Hikvision Europe 10th Anniversary – Filippo Petrolese

I am Filippo Petrolese I am the Sales Director for Italian Distributor Business Unit In Italy we have around 50 distributors And thanks to them we reached a very high level of market share for CCTV I’m sure that being a total solution provider is not just a slogan But it is a real way to approach the business And this taught us to go to end users and
talk about lots of things What I love about working at Hikvision is mainly for one reason When we share goals with all the people are working at the company It means that we really care about people Because all the people in the company are involved First of all is listening The customer is one of the secrets Listening and talking to the customer means
asking a question and waiting for the answer Write down the answer and go back to the office Talk with the colleagues in order to make
a solution for that kind of customer Every single time we make a deal, it means we are growing People expect from companies like Hikvision that is a leader They expect something new We want to bring to the market new technologies We don’t think only CCTV cameras We think a lot of new products And technology is the first thing that brings Hikvision to reach new targets We want people to talk about Hikvision with admiration Because Hikvision solved a lot of problems A lot of years ago, I remember that I was
talking with a very good manager And he told me “Winning people work with winning companies, Are you winner?” And I say “Yes”.

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