Hey Steve: What Happened to the Bridal Party Hookup?

(applause) – Alright, next up where’s Andrea? – Hey Steve, so, I had a big
group of friends in college – [Steve] Say that again. – I had a big group of friends
in college and just recently, two of them got married and
I was in the bridal party, and I hooked up with a groomsman
and this is someone that I would’ve never even thought
of outside of friendship, and so basically after he kinda ghosted, and I haven’t heard from him
and I just want to know why he made it seem like he wanted
more than what it really was, and I just want to know why
you would send mixed signals. – You wanna know why he
act like he wanted more? – Yeah! He kinda like,
it was finesse Steve. – [Steve] He finessed you? – Yeah. (laughter) – That’s what we do. (laughter) – Nah. – [Steve] Nu-uh-uh. – Okay, well he could’ve kept it 100. – Did you just say uh-uh? – Okay yeah, but it was like
this was a lil’ different and it was like my game is
up there, I got game too, Steve, so it’s just kinda like – It’s alright baby,
things happen like that. – No, yeah. – Yeah, it happens. But now he
went ghost and you, you mad? – Oh, no! I’m not mad at all. I just wanna know why
like, waste our time? We could’ve just kept
it 100 and been like, oh this is what I wanna do,
and I’d be like oh okay. You know, instead of we here today, and we’re kind like, oh okay. I don’t know if that
makes sense to you, but – It don’t make no damn sense to me. (laughter) – It’s like to me not every
girl is gonna be like, oh you’re trying to
finesse me, da da da da, but at the same time, I wanted
the same thing he wanted. I just feel like, all that – Uh-uh, uh-uh, if you wanted
the same thing he wanted, then y’all got the same
thing each other wanted. – Right, right. – What he wanted was to
finesse you, get you caught up in the act, and he been
wanting to do something to you for a long time, and it finally happened. Did he say after this that
this was going to be ongoing, he had thought of you all these years, he’s always seen you that way? You know come to think of
it now they getting married, I’ve been thinking about
wow, how come me and you ain’t never went down this route? Did you hear any of that? – It was more – [Steve] Did you hear any of that? (laughter) – It was like I want to
grow up, I wanna slow down, that type of situation, not saying with me but that’s what he was saying. – Whoa, whoa, you just
said the magic words. He said he wanted to what? – [Andrea] Slow down. – [Steve] And grow up? – Yeah. – But he didn’t mention, who? – No, he never said, I kinda – [Steve] Who didn’t he mention? – Me. – Ta-da. – Okay, okay. (applause) – So now your take away darling, is what I’ve tried to teach my daughters. See if a dude tell you
this is what he want, make him prove it, don’t just believe him. All you gotta do is make him prove it. (applause) Now, you’ll be okay from it,
everybody makes mistakes, you’re fine, keep your level up, you look nice, you take care of yourself. Mr. Right is coming, just
next time you think you got Mr. Right just make him prove it. – Okay. – He’ll do it, that’s all, thank you.

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  1. People have to realize that as human beings and being in different situations, our mood and feelings change, maybe at the time he seen something in you and wanted what he wanted than realize later that he doesn't really want you.

  2. She mad. She caught feelings. I am guessing she thinks she is not worth attention and felt happy a guy gave her attention so she misread the signal. He just wanted to hit it and run. Sadly she was just a number to him.

  3. She played herself. She allowed him to hit it and quit it. She’s delusional to think some one as easy as her was going to be taken seriously. Girl, get some self esteem, get rid of the braces, lose some weight and keep it moving.👍👍

  4. Who the hell goes on national tv and declares she was a one night stand, doesn’t she have to go to work/school and face all the critics. She’s so naive/gullible that’s why she got played.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. It’s hard to believe she’d get on national television and have this conversation? I hope she got a check. I just can’t…

  6. Steve Steve Steve. This suit man…..yessssssssss Steve! My hubby need this suit. I need this suit lmbo yes green!!!!!

  7. She saying don’t Front no Relationship to Just Lay Down. She wanted more than the one night He fronted Her And She Fell For it. Moved to Fast He didn’t Say Her or Wait for Her.

  8. god plz tell me where in the world i can contact steve harvey , i really need him in my life , or someone like him , im from mauritania and im really a big fan of him !!

  9. I love how Steve gives advice to young women and making them see how young men mind works… My dad always gave my sister and me advice making us see from the men point of view, this save us many deceptions…

  10. Lol this fat bishh got played and shes just mad about it .. dosent take a genius to read beetween the lines of what happened here

  11. Another girl who believes she privileged or something. She played but got played. And now acting like the man is a bad person for playing a game that she played too.

  12. First off u got played, second girl u need some more words up in ur vocabulary lol I barely understand what u said lol

  13. A hot mess. When she said to Steve "I don't know if you understand or not" and Steve said "No" I thought "reading is fundamental. Learn some descriptive words."

  14. He went ghost because the party is over…the wedding is done. Ladies you really gotta stop sleeping with men that have no investment in you. And stop drinking!!!

  15. That suit is sooo cool. You were played. Collect your L and move on. Stop lying, a guy tells you this is it and you would have agreed? Take several seats down abeg.

  16. She said she wanted the same thing as him but women you need to understand this… it's true men can have sex just to have sex but we are emotional, deeper creatures we relate different (not saying man can't/don't either) but we can end up being hurt while they just move on to their next 'body'. Please evaluate what you want out of the situation and act accordingly because we can really do ourselves a favour and save the easily avoided heartbreak!! YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT, KNOW IT, OWN IT, SHOW IT!!!

  17. Ummmmm why is she asking if she’s not curious as to why it didn’t go her way 🤨 It was hookup, you fell for it and now you’re bothered. We live and we learn!!

  18. Wake up and smell the coffee, you got played! Of course, they will say anything because they want to get in your pant after that it's Bye! Come on girl, deny all you want.

  19. You got played boo, his game is sharper than yours. You did not just want sex, you wanted to be with him too. He played with your head love. 😔

  20. Nooo – she wasn’t mad; she was just confused. Like how come he didn’t just say I wanna smash…. Uncle Steve right thro😂😂

  21. I feel like she asked this question on tv cause dude ghosted and she hopes he sees the show and call her🤷‍♀️ nobody is this clueless!

  22. She got played by her own game, listen when someone is talking. If they don’t mention a future with you, then you ain’t it ma.

  23. Sad that a pretty looking girl can "hookup" so easily. Get a pounding and then act surprised when a mofo ghost you..You wanna find mr right but you're being low hanging fruit🤔

  24. OMG I'm a millennial and was thinking, GIRL USE YOUR WORDS! 🙄🙄🙄 People have to learn how to express themselves 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. To every young man reading this. Never get married. Never co-habitate. Chances are You will regret.

  26. She's toooo old to be acting this naive. It's called GAME for a reason. She's a bigger girl and sometimes they act a little desperate for male attention. He hit it and quit it. she says she ain't mad but she's asking Steve Harvey, so obviously her feelings are hurt.The way to a man's heart is not through his di*k.

  27. I have a feeling she going get revenge on him, it ain't over for her,
    She gives off this vibe that she will cyberstalk him and whoever he seeing.
    He better have a good MIA game, cause she coming.

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