Hippie Chick Birthday Party Ideas from Party City

Hippie Chick Tween Birthday Party Ideas Video That 60s, hippie look is super hot
with girls these days. My older daughter Zoe thought it might be
fun to do something kind of retro style for her tenth birthday. So we came up with the idea of a
Hippie Chick Dance Party… Invitations This is where Party City really
stepped up. They had tons of party supplies for hippie chicks at
heart, starting with these cool party invitations. I loved the
colors and the big pink peace sign. Zoe’s message was cute: “Come to my
dance party for some groovy tunes and far out fun.” Guest of Honor Wearables The morning of her birthday, I got
Zoe into the party spirit with this fun Hippie ensemble I got at Party
City. The hat and purse looked so cute on
her. She loved the peace sign and the little owl. The peace pendant and earring set
were very cool, and the colorful hippie buttons brought some pop to
her hat. She even said something about
wearing the outfit to school… Party Decorations When Zoe’s guests arrived, she
immediately took them to our “groovy room,” as she called it,
which hours before was just a family room. I hung a bunch of these cool swirly
decorations from the ceiling to set the mood. It was so easy, and the
pink, green and blue ribbons made the room feel totally festive… The girls said the owls and peace
signs were “outta sight.” Our guests were definitely in the party
mood! It was time to get ready for the dance… Party Activities
The girls had a ball getting decked out in hippie chick gear. Some of
the girls opted for the flower child approach… …while others went for hair bands
and crystals. Then the girls made each other
friendship bracelets. They said it made them “soul sisters.” Now that the hippie chick
transformation was complete, it was time to dance. I got this really fun CD at Party
City Š the Groovy Party Music CD. It’s got tons of classic hits from
the 60s, songs that all the girls knew. Happy Together… I’m a
Believer… California Girls… My Hippie Chicks really loved the
Spinning Rainbow party light. The colorful lights made it feel like
we were in a dance hall. The girls had a blast doing the Twist and the
Monkey and the Mashed Potato. I couldn’t resist, I had to join
them… …they even showed ME some new
moves! After an hour of non-stop dancing,
the girls were ready for a sweet treat… Table Decorations
My dining room, the way it usually is, would not have struck the right
mood…. But thanks to Party City I was able
to turn it into a rockin’ Hippie Chick hangout. I think the Hippie Chicks agreed. I loved the neat little owls and
butterflies on the plates, cups and napkins… The banner, streamers and balloons
made it hippie chick from wall to wall… But my favorite part was the owl
pinata I found. I thought… what a cool centerpiece it would make! He was so cute ŠŹI loved his wide
owly eyes. Later on I showed the girls he came bearing sweets! We opted for buffet style when it
came time to eat because there was no way these girls were going to
sit down. Birthday Cake They did pause a moment when I
brought out the cake. They all thought I bought it at a bakery.
Truth is I made it myself using this daisy-shaped cake pan I got at
Party City. Perfect way to “grow” a birthday
cake… I topped off the cake with these
adorable Hippie Chick candles. Peace signs, butterfly, birds and a
love candle… they were almost too cute to light! The night was magical for Zoe… Party Favors …but all good things must come to
an end, which isn’t so bad when you get to leave with party favors. That morning Zoe and I had filled
the favor bags with Hippie Chick pens, buttons, stickers and
erasers. We knew our guests would love them.
Zoe especially liked the pins! As I put my little hippie chick to
bed that night, she told me I was grooviest mom in the world. The
perfect ending to the perfect day. Thanks, Party City.

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