Homemade Birthday Card Ideas with a Simple Stamparatus Trick – A Club & Free Card Kit Project!

Hi stamping friends! Melissa Kerman here
with Melissa’s Crafting Treehouse. Today I’ll be sharing a club and free card kit
project that is made with the piece of cake stamp set and the coordinating cake
builder punch. I’ve also used the stamp- a-ratus and will show you a trick for
getting perfectly stamped and punched pieces using this tool. So I’m gonna
start with preparing some of my background pieces and save the focal
piece till last. So I’m going to start first with using my smoky slate ink to
stamp the Happy Birthday repeatedly on that small panel of very vanilla card
stock. Now I’m doing first second and third inking, several series of that, for
the happy birthday and it’s actually takes up about 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ after you’ve stamped all three of those and I’m also stamping so that it’s
justified slightly to the left so when I mount my other pieces the happy, all the
series of happy’s, are gonna show all along the left side. So we’ll see a happy
birthday at the top and a happy birthday at the bottom and then lots of Happy’s
on the left. So it’s kind of a pretty and fun layout that way. Next I’m going to
attach my inside very vanilla piece of cardstock. It already has adhesive on the
backside and I’m going to take my panel that I just stamped and put along the
left side of the card. Now I’m mounting that side panel so that has an even edge
on the top and the bottom and the left. Next I’m going to start working on my
blueberry bushel piece and my die-cut circle there. I’m gonna sponge the edges
of the circle. Now that’s a stitched edge circle from the stitched edge framelits
and that coordinates with the layering circles dies which we’ll also be using
for the focal piece and I’m also going to sponge the edges of the blueberry
bushel cardstock. Now I did give people several choices for colors that they
could use on their card. This panel here that I’m sponging, was
the one panel that could vary. So you’ll see some other cards later at the end of
this video made with some of the other color schemes. So they had cherry cobbler
to choose from crushed curry this blueberry bushel and mossy meadow. And
for all of those they had the sponge in order to sponge it a little bit with the
early espresso along the edge. Now if you are a free card kit recipient because
you placed a qualifying order in July or August you’ll get some random color
because I’ve already prepared those kits. So one of the colors that I described
earlier. Now I’m gonna get started with my cake my focal piece starting with
stamping the candles right near the top of that very vanilla die-cut circle. And
I’m just doing it right at the top so I’m leaving enough room for my cake and
cake stand later. Next I’m going to put glue dots on the edges of my black
organdy ribbon. my glittered ribbon. I love this ribbon and just wrapping it
around the bottom of that blueberry bushel panel. And now all my pieces are
ready to go with the exception of my cake and cake stand. Now I could just
stamp and punch out my cake and cake stand images the old-fashioned way,
but using this method can be handy in a couple of different situations first of
all if you’re doing multiple cards this can be especially handy or if you have a
difficult time seeing when you punch out a stamped image that it’s actually
perfectly placed and centered on the punch. So for this trick you just take a
piece of scrap cardstock as you see that I have there, punch out those shapes take
your stamps and place them precisely in the opening so that they’re centered. Now
one thing I do is take the stamp itself and kind of slide
it side-to-side and I’ll be able to feel kind of the edge of the card stock as it
hits it on the left and the right and kind of try to gauge that it’s actually
centered side to side and maybe top to bottom. And that’s what I’m doing right
there wiggling it side to side. And then you just close the plastic plate to pick
up those stamps and then you’ll need to ink up your image and go ahead and test
that it actually was centered in that opening. Now this can take a little bit
of fiddling with and repositioning of the stamp to get it just so but it is
worth the effort if you’re doing multiples of these and of a single card
or a punched shape. So I’ll be using the memento ink here so I’m just inking it
up and I have the stamp set under the plastic plate just so that it have a
nice surface, an even surface, to ink up my stamp and then I’m just going to
stamp into the punched pieces. So now for this base piece I used the light and
dark smoky slate blends alcohol markers to do a little bit of shading. Now I
actually think you could get away without doing that but the coloring
really does enhance the card I think. So I’m starting with my light smoky slate.
I’m gonna cover the whole surface and then go back in and do some shading with
the dark smoky slate blends alcohol marker. So here I am with the dark blends
alcohol marker just doing a little bit of color in the sort of lower left-hand
quadrants of all the segments of my base and I’m pulling in the light smoky slate
again and that sort of creates a bit of a third color. I’m basically putting the
light where the dark and the light met and now I’m coming in with my color
lifter to kind of blend even more and sort of merge those colors a little bit
and give it a little bit of texture. Now I’ve done the coloring
for the crumb cake cake piece off-camera and I used a light soft suede alcohol
marker to color that in. Now I didn’t do any shading for the frosting so it was
just straight coloring in with that one color. I did add some wink of Stella to
the frosting to make it a little bit shiny and I added some wink of Stella to
the candle flames as well. You may also be able to see here that the candle
flames are yellow those were colored with a daffodil
delight blends alcohol marker and the candles themselves are blue and I used
blueberry bushel for that. Now you see here I am putting some glue dots on the
back of my cake base and I’m gonna carefully get my positioning such that
the cake base is all the way down justified at the bottom of the die-cut
circle and the cake is you know perfectly placed right in between so
I’ve got it lined up there so I can make sure that the cake base is actually
centered on the candles and didn’t press it down right away just want to make
sure it was actually directly under the candles and I’ve got dimensionals on the
back side of the cake of course and now all I really need to do is put that all
together. Now you may have noticed that the cake itself is going to cover up a
little bit of those candles and that’s just because the candles are a little
bit long but the candles look just fine being a little bit shorter I think. And
here is my completed card. As a reminder this is one of the three free card kit
program projects that you can get with qualifying purchases in July in August
of 2019. To learn more about my free card kit program make sure to check out the
video description below. In the video description you’ll also find a link to
my blog post for this project which includes a complete supply list and
project dimensions. And if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up
share, with friends, and subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks for spending some
time with me today and happy crafting!

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