HIDDEN GEMS in TOKYO JAPAN | Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

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  1. This is perfect! I'm heading to Tokyo next month for a few weeks! Gunna be amazing!

    **Also, the SIM cards that you can buy at regular stores, do you recommend them? Are they good for a tourist? Fast? Thanks!

  2. I feel like the Japanese are the masters of the soft-boiled or poached eggs. I've never seen one on a travel video that was underdone.

  3. @ 3:24 …. "It's like food porn," ….never understood this quote until now. But I've come to the conclusion "Food porn" makes you hungry, not horny. Mind blown. Thank you Shinichi-San! And I got so jealous @ 11:04 listening to Satoshi-San slurp his noodles (and thank you for the etiquette lesson about not "dunking" the noodles, small dips! No dunks!), I can not imagine a scenario where I would be able to enjoy noodles on that level in America. Last thing!! The best pizza I've ever eaten was in Japan! Yes!

  4. Fabulous video guys! We always stay in the Asakusa/Ueno area when we come to Tokyo and it was nice to see some of our favourite haunts and discover hidden gems with you. I feel quite “homesick” now….and hungry….time to start planning our next trip. Keep up the good work….Susan and Stuart in Vancouver, Canada

  5. Love it when you go to places I know well from my three different stays in Asakusa – but sure enough you also showed us places I didn't even know existed. More to add to my "next time" list! Thanks as always for the super video.
    Have to get that app!

  6. Excellent video! And there are so many good finds! Thanks for sharing these hidden gems with us. 😊 (and that app looks helpful, thanks for the tip about ATMs)

  7. When shinchi said “cool cool cool cool cool cool…”, I was like 😱.

    Am I the only one who caught this Brooklyn 99 reference? 😂

  8. Loved this tour of the Tokyo area and the hidden gems you introduced us to. Only wish I had been there to experience it with you.❤️

  9. here is a rough question, but two things i have an aversion to are foods packed with onion, and any form of shellfish/mollusk or even non shellfish but in a processed form such as fishcake (textures and aromas really turn me off). based on your videos that seems to eliminate a large amount of Japanese cuisine. How difficult would it be for someone like me to be able to dine out at the average Japanese restaurant? If I were to visit I would hate to be that guy who stayed glued to the "American" style restaurants

  10. OMG. my partner lives in Asakusa. So, this episode really surprised and intrigued me. and you know what, even my partner and I have never been to most of the shops featured in this video. man, I wish I can quickly live in Tokyo.

  11. Great video guys, your videos are always a joy to watch, fun and light spirited 😊 ビデオはいいですねー、ありがとうございます!👏

  12. I am so hungry right now. =)
    Love to watch you two. I wish I could go to Japan and have you be my tour guides.

  13. Pizza crepe at 22:00, being from south Texas, I immediately thought of what I'm eating right now… a quesadilla, loads of cheese, various ingredients in a flour tortilla. I now have a new name for them!

  14. It's my dream to one day visit Japan and taste as many of the different foods and see as many of the sights as I can.

  15. Shinchi and Satoshi.
    Thank you very much for making this video, I am going to Tokyo in November and to be honest I wanted to eat everything you showed lol 😁 Now I have some new ideas of where to visit and eat !
    Arigato Gozaimasu ! 🤗

  16. I love your channel! Satoshi-san i really enjoy your eyewear! I wish i had got to explore more when i flew through Japan. Very informative!! Very well spoken!

  17. Love your videos, you guys should do one showing options for breakfast. I have been in Japan 2 times, and finding good places to eat breakfast at 7 or 8 am it's really, really hard, usually ending buying from 7-11, or something like that

  18. ภาพดูน่ากินทุกอย่างครับ絵はすべてのように見えます。

  19. 英語の勉強になるぅ💛

  20. I enjoyed this so much! I was in Japan in May and missed this breakfast place! If only I could zap myself from America to Japan…how I miss it.

  21. I am loving how they can walk, talk, and keep both of themselves in-frame while looking so cool and relaxed. I'd love to see a blooper video! (If there are any bloopers…)

  22. oh, i hope i could have that kind of breakfast pan here where i live and so cheap at least in finnish point of view.

  23. Aw, man…I was in Asakusa visiting Senso-ji Temple when I was there last month, and had I known about these places, I would have taken my lady friend there to eat! I was staying in Hamamatsucho, and stumbled upon a lovely little place called Precious Moments Coffee near my hotel that I ended up eating breakfast at most of the time I was there. Are you two familiar with that place? It originated in Kobe in 1933, according to the sign.

  24. Love your vids! Thumbs up for avocado toast! Not sure if you have done a video on it or not, but could you do a video on place that are good to eat for vegetarian or vegans?

  25. Next time in Ueno you can visit the zoological gardens and eat the special Panda KatsuSando (not made of panda)

  26. Satoshi you really need to do something like … Shave, your beard is gray, maybe color it.. you would look better.

  27. Many of the hidden places I frequent are around the Jimbocho area. I particularly like two curry shops there, Bondy and Manten. Probably makes a lot of sense since there are so many schools in the area.

  28. Really nice video!
    I've just looked at the app and was very disappointed with the ratings. How people can complain about it not working in the USA when it clearly states in the description it works only in Japan!!! 😵🤦🏼‍♂️😤
    Not nice to rate down an app when you don't even know where is supposed to work!!! Tell the developers to respond to these kind of ratings. It's demoting something unjustly!

  29. This is the first food/travel channel in a long time which I have watched many videos in a row and liked every one of them! Keep up the good work, guys!

  30. Thank you soooooooo much Shinichi and Satoshi for your foodie vlogs! Going to JP in September!! Can’t wait to try some of those food spots!

  31. Could you guys do a video tasting Taiyaki flavors from KURIKOAN
    1-1-7 Kichijoji Honcho Musashino Tokyo. I found it from another video, but I'd love to see what you guys think about all the flavors.

  32. Great video! You know, based on when this was released, I had thought this was a solo video from Satoshi. You guys were working on this for a while, I bet, and it shows!

  33. visiting Japan in November. I just watched your Hakone vids and discovered you have more! thank you for sharing, you guys are adorable!

  34. Definitely going to check these places out on my next trip to Tokyo this October! Thanks so much for such lovely reco!

  35. This channel makes me feel both suffering and wholesomeness, why?
    Wholesomeness cause I'm loving this channel, Suffering because iT'S MAKING ME HUNGRY.

  36. Saludos cordiales desde España me encanta veros 😘😘😘😘👌👌👌👌✌✌✌✌👍👍👍👎😋😋😋😋😋

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