Hindi Short Film – Meera | Husband Reveals Secret to Wife | Relationships After Marriage

Yes hello ! ya i reached Are you ready? hmm.. No no, a.. Half an hour, after half an hour alright And listen honk once you are here, i will come down ok. yup ok, yes see you, bye Listen listen come after two minutes ok two minutes , two minutes what are you waiting for my fingers it’s planning yo-yo Naina listen we need to talk first Naina Naina , naina just… Naina I’m very sorry… I did not mean to spoil this for you but.. it’s someting very important to talk about Please hear me out once naina I have been trying to say this to you froma a very long time I just don’t know how to say this what happened ? Naina there is someone in my office Who is very important part of my life right now And its not from a week or two weeks It’s been going on from quite sometime Naina trust me… Trust me…i always i know Naina you don’t, so just let me speak Gaurav i know ! Naina you don’t yet, just… Her name is Radhika right ? Radhika Patil 23 years old, lives in khar west Works in the HR department of your office Is quite beautiful as well You have been having an affair with her from past 1 year… And i have knwon this for three months now i know Naina, but who, i mean how ??? Doesn’t matter right like who told me, what did they tell me & why did they tell me, irrelevant.. i know.. you know what I read this somewhere recently and… It kind of stayed with me Have you heard of meera ? So they say that , Meera was born 700 years after Krishna , So her husband would usually ask her which krishna are you so in love with ? He doesn’t even exist in physical form Then why ? Meera would say in order to love Krishna, i dont need his body i Have immense amount of love for him in me, that’s it, that’s enough.. you know what gaurav ? Listen I am absolutely fine I am good I am very happy I am happy with any situation that you put forth in fact you want she can come here and stay with us in this house itself we both could shift to her place You can even go alone and live with her, whatever suits you, it’s fine.. I mentioned right i am good with any situation you choose.. There is just one thing, just one.. i love you a lot And i love you Unconditionally That’s all Naina I’m leaving you Okay I am shifting with Radhika In her apartment okay well i have parked the car downstairs The Keys are in the cabinet itself, so you can just take that, Okay By the way i have paid the rent for the house for the next 6 month Once or whenever the agreement gets over , just manage your stay ! I will manage don’t worry ya just do that ya i will do that anything else ? Naina divorce papers Will be ready in another 2-36 days, so… I will send them over Please sign them i will do that Just send it to me, i will sign and send it to you so what’s the plan now you are leaving, you are staying, what are you, what’s the plan ? Radhika should be here in the next 10-15 minutes so ya, 10-15 minutes ? Ya Are you taking your clothes ? Or no ? okay Come let’s pack for you Naina , i will pack it Naina just leave it , i will pack it I always pack for you By the way, does Radhika have a cook at her palce ? , Does she know how to cook She knows to cook Okay No burger No pizza No ice cream please
Gaurav. it really doesn’t suit you Also all your clothes are not here so let me know, how i should send them to you, Naina i think She is here so i will have to leave Naina levae it i will take it 1 minute, I will just pack some organic jaggery for you Naina i will take it you will take Naina, i will take White sugar Naina I will take it from Groccery store can i give you your brush, or you want a new brush as well ? 2 seconds and the shoes that you have ordered for will take another 2days so let me know what do you want me to do with it, because this is the address Okay Sorry So Take care of yourself ok ? just just take care of yourself , bye bye Tell Radhika HI from my side And listen, i will be leaving the apartment once the agreement is over bye (Hummming) sorry… i am sorry.. i am sorry.. wmoo… Gaurav It’s hurting sorry… It’s fine Oh…. Gaurav… Please just wait, for once just listen to me just this one time please come back i tried so hard Please just for once Gaurav

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  1. I love the way she kept it together. They way she did the pleading in private. Kept her self respect in tact. Don't ever let anyone tell you they don't want to be with you twice. Know your worth.

  2. Wow yrr bs larki understanding thi itna payar karti thi apne payar ko kuch bol nahi sakte thi to Kya larka kuch v Kar lega yrr ek baar soch liya hota par nahi q kare ga aaisa wo log 😭😭😭😭

  3. Hi all listen carefully it’s almost 2020 this happens only in Pakistan and India world move own if someone don’t Love you just live and forget it and lived your life

  4. I cried so hard; that my throat is choking 😭😭😭😢😢😢…
    I'm thinking…Why just Why ..??
    This is a natural fact whom you love will always underestimate you💔…but why you don't have humanity man…..damn this is so so so crazy yarr

  5. One day lodge room booked tooked the shoot in one night with two artist and one cameraman director two assistant but did good job in short time, budget and all

  6. I’ll be honest , this woman felt like she had no worth for me, if she had stood up for herself or done something, anything ! Feels so weak

  7. Isss kuttte ko mn krrha hai ki pakad ke maarun…. Itna ghatiya koi kaise ho sakta hai. Itna shameless……. Itna proudly bolrha hai ye ki main jarha hu…. She should make hisaab life hell.

  8. The happy ending would be to show how she deals with the situation. Going back to her husband will still show her week. We need to teach our girls to be strong to deal with the situation with dignity (which she did). As for the husband, he is going to cheat the other woman again. It’s very important for this man to understand that even if he moved with another woman, he will still be unhappy because the problem is with him not with his wife. We really need to help our girls to be strong and deal with any situation with dignity.

  9. Yeh Kya Kar Diya… Mein Tu Samjh Raha Tha Ke Tapka Degi Icko… Yeh Jo Chup Kar Ke Chala Gaya…. Kuch Tu Reaction Dikhana Tha Na Yar.. Bichari Larki Ko Rula Diya.

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  11. This true love… Sacrificing your happiness for the one you love happiness😭😭😭💯💯.. She loves him more than herself.. And it's both good and bad from different angles

  12. This is a complete fake, impractical, unbearably pretentious and useless story. No girl can behave like this in real world.

  13. Naina Did Really Well…Nice Screenplay..Although initially Naina's Character looked too okay with everything..only After He left her….Nicely written..

  14. केहते है प्यार का रिश्ता, है जनम का रिश्ता
    है जनम का रिश्ता, तो बदलता क्यू है?

  15. But Lord Krishna responded well to Meera. But here the guy is totally a bastard. Seriously I can't understand. If you can't make sure that you will never cheat on your life partner till last breathe, why do you marry her and when something like this happens you just care only about yourself. What about the person who's just so much into you unconditionally? I pray to God mere dushmano ke saath bhi kabhi aisa naa ho.

  16. Is movie ko dekh k home breakers…Kuch to sabak lo. Jisse pyar karte hain dil jaan se uske jane k baad kya hota hai.. never leave your wife mother and any one who cares for you so much

  17. Can someone please tell me what song naina plays in the starting, have been searching this song but not able to find it

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