Hey Steve: Awkward Dinners with Grandma

– My immediate family and I
live at my grandma’s house, so myself, my brother, my mom, and my dad. – Oh, okay.
– Yeah. – Y’all all live in
your grandmama’s house? – Yeah, she’s got a very huge house. – Oh, okay. – Yeah, I really enjoy living with her, but family meal time can
become extremely awkward and uncomfortable,
especially for my boyfriend, who’s here with me today, because she just stares
at us while we’re eating. She nearly misses the food in her mouth because she’s too
preoccupied watching us eat, and it becomes extremely uncomfortable. We’ve tried to talk to her about it, but she’s just always in denial. She says she doesn’t do it, but she does. – How old is your grandmama? – She’s about 86. – Yeah, and your grandmama
just be staring at you. – Yeah. (audience laughs) She’s probably watching right now. (laughs) – So your grandmama down there at the end of the table just doing this here. (audience laughs) Have you introduced your
boyfriend to the grandmother? – Yes. (laughs) – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Steve] What’s your boyfriend’s name? – Matthew. – [Steve] Matthew. – Yeah, we’ve been together five years, and I’ve been at my
grandma’s for about six, so she knows him very well,
but it’s just what she– – She just staring at him.
– Yeah. (audience laughs) – See, Grandmama trying to work it out. She probably trying to
put two and two together. Where are you from, Matthew? Yeah, where are you from? – From the Philippines. – See right there. (audience laughs) Oh, I’m the only one? (audience laughs) Grandmama 86 years old, granddaughter, where are you from, baby? – Australia, from Melbourne. – [Steve] Australia? – Yeah. – Your grandmama Australian? – Well, she’s Italian. – [Steve] Italian? – Yeah. – You brought the
Filipino boy to the house. (audience laughs) She 86. 86-year-old people don’t hide nothing. (audience laughs) Y’all have any plans of like
getting engaged or anything? – Eventually. – But it’s not anytime soon. – [Steve] Huh? – Not anytime soon. – Yeah, see, that’s the
other problem she having. (audience laughs) You just have sit your ass
down there for six years. (audience laughs) Coming to my house eating. Stay out of town, then you
ain’t got no plans for the baby. See, you can’t, old people
don’t do stuff like this. Why he still over here, ain’t no ring? (audience laughs) (audience applauds) I don’t think there’s
anything more than that. I just think Grandma trying
to figure out what’s going on. It’s been six years. He been coming over to the house eating. Has she ever said
anything to you, Matthew? – No, not really, just sits. – [Steve] She ain’t never
said nothing to you? – I know she talks to
me, converses with me, but mostly just staring as well. – Well, what was the last
thing she said to you? – Have fun at your trip to America. (audience laughs) – Oh, okay, so she wants you to have a lot of fun in America so you don’t come back. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) Hey, we’ll be right back, y’all. We’ll be right– (audience applauds)
(upbeat jazz music)

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  1. You've been with her for 8 years and have the nerve to stand on national television and say you have no plans on marrying her "anytime soon".
    And girl you're still with him?..☕☕

  2. Steve is on to something. I mean oldschool Italians don’t like it when non Italians date or marry their relatives. It’s sad but true. My grandma married a british man and she is 100% Italian and her dad was appalled that she didn’t marry an Italian man and didn’t come to her wedding. It’s a sad thing but that’s what the oldschool way is.

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣she's free to stear at y'all whenever it's her house plus that's the reason why u living rent free lol grandma wanna watch live tv

  4. It is natural for the elderly to lose interest in eating. This is a separate issue. So grandma has time to check things out what she doesn’t approve of

  5. Once she said the length of time they been together I had already figured it out. Grandma wants to know where the ring and kids are.

  6. Steve: Y'all have any plans to get engaged?
    Girlfriend: Eventually…..eventually.
    Boyfriend (simultaneously): No time soon….NO time soon.

    And that's why grandma is staring at ya'll while ya'll are eating dinner at HER table in HER house that she use to live in with the YOUNG WOMAN'S GRANDFATHER (who was MARRIED to HER GRANDMOTHER).

  7. She said they've been together for 8 years, 6 of those years she's been living in her grandmother's house. Steve asked about them getting engaged and the boyfriend says "not anytime soon." After 8 years???

  8. Work in a nursing home. Remember she’s 4 years away from 90.. be thankful she’s alive & loves you. You’ll miss her at the table one day

  9. Of course, she is wondering after six years of seeing him sit her at dinner table, when is he going to get serious about her granddaughter. And the girl should be a little bit shocked, because he admitted that it won't be anytime soon. But if they really don't want to be stared at, it's time for them to get a place of their own. Actually, that would be better, anyway.

  10. Steve is right she’s staring because she wondering where she find him from.? And questioning his intentions with her granddaughter.

  11. Bro Steve it’s been a bit I can see you have a beard but still got the charm I wish I could be on your show just to dye your mustache black again 😂

  12. 6 years!!! And "not anytime soon"???!!! Girl, if you want a ring, find someone else. He's just a time waster. You have to know when "eventually" will be. Just saying.

  13. Why is she with him for 5yrs and his answer to Steve's question about engagement is "no time soon" i'm sure Steve is right about the Grandma.. Why is he there but seem to not want any commitment to her grandchild? He just want a bellyful.

  14. Been together 5 years and says he has no intention of getting engaged anytime soon🤔😐….REALLY…LADY WALK AWAY….FOR REAL -GET RID OF HIM

  15. My grandma was 100% italian she used to love watching me and my sister eat on pasta sundays. She cooked 100% home made pasta dinners. It was an insult if you don’t eat an italian womans food. My grandmas food was out of this world. You get used to the staring. That’s how they are. They just love to see people enjoy their home cooked meals. I miss my grandma every single day. No one made sauce like she did.

  16. Boy is just enjoying the free milk 😉. Grandma see that..if you don't know if want to marry her in a year or two. It's time to go invest your time with someone else..

  17. To me it's not funny, 5years Relationship without moving to the next level, and he is still stay they ain't engaging anytime soon.
    What are they waiting for?…
    There is a saying in Africa parable, what an Elderly people see when seating, even when a child or adult climb the highest trees they still won't see. Her Granny already knows this guy is not serious with her grand daughter, probably he is in to sustain. Years Relationship no child, no engagement… awww

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