Hikvision celebrates 10 year anniversary in Europe

At Hikvision, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in surveillance technology We have already made great team roads into the market with great new innovations And on our ten year anniversary, we are now
looking forward to an exciting future We spoke to some Hikvision employees about
their role I normally say working at Hikvision is like
working in a candy shop We have so many great flavors And it’s just about bringing the flavors to
the market Then we all have success We had a solution in Denmark to prevent drowning
accidents with a great proven result So it makes us proud to do something that
adds value to the local market And even to people’s safety I’m sure that being a total solution provider
is not just a slogan But it is a real way to approach the business We advance solutions for problems that you didn’t even know that you have in the first place What I like about working at Hikvision is The convergence between the technology and the human aspect Being part of a professional team Really hard-working colleagues with a lot of patience and a lot of humor I am really enjoying my time at Hikvision Building up partnerships and helping the team
to be successful We have grown in Europe opening new offices
regularly Now we have offices throughout the region We are literally doubling our capacity to
serve customers With a new built extension to our European headquarters in the Netherlands

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