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Show yourself. I can’t put them down… This salmon is really good. Really? What kind of salmon is it? I bought… expensive kind. Oh no! Poor cat! He doesn’t have a fork. Give him a fork! There is a knife. Are you recoding again?! Just break off a small piece. And now I should wish you something nice? But you don’t have to, it’s fine. I don’t like this tradition either. I am wishing you all the best! Time to unpack the gifts. That sounds creepy… So it’s AirPods after all! From where did you get these? I assume the AirPods from eBay didn’t arrive anymore… No. I bought them in the Apple store after all. Which floor? 4th. Show yourself. Not like that! Just in time. Wow! You know how to make me happy… Should I wrap a ribbon around? No. It’s too much. Should I just roll it? It will look like candy. “Topman” pullover for a top man. Use the blue wrapping paper. Under my responsibility! Sorry, Alexey. Use this one. It’s thicker. I like thick things. Doesn’t look too bad. Get off me, you’re too heavy! Oh, you want him to play the piano for us? Do you like how he plays? It’s awful. I don’t like the song. In English, please! Ah, in English? Okay. You are a potato. That’s my mother. I have a special gift for somebody who doesn’t want to be filmed. It’s for Angela Merkel. Sponsor of this year: Black caviar. Have you ever eaten black caviar? No, and ‘d rather not like to at all. “Neither am I” You mean “Neither have I”.. or “Neither did I” Don’t correct me on New Year’s Eve! Or what? Or you will correct me for the entire next year! Just like previous year… So, we are about to celebrate our second New Year’s Eve in this flat. We’re going to have a lot of delicious food and wine. We are also going to try black caviar for the first time. I don’t want to… It’s caviar from Vladimir Putin! I thought from Alexey. Yeah, Alexey went to Putin and took his caviar. That’s the best joke about my new job. They all think I am a Russian spy. Everyone in the room: Mmmh! So delicious! It tastes so gentle! It’s so nice! Switlana: Fuuu… I am so sorry… she didn’t mean it! Cocaine! Free cocaine for everyone! Who wants some? You should now talk so loudly about drugs. They might stop us and check our jackets… Subway Announcement: Due to police interventions services on underground line 2 between the stations “Potsdamer Platz” and “Spittelmarkt” are currently unavailable.

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  1. До меня ток через секунд 15 дошло где чья голова 4:26

  2. Ох ну конец вообще меня взорвал ) это было так мило ) хочу больше поцелуйчиков !

  3. Quick question, (sorry I'm binge watching your videos) do you guys have this jealous moments? Or pranks you did to make your partner jealous?

  4. wasz kanał jest świetny i naprawdę nie mogę przesłać was oglądać! serio, obejrzałam 3/4 waszych filmów w dwa dni i czekam na więcej. pozdrowienia z polski, kochani jesteście ♥️

  5. Вы Русские <3 , мне так нравится как вы говрите на русском продолжайте xD

  6. More millions for vitalii and jakud subscribers we love this two young couples they are both gorgeous handsome

  7. シンプルにこの日本人女性…うらやましいです…交代してください…


  9. Okay but if there are any Larry Stylinson Shipper watching this, remember Louis carrying harry like that at 4:38 LIKE I AM SCREAMINGGG💙💚

  10. 7:57 Я её пробовала, но мне не понравилось. Я живу на дальнем востоке, дедушка живет в деревне на реке Амур, у меня дяди часто приезжают в деревню и рыбачат, так что икра и рыба у нас всю жизнь была, да и сейчас. У нас весь холодильник напихан рыбой и икрой, а я рыбу и черную икру ненавижу😹😹😹

  11. Блять ….. Я не пойму он по
    русски умеет говорить 😂😂😂
    unfortunately, not so long ago on your channel. 😹

  12. 5:49 Мне стало жалко Якоба потому что он стоит один, а они болтаю мне показалось он заревновал, хотел уйти но его любимый)) заметил

  13. 5:06 Jakub fonding so hard. It's like he was falling all over again for vitalli. He was suppressing his smile. It's like me trying to contain my happiness with my crush lmao

  14. Гоготнула когда услышала как русские на заднем фоне в конце видео на всю улицу ОДИН ДВА ТРИ ЧЕТЫРЕ

  15. Vitalli plays piano so well . Thank you YouTube for recommending me their videos. Blessed you both and be happy always❤

  16. 5:43
    Ток поняла на втором разе "оно начинает натираться" (когда мяч упал), что это на русском

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