HHSB Shared Values Dinner 2019

Tonight we want to celebrate our heroes.
We have 13 nonprofit organizations here. We’ve got Hoosier Heartland State Bank
employees and our family. And what you do in the community is just
nothing short of hero status in our eyes. This event is kind of the culmination of our year. We award our Mission, Vision and Value Awards to our team members based on what our team members see in each other,
and so it’s an opportunity for them to receive recognition, and then give back
to the community. The main focus is to both honor our employees who have worked so
hard to produce the results that we have, and also to honor the nonprofit’s that
are those employees heartstrings that they feel impact the community, and are doing
great work. I won the Mission Award and the charity of my choice was the Family
Crisis Shelter. It really warms my heart to give money back to the community it’s
an amazing honor that they allow us to do that. To be a winner I just was floored
but I was extremely happy for Journey of Hope and what they can do with the money.
This is the opportunity to work for the community like this is amazing. It’s
something that helps my life and it’s helping everybody else around me. She has
won our Mission, our Vision and now our Values. It is a honor to win all three of
these awards and I don’t know of anyone else in our community that gives back
like HHSB. It just makes you proud to be affiliated with them. So if you added
that up that’s $15,000 as she has been able to donate to local nonprofits. To top it off we have what we call our
Shared Values Awards where we also give to four nonprofits that we feel present
the same values as what we do. We have over 100 nonprofit organizations
nominated again for the second year with over 400 public comments about the work
that you do. It’s an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to live in a community
where a bank can support these types of organizations in the way that they do, and they’re not doing it for business they’re doing it you can tell from their
hearts. This is huge that Hoosier Heartland to give
back to their community Everything that comes to us gets applied directly right
back to the public. We average about 500 families a month. It just continues to
grow. Hoosier Heartland is amazing to be able to give back into the community
and to these nonprofits and recognize that what we’re doing in the community is a
benefit. $218,000 that’s how much we gave back to the communities last year,
so that’s that’s a record for us and that’s just awesome. This is kind of our highlight of the
year and it starts our new year off on the right foot. Our mission is to
redefine what a community bank is and I think we’re succeeding because of our
community’s response, and being so appreciative and what we’re giving back.
You can’t ask for anything better in a business, in a bank, in a community. You really can’t.

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