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  1. a hobo I think you mean a poor person, no money? but??? you have bbq shirts on  a webber new bbq set wich is ridiculous hanging off your back mmmmmm I think its a bit in your face bozo type thing, what do you think? maybe im wrong, but  for me its a thumbs down guys this time.

  2. I'm imagining watching the bbq pitboy hobos walking with the song "on the road again" love you guys

  3. Man, I remember cooking stuff like this when I was much younger. In Scouts, and later, when I was in my teens. That's good eating after a long, hard day!

  4. If you were walking the tracks you were a dumbass, hobos ride the trains…..no damn hobo worth his salt would walk further than the yard limit board.

  5. Hobo dinners are great. I am 51 yrs old and have been making them sense i was around 15 yrs old.
    Best part is, you can put anything you want or have into them. 👍

  6. That guy with round glasses is my favorite BBQpitboy 😀 Always giving those thumbs up like he REALLY means it and he seems to be a guy who doesnt give a fuck about anything as long as he has beer and meat😂

  7. First of all two thumbs up. As usual great video with fun to watch. I share your videos too. Thanks for this nice video.

  8. So many memories came flooding back. I'm 47 and remember the family doing this when we went camping back in the day. The only difference is we did individual servings instead of one big loaf. You guys are awesome. Love your channel.

  9. Ha, y'all forgot the cheap hooch and the effed up couch with the wires poking out, and lastly, a burn barrel… (edit, oh yeah, y'all brought wine)

  10. Love u guys u inspire me with ur positivity bbq pit boy stay positive brother from a young black guy from baltimore ik it dont mean nothing being where im from an black but saying i learned a lot from just watching u guys you all have a lot of wisdom,i get a peace of mind every time i watch ur videos

  11. I understand what they are saying but back in the 70’s I hobo’ed around a bit. Either hitched around the country or rode the rails. Had a great time. Carried a army duffle bag and had a soup pan and carried some canned food. I usually found a spot in the woods and made a small cooking fire. Did 30 years of trucking and then I had the small grill with me. Good times.

  12. The knifes in the dirt. Some fortune cookies we found. A pound of ground beef with some sausage, good for two or one each. These are hilarious

  13. Great video. I remember my Grandma telling me that all the hobos had Weber Grills. Hahahahahaha. Keep 'em coming ole pals. I enjoy your channel!

  14. this reminds me of taking our local Cub Scouts out on a camp out on Round Mountain along Wolf Creek at Camp Roland,we all fixed our supper this way ,the meat was just ground chuck .they all got to fix their own meals ,and I made us a big pot of campfire coffee in my old blue metal coffee pot out of fresh spring water.and I told them why spring water had a much better flavor than water from town.the secret is that spring water has just a little bit of Salamander pee in it.LOL that keeps them from drinking very much coffee ,but they all slept good that night ,mostly because we had spent the whole day fishing and swimming in Wolf Creek .and everyone was tuckered out

  15. 🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺
    5 STAR BAR-B-Q ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  16. Dobra robota chłopaki nie ma jak zrobić sobie obiad na świeżym powietrzu ✌️😃🍲🥃🥃

  17. Take a classic dish you are familiar with and let the BBQ Pit Boys get a hold of it….BBQ Pit Boys version will knock your socks off!!!

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