Hillary Clinton for HRC’s Americans for Marriage Equality

A little over a year ago in Geneva, I told
the nations of the world that gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights
and that the United States would be a leader in defending those rights. Now there were
some countries that did not want to hear that. But I believe America is at its best when
we champion the freedom and dignity of every human being. That’s who we are. It’s in our
DNA. And as Secretary of State, I had the privilege to represent that America. I will never forget the young Tunisian who
asked me after the revolution in his country how America could teach his new democracy
to protect the rights of its LGBT citizens. He saw America as an example for the world,
and as a beacon of hope. That’s what was in my mind as I engaged in
some tough conversations with foreign leaders who did not accept that human rights apply
to everyone, gay and straight. When I directed our diplomats around the world to combat repressive
laws and reach out to the brave activists fighting on the frontlines. And when I changed
State Department policy to ensure that our LGBT families are treated more fairly. Traveling the world these past four years
reaffirmed and deepened my pride in our country and the ideals we stand for. It also inspired
and challenged me to think anew about who we are and the values we represent to the
world. Now, having left public office, I want to share some of what I’ve learned, and what
I’ve come to believe. For America to continue leading in the world,
there is work we must do here at home. That means investing in our people, our economy,
our national security. It also means working every day, as citizens, as communities, as
a country, to live up to our highest ideals and continue our long march to a more perfect
union. LGBT Americans are our colleagues, our teachers,
our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones. And they are full and equal citizens and they
deserve the rights of citizenship. That includes marriage. That’s why I support marriage for
lesbian and gay couples. I support it personally and as a matter of policy and law, embedded
in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for LGBT Americans and all Americans. Like so many others, my personal views have
been shaped over time by people I have known and loved. By my experience representing our
nation on the world stage, my devotion to law and human rights, and the guiding principles
of my faith. Marriage after all is a fundamental building
block of our society, a great joy and yes, a great responsibility. A few years ago, Bill
and I celebrated as our own daughter married the love of her life, and I wish every parent
the same joy. To deny that opportunity to any of our daughters and sons solely on the
basis of who they are and who they love is to deny them the chance to live up to their
own God-given potential. Throughout our history, as our nation has
become even more dedicated to the protection of liberty and justice for all, more open
to the contributions of all our citizens, it has also become stronger, more competitive,
more ready for the future. It benefits every American when we continue on that path. I know that many in our country are still
struggle to reconcile the teachings of their religion, the pull of their conscience, and
the personal experiences they have in their families and communities. And people of good
will and good faith will continue to view this issue differently. So I hope that as
we discuss and debate, whether it’s around a kitchen table or in the public square, we
do so in a spirit of respect and understanding. Conversations with our friends, our families,
our congregations, our coworkers, are opportunities to share our own reflections and to invite
others to share theirs. They give us a chance to find that common ground and a path forward. For those of us who lived through the long
years of the civil rights and women’s rights movements, the speed with which more and more
people have come to embrace the dignity and equality of LGBT Americans has been breathtaking
and inspiring. We see it all around us every day, in major cultural statements and in quiet
family moments. But the journey is far from over, and therefore
we must keep working to make our country freer and fairer, and to continue to inspire the
faith the world puts in our leadership. In doing so, we will keep moving closer and closer
to that more perfect union promised to us all. Thank you. �

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  1. @Hillary Kanoodles wow you are so funny!! You say our beliefs are not fact or valid yet you have the delusional mindset that gay marriage is a wonderful thing. You seem quite confused there ma'am. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜’

  2. Good speech and I mainly agree.

    One thing that I found hypocritical is the fact that she emphasizes her faith and how important it is even if at the same time her holy book is totally against gay rights. She is cherrypicking like so many christians. Either you respect Bible and it's teaching or you don't. If you agree only partly with Bible don't tell publicly about how being a christian is wonderful etc. In practise no man or woman supporting gay rights can not be a true christian not at least if you pay any value to your precious Bible. You may be believers but hardly christians.

  3. Manipulative? LOL!!! ย It's not chalk full of fear based clips, chopped up interviews with misleading commentary and dramatic music, plots of death and destruction that might happen in the future if you don't follow her lead. That my friends is Manipulation. I have seen it time and again on Youtube. Those are the video's I stay away from, they are trying way too hard to convince me and scare me into believing their view. @ Derek, Reps don't list the policies specifically either. In fact, I heard one respond to that very question with "I'll deal with the details later after I am elected." ring any bells?

  4. Totally agree. If people don't support gay marriage they should have to go to prison for hate crimes at least. Stay there until you agree with civilized society. That would bring true equality and fairness. Thank you Hillary and Macklemore too for doing so much. I will vote for you Hillary if u stay true to the cause.

  5. I really liked this video because it considers that there are other different opinions to gay rights, i don't support gay marriage or gay paternity, but i always speak my mind in the most respectful and tolerant way. I think that hilary and many people focus on gay marriage as a subject of equality, when it should be about an addition to the human rights to consider a new costumes and behaviors of a different figure of relationship, analogous to the marriage but not considered as marriage. We have to consider that although homosexuality is as old as human live, there has never been a formal organized way of relationship till this times (refering to the late last century). As silly as it sounds right now gay people are not prohibited to form a marriage, the problem is that marriage was involved strictly to a man and a woman, so basicly when it comes to marriage and family, the gay rights movements don't fight for equality, they fight for a new figure that law never considered before because it was not part of the culture behavior, it has nothing to do with discrimination legaly speaking.

  6. The argument is even simpler than she makes it. Marriage is a legal contract and it's wrong to arbitrarily deny a contract to any citizen based on their gender. We made a mistake involving the state in marriage in the first place, but if the state is going to confer licenses on couples, there's no reason why it should be able to deny any two consenting citizens of legal age that license for any reason.

  7. Thank you Hilary. People who are against gay rights don't appear to get the picture. They don't want people spying on their private lives right? Like the NSA for example. So why would anyone want to be nosy about the private lives of the gay community?ย  Like who they can marry. People who act that way are against dictators so I would like to know why they have been acting as dictators over the lives of gay people?

  8. What these pro-same sex marriage nitwits fail to realise is that we already have marriage equality.

    To wit: Gays are just as permitted to marry someone of the opposite sex as straights are. Likewise, straights are also prohibited from marrying someone of the same sex.

    Anyone who truly understands equality could not possibly disagree with any of the above.

  9. If Hillary can get an executive order to make gay marriage legal on a federal level, and pass ENDA (the one that's transgender inclusive)… then she has my vote!

  10. I agree with what she says in the video, but I think this is just another politically motivated move for 2016. Clinton knows that public opinion on gay marriage is changing, so hers has to as well.ย 

  11. I tried to stop at DNA, and then I heard "Secretary of State" and I laughed my ass off…."at this point what does it matter?" Live that legacy down and run for the office of president of the United States when you actually care about the lives of the people of this country! Heartless, overpaid troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  12. I am just amazed at how these politicians sell out, when it's politically expedient.ย  Look at Obama: he was opposed to same-sex marriage, until the polls caused him to change his position.ย  Look at Al Gore.

  13. Senator Elizabeth Warren would make a much better President than Hillary.
    Hillary Clinton is not so much a person but a mirage, just like her hubby Bill.

  14. gay rights are moving at a glacial pace she is only saying this because obama broke the ice back in 2008 she avoided us during the debates

  15. i can get marrie sinds 2001 and i life in the Netherlands we where furst and yes i'm GAY and married om 24 th of may
    sorry for my spelling

  16. So let me follow on the common arguments……

    > why must there be marriage equality for gay couples?
    ans: because everyone should have the right to love; a human rightย 

    > but love is an emotion which cannot be regulated while marriage is a title made by man, so is the title of marriage a human right?
    ans: because if marriage is not extended to gays, it is discrimination

    > So it is discrimination if we don't allow gays to perform anal sex?


  17. She is possessed by the devil!ย If you elect her in 2016, she launched a war against Russia , the USA , respectively, would be dealt a retaliatory nuclear strike , your life has changed dramatically ! Do not let it come to power, otherwise it will be a great war ! And you do zotite live like all people want to live ! Why You Need It ! It has already announced a war with Russia ! Think again , or perish !

  18. My God, Pandora is out of the Box! We are near the end. Sodomites Everywhere!

  19. Hillary Clinton is a puppet of the antichristian death culture (assassination of innocent unborn children and "against God and nature" gay mariage). Red card for this woman. Let's pray that she never becomes president

  20. Nice speech, but here's a thought, stop dragging god into every single utterance meant to scrape up electoral consensus.

  21. Human error minding binding manipulation rebellions as an insane ,against almighty God principal, Sprirt of error Confusions,Babylon,Sodom And Gomorah. It's a Sin, Totaliteruan ,playing Self unRigtously in Error playing religions and politics,,It's a very Sad. How many people don't know the. rule of Devine nature and Consequences of Violating A Devine Nature.They are Misleading this nation, and wondering why The enemies of East calling us Infidels and pigs wants kill US. Jesus is Giving us a short time to Repent, before letting the enemies Devour, Satan comes only to lie seduce steal kill and destroy when he was cast down he had 1/3 of the Heavenly Angeles fall with Him, Isis, Babel,Baal,Bezelzubeb.Esther Solana.Lucifer,All pagan fallen angels. And demons spirits.Roman1:1-33.RELIGIONS AND OCCULT, PERVERSIONS LIBERAL MINDED.

  22. Like most seasoned politicians, Hillary is an amazing lier, but she gives herself away at times.

    When I watch the video very closely…. at 2:42 – when she speaks of Gay marriage and says (or rather, reads, from the teleprompter) "I support it personally" she does three things – purses her lips, squints her eyes, and shakes her head, all at once…all unconscious signs of one's inner belief being contrary to what one is saying.

    She does the same at 0:25 when she speaks of the "Freedom and dignity of every human being" and at 2:48 when she says "Equality and opportunity". She does a 'redirect' at 3:05 when she speaks of her 'devotion to law', and then at 3:48 she squints and shakes her head again when she lies about the country becoming "more dedicated to the protection of liberty and justice for all" – she continues with the negative motions, but then changes to affirmative nodding when she says 'more stronger' and 'more competitive', and then goes back to shaking her head when she says that the US is 'more ready for the future…'

    Check it out, it's fun!

    It's amazing how much one can learn by listening not only to someone's words, but to the body language they show while saying them.

  23. Gays are all the same. They are all tricksy and you can't trust a godamn word they say. Better without em I say.

  24. No sir or Mem,Iam not on LSD,Or AN Idiot,Its very Dangerous to Deny the Fact , once I was all above your Curses and assumption Judgement ,Questioning aaccusation.Everybody have an exoerince amd bad past,The truth is you over come and growup,Dont be moron and stuper ,Demying the TRUTH, You need to get Saved and Be Delivered from erro an Reception be cursed and doomed by hypicrit lustful illusions,What love has to do with The Gay marriages politics,WHICH MANY FOOLS THINK IN BOX OUT ,GOD Devine principal. Watch The Earth grown more And swallow Liars and murderers,Rapers Baby Killers worshipers!!! Jesus Christ your lord Is hoing to take us out ,so dont b. Left behind. No mam or woman is saviour

  25. Ever hear about "false prophecy"? Probably not, but that's another issue entirely.ย 


    Can you really trust someone who flip-flops so quickly, just to suit her own needs? Lies. All lies.

  26. Hillary Clinton: I'm running for president!
    Me: No.ย 
    Hillary Clinton: But WHY?
    Me: Because you want to take away our guns, harm people in other countries, are really rude, want to corrupt the economy, and are very dishonest.
    Hillary Clinton: But I will-
    Me: HILLARY. เฒ _เฒ 
    Hillary Clinton:ย 


  27. She is truly a remarkable human being. You don't have to be LGBT to support the gay community. She is truly an enlightened person. Keep your eye on her way to presidency!

  28. Everyone should post on it asking why she ran against Gay Marriage in 2008 and Let's talk about Bernie's history with the LGBT community. He's been voting against DOMA since 1996 and he has a 100% rating from the HRC's Equality Index.

    If you are a politician then you have strong feelings towards a subject. feelings dont just "Change".
    Public opinion only changes when it benefits you and reflects majority opinion.

    I dont know if she is being genuine or not but I certainly wouldnt trust her.

  29. "Marriage has historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman," ย –Hillary Clinton, 2000

  30. Human Rights Campaign has no shame. This woman is a cynical opportunist who only cares about LGBT people if she thinks they will vote for her, and you are giving her a platform

  31. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even Obama have all had more progressive histories with respect to LGBT rights than Hillary Clinton. As a gay man I'm disappointed in you Hillary for only JUST NOW coming to the conclusion that LGBT deserve equal rights.

  32. Bernie fought for gay rights 40 YEARS AGO.ย  He voted AGAINST the Defense of Marriage act in 1996 which banned same sex unions, do you know the kind of courage it took for him to do that?ย  He was one of the only ones who had the guts to vote against it!ย  Hillary came out for gay marriage after the majority of Americans were in favor of it.ย  She's nothing more than an opportunist, it's time for the LGBT community to stand up for the candidate that has had their back from DAY ONE.ย  His name is BERNIE SANDERS.ย  Feel the Bern my friends!

  33. people who are slamming her for what shes said in the past is ridiculous because people grow everyday and their minds expand beyond their ignorance, dont act like all of you were pro gay marriage, pro transexual, feminist, ect. about 5 years ago… thats why people advocate right? to get people to understand? maybe it got to her, maybe shes lying, but dont always assume the worst, take other things into consideration people…

  34. Wow! so believable and emotional passion in this video, You can really see it in her DNA! She has such STRONG conviction on this issue for the last 3-4 years? She isn'ta very good sells person is she?

  35. Bernie: the guy in the comment section who's first

    Hillary: one of the idiots saying "first!!!111" in the comments when they're not

  36. LGBT for Bernie <3 And yeah I can say that cause I'm bisexual, I'm not a hetero persuading us to vote for a homophobe like whoever made this video.

  37. The Human Rights Campaign is despicable for giving this homophobe an award. Don't give them another dime. They should have folded when they worked with pimp daddy Barney Frank who worked with HRC (not Hillary, but Human Rights Campaign) to pass a version of the employment non-discrimination act that excluded gender identity. Hillary didn't even support gay marriage until 2013 and her psychopathic letch husband singed DOMA into law- a move Hillary rationalized just like she did her voting for the Iraq war without having read the Executive Intelligence Report. Wake the fuck up.

  38. I am by no means a Hillary Clinton fan but people are far too eager with their pitchforks regarding her flip-flop towards gay marriage. Sure it could have been for political reasons, but I know plenty of people across several different generations that have softened up on their stance on marriage over the last decade. It is a cultural shift, and that's why today's Democrats are known to be more progressive than today's Republicans.

  39. Not denying that, in comparison to Bernie Sanders, HC's support for full equal marriage and LGBT rights seems to have come VERY late and seems like it's motivated more by political incentive. BUT despite this, on LGBT issues it's worth remembering that – if she becomes the Democratic nominee – Hillary Clinton is going to be a WAY better candidate than any Republican who wins the GOP nomination. True, on LGBT issues, Bernie definitely has the better track record than Hillary, but Hillary's track record is now way better than all of the Republican candidates. Just worth remembering.

  40. Im a democrat but shes a fucking lier. She was a senator of the most demoractic state in the nation (new York in general election) when she said marriage should be between one man and one woman (look it up on youtube). Later same sex marrage would be passed with a majority republican state senate. she said yes to the horrible debacle in Iraq. Why the fuck would any one trust her the her hand on the red button?

  41. Lmfao, so full of shit. HRC in 2004 had this to say about gay marriage….

    โ€œ…the fundamental bedrock principle that [marriage] exists between a man and a woman, going back into the midst of history as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization, and that its primary, principal role during those millennia has been the raising and socializing of children for the society into which they are to become adults.โ€

  42. I'd rather vote for a Republicant before I'd vote for a hypocrite, such as HRC. At least they're honest that they don't support LGBT rights. Hillary, on the other hand, has had a D- record in representing the LGBT community. Give it to Bernie (the tried and true supporter of LGBT rights).

  43. Hi Hilary,

    I'm a queer person and I just wanted to tell you to go fuck yourself. Thanks for not standing up for me when it was inconvenient and capatalizing on me when it is. I really appreciate it.

  44. I'm one of the many gay people who do not approve of you. Why wasn't this important to you when it was politically inconvenient? Bernie Sanders is the real progressive. You're just a poll follower.

  45. When the going was tough Senator Clinton three the gays under the bus now that she can get an advantage out of it suddenly she is the advocate of the gays. This is so condescending to gay people. Clinton exploits minorities for her own benefit.

  46. Oh fuck you bitch,this was just THREE years ago! and fuck HRC for endorsing this flip flopping center right neo-progressive,Republicans have a better records on gay right then her.Lastly Fuck any LGBT people who support her because you all are dragging back our community back to the early 90's,So what if she is a woman?Do you all have the same mentality when a gay guy gets assaulted? Oh it was done by a woman so its okay (because for some stupid unspoken unproven reason straight women are automatic allies of all LGBT people every ware).

  47. 90% liked video, but every comment is bashing Hillary? I guess Crooked Hillary pays programmers to spam up-votes on her videos or she paid off google rig the rating. #NeverHillary #BernieOrTrump

  48. We don't always get what we want when we want it, NotTotallyHopeless, but as Martin Luther King put it, โ€œThe arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.โ€ Most people who support Gay marriage have a moment when they changed their mind. Bernie Sanders changed his mind. I changed my mind. Hillary changed her mind. I have many gay friends who can point to a moment when they changed their mind. In this speech she talks about that and how she has since worked to change the minds of others around the world. Reasoned thinking leads to reasoned discussion and decision making. Right now HRC is one of the highest profile advocates you have.

  49. US being the leader in defending human right?
    you are the biggest human right offender. you even offended the very principal of human right. it is the right to live for the iraqi, syrian, lybian, etc….
    USA should be the last to talk about human right in this world

  50. People have the right to change their mind on things. Hillary may not have supported then it but now she has a change of heart and wants to help lgbt. Can't you see that she wants to fight for us and all you people are doing is push her away. People were upset at her for not supporting it but the day she does you all hate her and say she's fake. She said she changed her views by meeting other people.

  51. do people not realize that others can change views on subjects and educate themselves on certain subjects? she isn't flipflopping because she has NOT gone back to her old beliefs. who cares if "bernie did it first" all that matters is that now she is accepting of the fact that the LGBTQ+ community is all equal

  52. Hillary Clinton opposes gay marriage
    Donald Trump is a democrat

    Or do they just follow the polls and go along with whatever gets people to like them?
    #nevertrump #neverclinton #bernie2016


  54. What a wretch.ย  After we force her to do the right thing, she claims the moral high-ground for doing the right thing.

  55. Hillary says:
    gay rights = human rights; women's rights = human rights

    What she means is:
    heterosexuals HAVE NO RIGHTS, so make every effort to destroy heterosexual families.
    White males (whipping boys of the left) HAVE NO RIGHTS and must be destroyed becuz they are THE PATRIARCHY ( they brought Christianity to the world) and are the enemy of all witches (matriarchy).

  56. People can change their minds guys, and you guys should be happy that she supports LGBT. Trump wants to ban gay marriage again…. is this what the LGBTQ+ community wants?

  57. I myself support 100% Hrc my aim is to support with my all future children with help of god till I am alive

  58. Domo Arigato Hillary Roboto ๐Ÿค– โ€œI believe as a (Hillary Clinton) that we can support these (adhesive-medical strips)

  59. โ™ฅ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘จโ€โคโ€๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โคโ€๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿ‘ฌ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿฆ„๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’’๐Ÿ’

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