Homemade Centerpiece Ideas : Table Centerpieces & Decorations

We have our balloons tied down, and I’ve cut
a hole in the tissue so the balloons can go right through it. So just gather up the tissue
and shove it down inside that hole of the hat once again. And the crazier and the more
folded up I think, the better it looks. And then once you’re there, you can kind of fluff
this out a little bit and start to decorate. So again, we have this really cool and shiny
St. Patrick’s day wire garland with these green clovers on it that you can stick out
of the hat anywhere. Like this star one that we did with the last one. And you can also,
you don’t have to just decorate the top of the centerpiece, you might want to do a, like
grab a clover or two and put it under the hat, like that. Or there’s even a rainbow
cut out that you can put around maybe the back or the side of the hat to just add some
more color, or put them all around it. Or go ahead and add some chocolate gold coins.
That would be really cool too.

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