or glue and stick the smaller box on the layer. Watchout for the corners. Same as box 2 and box 3, stick box 2 and box 1 Now your tower explosion box will look like hexagonal tower explosion box. Well there is lot many things you can do with decoration. Create your next birthday gift at home or Make your own Diy anniversary gift easily. Well don’t worry if you are not able to create the gifts by your own. Just call us and we will make this tower explosion box only for you at best prices available. Ultimately you will get you handmade birthday / anniversary gift. Create the lids/ covers for base 1, base 2, box 1 these lids are nothing but hexagonal boxes and you can easily create them. Just be careful with the sizes. now your hexagonal tower explosion box is ready. Did you enjoyed our tutorial on hexagonal tower explosion box? then hit like button and don’t forget to subscribe. Use this hexagonal tower explosion box as base and start creating your own handmade birthday and anniversary gift. all the best with your next DIYproject. Stay tuned to vm crafts.

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  1. Brilliant thnk u so much for this tutorial i was saw many tutorials but u make it very easy and this so helpful for me thank u so muchhh

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