High Quality – The journey of the light // Estonian Song and Dance Celebration [English subtitles]

The Journey of Celebration Light. 13th June, Tartu. Vive Celebration Light! Milk, fresh milk. Fresh morning milking. The bringers of the celebration fire travelled through all types of weather and water conditions. The boat was often turned upside down and the passengers got wet. The bringers of the fire had to cope with the gales of Lake Võrtsjärv and sail through shallow streams. Whatever the conditions, the bringers of fire conquered them all. Only the boats got smaller and smaller. Dear people of the island of Kihnu. I, the captain of the Dance Celebration 2009 titled “The Sea” together with my steersmen, am extremely grateful to the people of the island of Kihnu for your generous permission to take the festive fire of our dance celebration from your Midsummer’s Day bonfire. But have a go, maybe it will lit up.
What do you know- it works. Five days later it was brought to Pärnu on fishermen’s boats. 27th June, Pärnu. 2 fires were bound as one, united as the celebration fire of the Song and Dance Celebration at the mouth of the Pärnu river. The yacht called Ruhnu Karu (the Bear of Ruhnu) became the new fire carrying vessel, which had to sail more than 300 miles to Tallinn. 28th June, Kuressaare. 29th June, Haapsalu. To me, Estonian song celebrations are about stressing the nature of being Estonian. I’ve been present at the celebrations since I was little. The feeling people get standing there under the arch is the feeling of unitedness, feeling like a unified community. And if the feeling wouldn’t come to us then I think that there wouldn’t be any song celebrations. Singing under the arch is an old and nice tradition in the maintaining of which the people of Estonia have no other choice but to breathe as one. have been a fisherman in these parts for 53 years. It is fish that I have brought from the sea the most but never in my life have I brought fire from the sea to the harbour. The story of the journey of the celebration fire has come to an end. The celebrations in Tallinn await. This is the beginning of a new story.

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