Hey Steve: Feeling Pressured To Get Married

– I’m originally from
Texas, so I come from a big southern family. So my mom and my grandmother
has been pressuring me to get married and have,
ya know, have babies. They tell me that since
I’m older now that my eggs are about to be
hard-boiled and cracked and that I need to ya know,
come on with the program. The only thing is, I
don’t wanna just rush into ya know, marriage and
have kids by just anybody. So, my question to you is,
how do I get my grandmother and my mom off my back
with getting married? – Ya seem like a sweet girl. – [Woman] Maybe that’s the
problem, I’m too sweet. – No, no, no, no.
– Too sweet or– – No, no, no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.
(laughing) No, no, no, don’t ever say that. You ain’t too sweet. No, no, what we don’t need
is another one of them. No, too sweet works. There’s a man looking for sweet and kind. So now, let me ask you a question though. A lot of men have come up to you. – Yeah, I mean, I’ve been on dates. It’s just that they
would want a relationship without the title, without the commitment, like have me ya know cook, clean, do everything a girlfriend
or wife should do but they don’t wanna give me
the girlfriend or wife title. It’s always, “Oh, I’m not
ready for a relationship.” It’s pretty much the same
man, different clothes. – It’s the same man
with different clothes? – [Woman] Same man, different clothes. – Well, why you keep opening the damn door?
– Different personalities, different–
(laughing) (clapping) – At one point in time,
you ought to look out the peep hole and go, “I know that’s you. “You can take that FedEx
uniform off, buddy. “It’s you.” (clapping) – [Woman] True, true. – Okay, why don’t I help you? – Okay. – What type of man are you looking for? – Um, okay specifically,
he has to be tall, great smile, he has to have a job. He has to love his
mother, like a family man. God-fearing, definitely
have to be God-fearing and he has to think with his heart mostly. – Think with his heart mostly. – [Woman] Yeah. – Ain’t no man fixin’ to do that. (laughing) You done went the wrong direction now. That’s not how we made. We don’t think with our heart. We think with our head. Sherissa, I’m gonna
introduce you to some men. (cheering)
– Okay. – Do you live here in LA? – Yeah. – Okay, you live here in LA. – [Sherissa] Yeah, I’m in Glendale. – Let me find you a nice guy, church guy. – Okay, thank you. (clapping) – We’ll be right back! (jazzy music)

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  1. Do what's best for you, it's not a race or competition to see when you'll get married or have kids.. Don't let society or family pressure you. It's your life at the end of the day

  2. This girl is already doing the right thing by not giving into pressure from others, and also being careful not to fall for a man that doesn't really care about her. The proper advice for her would be to continue not to be in a rush. Parents sometimes put pressure on their kids because pressure was put on them to rush, and in a lot of cases, they gave into that pressure. So they subconsciously, and sometimes consciously put that same pressure on their children, which is not good.

  3. As soon as she said he has to be tall. I SMH the wall will hit her soon. And then she is gonna wonder why she is not married

  4. Women often say they want a man who's tall (at least 6 ft.). That eliminates 85% of the men and greatly decreases your chances of every finding a man.

  5. Take ur time and live ur life. Don't be pressured into something u'll regret later. I wonder why? Every guy Steve knows is PERFECT. Just bcz Steve says he's perfect. Doesn't mean he's perfect for you. Ur a beautiful young lady. Take ur time. In God's timing he'll send ur soulmate.

  6. What the hell does being tall has to do with your happiness and finding the right guy. All across dating sites it’s a common thing with women, one first very thing thing they say, must be 6 ft tall. WTF! Most women aren’t even that tall across the board. But what does two different guys at different heights matter to how well he treats you, your happiness or how long the relationship can last. Just one the reason so many women can’t find a man. While many men are choosing to do their own thing these days.

  7. Hard boiled and cracking 😂🤣 what a horrid thing fo say to your daughter/grandaughter. I was very distracted by her hairline….

  8. I actually took a pen out to right down what advice he would have but instead he went ahead and hooked this girl up with some men ! #stillstayingsingle

  9. Steve I have to disagree with you, all the ideas that she have for a perfect man for her do exist. The ideas that Steve tells his audience and written in his book of what men are and are not are not always true. The nature of men that Steve describe are maybe American men. There are many men's characteristic outside America that contradicts Steve's idea of what men really are in real life.

  10. I would be so humbled in taking her out while get to know her spiritually, emotionally and mentally on a deeper level! I’m a medical student working towards multiple degrees. Family means everything to me which I keep near to my heart but most importantly a man of God. Who do I need to get in contact with?

  11. A lot of females share the same qualities as this young lady here. But the problem is, they are all looking for the same type of man! Don't you think that maybe that man you're looking for already has enough women barking up his tree already? Look, I'm saying is try to look for other characteristics in a man that may attract you. She said she wanted her man to be tall, ok nothing wrong with that. But how tall are we talking about here? Good job? Well ok. What kinda job do you want your man to have? Because the love your life could be a plumber, but because he's not a doctor you're going to reject him???

  12. I want the follow up on this… I want ti see the type of guy she picks lol she's beautiful and smart. I wish I was living in LA though.

  13. she confused me , if she is not ready for married why would go to s h and tell him wat kind of man u like !? that's mean ur grnnom &ur mom said truth ur ready for man relationships

  14. Striking beauty. Her Eyes ARE the Eyes of the Ancestral Queens long ago!. There are statutes errected All-Over-Afrika in honor or those Eyes…and all over Europe and American museums

  15. When she stated the type of men she had been running into, Steve looked surprised. Men wanting women to do everything for them without being married is the typical man out there. This is what women have been complaining about. Yet, Steve didn't seem to have any answers.

  16. Don't believe anything Steve Harvey says about marriage…
    He's a cheater and he pimps out his step daughter

  17. What a gorgeous chocolate beauty. Something is so wrong out here when her caliber isn't receiving what she deserves.

  18. You will find every facial feature among the black races on Earth. There are black Asian people too they are the oldest Asian races.

  19. Why is it that women always want tall men? We need nice good men that are kind, generous, hardworking, etc etc. Who cares if someone is tall or short?

  20. That's all she wanted uncle Steve, you to set her up on a date. I like the mama & grandma excuse though, that's every single person problem so….

  21. I'm my confused by this question. Is she looking for a man or does she want her family to stop pressuring her to get married and have babies? Which one is it?

  22. I agree with a man being tall… I am 5.9’ tall and taller when wearing 👠 👠 …. My man is 6’4… Most women will tell you that most short men have a tall ego, something to proof attitude and SMS = Short Man Syndrome.

  23. I was hung up on the tall thing now my bf is like two inches shorter than me and we’re happy 🤷🏾‍♀️

  24. I don’t think finding a man is her problem 😂 it’s just that women across continents and race are pressured into marriage even when they’re not ready or aren’t with the right man. They’re told to compromise and be the adult from a young age just to secure a husband and babies. I can’t even call my African aunts because all the talk about is wedding and babies 😂 it started when we were 16 years old and for them a woman is a loser if she’s not married.

  25. He has to be god fearing, love his mom, have a job, think with his heart/feelings.

    Hot bad boy walks by.

    This Girl: gets infatuated. “He’s the one.”

  26. so sweet but what shes looking in a man, needs to be big deeper, than a man thinkin with his heart, & great smile, 6 FT.

  27. Sometimes as we are we get over us easier too find love especially you get money,life and you in order You have too travel too you spending time with you being with self. Respect her Mother and Grandmother but let her find her first. I'm 37 Northern California my Dad passed 2008 my Mom has never pressured me about dating my Dad didn't either I really can give a care about love and Marriage I'm still trying get me this young woman asked Question ain't ready for love. marriage she has never been to her should listen to Temptation "I've Never been to me"

  28. Tall and god fearing?
    Maybe you should hangout with basketball or volleyball players who are church goers to find your ideal man.
    The thinking with his heart man can be found in novels I reckon.

  29. She is the problem. Usual victim mentality. They want you to get married yet you play it off like you dont. You wanna get married. Why would you agree to be setup on dates if you are not interested? Doesn't make any sense. I like the line why do you keep opening the door. Deep down you are attracted to the men that dont want commitment. It's not them its you

  30. I know women can think with their head too. So it makes sense that they are looking for men that think with their heart. To get that rush that combination offers.
    Cause a thinker without emotions does get boring.

  31. Steve: what you looking for in a man?
    Me: He has to love God, have sense of humor, respect his family, and be independent.

  32. Look at this pretty girl right here!!! Get it Queen!!! Girl i feel you, Southern familes are a trip! My fam, is from Louisiana and they dnt play! Southern mammas and grandmammas dnt play So I get it the pressure is real, Jst give them the business and tell them 2 back all the way up! YOU have to be ready 4 that YOU! It will happen when its supposed to They arent living your life! Dnt trip girl, the right guy is on the way, but keep doing you he will show up right on time TRUST!

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