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– Where’s Sydney? – Right here. – Hi, Sydney. (audience claps and cheers) – So I’ve been single for
about two and a half years and I’m waiting until marriage to have sex so whenever I go on dates
with men, I tell them upfront, like you know, I’m waiting until marriage cause I don’t want to waste my time and I don’t want to waste their time. And they’re like, okay,
cool, I respect you. I respect that. Then you know later down the line, their like oh, you were
serious, like it was a game. I don’t have time for games. And so my friends think
that I’m ruining my chances by telling them that upfront. So my question to you would be, basically when should I tell a guy, like how many dates should I
go on before I reveal that? – Well, first of all, take the pressure off yourself
of having to come up with the time to bring it up. – Okay. – All you gotta do is wait
until he brings it up. – Okay. – He gonna bring it up. (audience laughing) – Yeah, they always do. – We all bring it up. You’ve never met a man who likes you and ya’ll been on several dates
and sex ain’t come up. What, what, what? So take that off your plate
and then wait to tell him. And then that’s when you inform him that you are saving yourself for marriage. But listen to me, don’t
lower your standards or change your beliefs for somebody
else, you know what I mean? (audience claps and cheers) Tim Tebow has self-proclaimed
himself waiting for marriage. He met Miss Universe from last year. She’s a born-again Christian. He is. They decided to wait
until they were married. I mean, Tim Tebow, this
is a good-looking dude. He is shape now, ain’t
like nobody want him. And he’s engaged to Miss Universe. Did you see her? (audience laughs) So that’s not the problem. (audience claps) There’s the right person
out there for you. God is very fair. He will never not allow
you to meet your soulmate as long as you’re prepared to meet him. Now you can block meeting your soulmate by doing a bunch of stuff to
counter that in the interim. Example: if you are dating Mr. Wrong, why would he allow you to meet Mr. Right? (audience claps and cheers) So, what’cha gotta do, is stop dating the men that
you know ain’t going no where because you know, you always know. You’ve never broken up with
a guy and didn’t realize, you know what, I knew it. You all know it because
you have intuition. So if you dating somebody you
know is not going anywhere, why don’t you stop right now, quit wasting your time and
sit and wait on your soulmate cause he will walk up to you. You not gonna have to go find him. He gonna walk right up to you. Cause we hunters, it’s what we do. (audience laughs and claps) Thanks for coming. (audience claps and cheers) Alright, Madison, where’s Madison?

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  1. I can respect that but I can't date someone like that. Lol life is too short to be waiting till marriage. So I'll respect a person like that but I'll do it from afar.

  2. Don't rush in a relationship take it easy that's what ik give time it could be months as well as years but trust the process go with the flow….🙂 The lesson I learned Soo far!! And I am greatful that ppl made me think about it…

  3. Surprise surprise. Steve gives more Bad Advice. Women, you better tell him on date#1 We don't like to waste our time, especially on a prude. And yes she is running out of time. The older she gets, the less attractive she'll get. And less men will be interested. In addition to that she'll have no experience. Meaning the guy will have to teach her and if he's also inexperienced that's a recipe for disaster, because if they aren't physically compatible in the bedroom, they will look elsewhere for satisfaction.

  4. While I disagree, I have a world of respect for women who save themselves for the right one. It takes a lot of heart to be different but she is definatly a diamond in the rough.

  5. I’m a 24 year old man and I’m waiting for marriage as well. It’s tough ngl because there’s so much temptation with social media and in real life as well, but by god it’s possible 👏🏼

  6. This is the stupidest thing ever…"saving" yourself for the man you will marry. You will get marry…you will have sex…you ll drop 1..2..3..11 kids…your body will transform..maybe not for the better…he will cheat on you heavily cause you fat now and he don t find you attractive no more. He will cheat on you even if you were to look like you used to..in the beginnings…why? Because we re not made to stick for 60 years with the same person. This is real life not some soap opera. The sooner you wake up the better for you.

  7. And don’t listen to Steve Harvey regarding relationships…This guy is on his 3rd marriage (it’s laughable) and his 3rd marriage was reportedly in trouble too…I know it will end from what I’ve seen. Steve Harvey is an entrepreneur not a relationship expert…He just says what women want to hear as that’s his audience. Wise up ladies…men can see straight through it!

  8. Wait a minute. I’m reading all these comments and I’m seeing VIRGINS talk about saving themselves for marriage, and that’s wonderful BUT, there was no indication that the woman in the video is actually a Virgin, she just said she was single for 2 years. If she isn’t a Virgin, the idea behind ‘saving herself’ is silly since she’s already given away her prize and not something you can just recycle.

  9. God isn't helping people that are starving of hunger, isnt helping people in war torn countries, isn't helping people who are living on paths of hurricanes, but he is gonna help you find your soulmate. This god sounds like an amazing being.

    Hope she marries a guy with a small dick.

  10. Nice theory to believe that everyone has a soulmate and I tried to believe it too for years. But once I turned 40, I gave up on the dream. 51 now and have never even been close to being in a relationship. I don’t even try any more. It’s broken me inside that no one wants me and now I’m too damaged for someone anyway. Good luck to the rest of you.

  11. As someone that has slept around in college and beyond, I would have loved to find someone with her beliefs! Even today, thats what id want. Good for this young lady

  12. Well non virgins are probably going to file for a divorce for a stupid reason
    Like they got sick of your di*k or something like that

  13. 34yo virgin, never had a bf, and I don't date bc thus far, they're all unGdly. I'm very patient and trust in the Lrd. In his time, he will give me someone virtuous who understands me and loves Him. During the meantime, I'm on my 5th foreign language, and enjoy quality time with my family. Hang in there virgins! 😊😊

  14. Naaaaaah!!!! I say tell em up front. Why wait til the moment? They gonna think it's time to smash and she'll deny them tellin them that reason and she'll be mad cause they reactin mad wantin to dead her cause of her belief.

  15. I'm gonna show this to my future daughter to motivate her and let her know that there are women out there who respect themselves and maintain their standards! I admire this woman

  16. The fact is it's wrong to wait to do it only after marriage? That's why many people I know who waited ended up either single or divorced. You shouldn't have sex with just the first person you marry, you need to gain experience and experiment with multiple people to know what you are really looking for, so don't wait, especially you men.

  17. Once a guy mentions "Dating" to be in a exclusive relationship, the two of you are out on dates, and kissing it is best you let him know before the honeymoon phase goes down. The word "take you out on a date" , "date", "interest".. he needs to know right then and there what the Memo is. Do not wait to tell a guy. Most guys won't bring it up they'll just test the waters to see if you're about the business. By telling them your standards up front that gives them no room to act up and if they do ? For sure they will know that they'll be kicked to the curb. No hesitation.

    The same ones that's rushing a woman into bed would have been no different if sex was on the table. It's just that sex wouldn't be the issue, something else would take the place.

  18. I wish i waited on sex &marriage. I'm Married for the 2nd time. Take your time wait for Mr. Right. So you can find true love and happiness

  19. Not bad advice except til the end. No, don't just wait. You still have to put yourself out there a bit. Especially in this climate, women are causing men to approach less and less. Keep waiting and you'll just let time pass.

  20. A guy told me YEARS AGO he was waiting until marriage and I made fun of him. Funny thing is now I WANT TO wait until marriage. God will send me my soulmate when I am ready.😁

  21. We need men who not only respect that but support our choice and understand the why behind it. Someone who shares our same faith and wants to be obedient so we both can hold each other accountable

  22. Good video, but Steve called it wrong on this one. Not everyone gets someone and if they do find someone they grow to care a lot about, they don't necessarily get to keep that person for life. Sometimes the other person dies and where does that leave you? With no one and you just gave to accept it and move forward knowing that you very could be a one and done person. By doing that, you'll save yourself the pain of losing someone else. ♥️

  23. Take your time, the real man will wait and that's the right guy, in your life don't be in a rush to do anythingggg.
    Respect yourself first and many will respect you more just for that…..
    God Bless 🙏🙏

  24. Don't wait for a fairytale, live in the moment and enjoy your life which means having sex. Most virgins who marry the first person they sleep with end up in divorce because of lack of experience.

  25. Disagree totally. To some people, even women, sex is an important part of a relationship. So if that's how you feel, you should be upfront about it at the start. It's just the right thing to do. It's like tricking someone into more dates if you dont. It's like being more interested in guys taking you on dates than you finding the right guy.

  26. Waiting for sex wastes a man's time, not hers.
    He still has to fork out for the dates, also give her his free attention in the meantime.
    No guy with options and value would comply with this. It attracts losers

  27. If its in her personality to make the first move, then she should. But that doesn't necessarily mean she must also make the second move.

  28. well done, Lady, what a shining example of femininity, I pray that
    you will meet the right man, who will love,honour and treasure you

    and that you'll both serve the Lord Jesus together.

    many may mock but they always will when someone desires purity, and really values marriage, a precious covenant.

    proud of you, in a good way, won't be too long I believe before a true quality masculine man appreciates you and desires your hand. I can see the beauty, intelligence and boldness from here, and a true quality man will value and appreciate you.

    Godbless you , and so nice to see a story like this on YouTube, praise God.

  29. She’s gnna have a very hard time finding someone lol. In today’s society it’s jus not the same as before. Not saying you can’t find someone but man people have to test drive before they buy, it’s simple. At least that’s how I see it.

  30. I’d date her and wait with her if we click and I find her to be genuine. But, some women try and make certain men wait after they’ve made a bunch of “mistakes” so some men just don’t want to be the guy waiting when she’s already been around

  31. I think she should say it upfront. Nothing is wrong with a guy who wants to have sex before marriage. But you don’t want to waste either persons times. If they don’t agree with saving themselves then they aren’t the one for you simple as that and keep it moving. Now yes that will mean a lot of guys will move on from you. But there are guys out there who are willing to wait.

  32. I’m glad there are still women out there like her, not like most Sluts nowadays who are eager to lose their virginity

  33. What a shame that stories about suddenly discovered sexual incompatibilities with no desire to improve on one or both parts after marriage, at least partially motivated with sex, don't get so many likes here. I'm wondering why. As for me I'm 19 years old virgin guy who doesn't really want sex so far, but I don't approve of sex after marriage. In my opinion, it's just a choice but not an obligation, and this doesn't turn you into an angel and sex before marriage doesn't turn you into an immoral moron. If a man/a woman/[insert any random gender] lives full life, has work, hobbies, etc., why the hell would you care about the sexual aspect of their life and about how they use their body? But yeah if a person doesn't do anything in life except sex, this may not be very good, but this is already out of the topic

  34. The first recorded evidence of marriage ceremonies uniting one woman and one man dates from about 2350 B.C., in Mesopotamia. Over the next several hundred years, marriage evolved into a widespread institution embraced by the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. Among the ancient Hebrews, men were free to take several wives; married Greeks and Romans were free to satisfy their sexual urges with concubines, prostitutes, and even teenage male lovers, while their wives were required to stay home and tend to the household. If wives failed to produce offspring, their husbands could give them back and marry someone else.
    As the Roman Catholic Church became a powerful institution in Europe, the blessings of a priest became a necessary step for a marriage to be legally recognized. By the eighth century, marriage was widely accepted in the Catholic church as a sacrament, or a ceremony to bestow God’s grace. At the Council of Trent in 1563, the sacramental nature of marriage was written into canon law.

    So, before all of this everybody was a sinner???

  35. Hey ladies and gentlemen waiting for marriage, check out emily wilson's channel. Emily and her husband are very inspiring. I've always been so sure about my decision but sometimes I lose hope meeting someone who'll meet my standards, but hearing men's stories saving sex for marriage/ [or men who's willing to] respected this kind of decision reminds me that they are still out there! They're real. It will be worth it. ☺️

  36. Couldn't wait myself. Don't really regret it. Hell, I don't even want to be married. But everyone's lives is different. If people wish to even stay single, celibate or whatever. then that's cool aswell. I'll probably be called a heathen for writing this.

  37. Honestly , as a man . I never truly know if I like female unless we’ve had sex . Because the first few dates I’m honestly just trying to make you like me so we can have sex . Afterwards is when my real feeling about you show up

  38. Great words from the man who came up with that , what was it? 30 day rule to giving up the "cookie"? 90 day rule? Hmmm … anyway, cool advice.

  39. To answer some of the questions here – "Why can't all men wait?" because not all men are Christian or believe in religion.

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