Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs In The Oven – Dinner For Two – Episode 4

Hey guys! Christina Lane here from
Dessert For Two. Today, we’re making another chicken dinner for two. We’re making a
honey garlic chicken bowl with roasted broccoli over white rice. You’re gonna love this recipe because it
tastes like your favorite takeout but you’re gonna make it at home so quickly.
I also love this recipe because the chicken and the broccoli roast in the
oven at the same temperature. Let’s get started by making our sauce first. I bet
you already have all the ingredients to make the sauce, it’s just honey, garlic,
soy sauce and a little bit of ketchup. I’m using three huge cloves of garlic. If
your garlic cloves are more normal-sized go ahead and use four. Let’s chop these
up. I really prefer fresh garlic here, I just
think it has a pungent flavor you can’t get in dried garlic. I’m gonna chop it
nice and fine run your knife through it several times. Okay this is about the
size you’re looking for, move this all to a bowl. That is a lot of garlic! Okay next
we need a quarter cup of honey, which is the same as four tablespoons. Honey can
be hard to measure so I do four one second squeezes that’s about one
tablespoon each. So one, two, three, four. Next we need two tablespoons of soy
sauce and two tablespoons of ketchup. I’m not adding any salt to this sauce
because there’s so much salt here in the soy sauce. Feel free to use a low-sodium
soy sauce, if that’s more your thing. And then, two tablespoons of ketchup. The ketchup will bring a nice thickness to the sauce and when it bakes in the oven
it will help it coat the chicken. Okay, that’s it for our sauce just whisk this
together and then set it aside because you want the garlic to start soaking in
the honey and all the juices and flavor the whole sauce. Now we should prep our
broccoli because I mentioned it’s gonna bake on the same pan as our chicken. So,
this is one small crown of broccoli, this is the perfect amount for two. I’m going
to slice it in half and then just kind of break it into floret pieces. You can
absolutely use frozen broccoli if that’s what you have on hand. Fresh broccoli
roasts better in the oven, but if you have frozen go ahead and use it make
life easy on yourself or better yet buy the broccoli that’s already chopped into
florets. If you do that you need about two cups. Okay that’s our broccoli all ready for
the oven. Now, the last prep step is getting our
chicken ready. I’m using four chicken thighs today, these are boneless, skinless,
that’s just what I prefer. If you like chicken breasts use those. So I cut these
up with scissors you want to cut each chicken thigh into about five or six
pieces, big chunks these are gonna bake in the oven after their quick fried on
the stove. Okay I’m gonna give my hands a quick rinse. Okay, now that the chicken is cut up into
about two inch chunks, you want to place it into a plastic bag. Now that our
chicken is in the bag we’re gonna add a big pinch of salt, and this is about 1/4
teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper. And then we add something to make the
chicken super crispy, 1/2 a cup of corn starch fill your bag and shake to
combine. You want to coat every piece of chicken
with the cornstarch. Okay, our chicken is all coated in the cornstarch now we’re
going to dip it in egg and fry it briefly in a skillet before we put it
into the oven with our honey garlic sauce. And then you want to pre-heat your
oil, this is a small nonstick skillet you want enough oil to come up about a
quarter-inch in the pan, we’re just going to shallow
fry each chicken piece and then place it on our baking sheet to finish baking it
in the oven. Turn your heat to medium-high and in the meantime we want
to toss our cornstarch coated chicken in an egg. So I’m going to crack an egg into
the bottom of this bowl, whisk it together. Okay, use your tongs to dunk
each piece of chicken into the egg. Probably have to do this in two batches and then into the hot oil. I know my oil
is hot enough because I can really only hold my hand above it for about three
seconds before it gets too hot. So gently drop in each piece of chicken, it
should sizzle when you drop it in. We’re just shallow frying we’re not trying to
cook the chicken all the way through just trying to get a nice crust. These
have been cooking for about three minutes on the first side, when you grab
them with your tongs you’ll be able to feel that the coating is crunchy so you
want to flip them over. They’re not gonna have a lot of dark color to them yet. They’ll take less time on the second
side just about two minutes when they’re done move them to your baking sheet. Okay, do your last batch of chicken, our
oil should be nice and hot now Okay, our chicken is partially cooked
we’re going to toss it with our sauce and put it in the oven to finish baking.
While we were doing all of the prep work the garlic was soaking in the honey, the
ketchup, and the soy sauce. The sauce is delicious. Now pour it over our
chicken that we just partially cooked in our skillet right on the sheet pan. I did
spray the sheet pan with a little bit of nonstick spray. Make sure you get every piece of garlic out onto the pan. Okay so a little toss just to coat all the chicken
pieces in the sauce. I’m trying to keep this chicken to one side of the sheet
pan because I’m going to use the other half to roast my broccoli at the same
time, it’s okay if a little bit of this, the honey garlic sauce gets on the
broccoli, it’s totally fine, it’s all delicious. So when you’re done tossing
the chicken pieces in the honey garlic sauce you want to space them out so they
bake evenly. Then let’s add our broccoli, our two cups of broccoli florets to the
pan. These I’m just gonna treat them really simply I’m gonna drizzle them
with a little bit of light olive oil, salt and pepper and that’s it.
These will roast alongside the chicken at 375 for about 15 minutes. I’m gonna
keep an eye on it, the chicken is partially cooked so it really needs to
finish cooking in the oven and the broccoli in 15 minutes we’ll start to
get caramelized on the edges and super sweet and tender. I love broccoli cooked
this way if you don’t think you like broccoli try roasting it, it’s a
revelation! Okay, we’re ready to slide this in our
oven and this cooks for 15 minutes which gives you just enough time to put the
rice on the stove. Our chicken and broccoli has finished
roasting in the oven I gave it a quick toss to coat the chicken in all of the
honey garlic sauce. You can see how the sauce reduced and became sticky on the
chicken, now it’s time to put it in our bowls. So, while the chicken and broccoli
were roasting in the oven I made a quick pot of rice, just one cup rice, 2 cups
water, 20 minutes. Super simple. If you have a rice cooker you can do that too.
I’m going to line the bottom of our bowls with some white rice, and then I’m going to scoop chicken on
top. These are pretty generous serving sizes for two, maybe you there’s enough for lunch
tomorrow. And then I also add the broccoli on the side. I can’t wait to taste this I can smell
the garlic as soon as this hit the oven. The aroma of garlic just filled the air
which makes me very happy. Taste a little chicken and rice and
some of the broccoli. You guys have to make this this is better than the
takeout that I order. This crispy honey garlic chicken bowl with roasted
broccoli and white rice, it’s gonna be your new favorite chicken dinner for two. For the full recipe visit DessertForTwo.com

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  1. I just made this recipe. It was a major hit. We all loved it. I had to use an extra egg and being Texan, we used jalapeno ketchup. Awesome recipe. It's definitely on the short rotation list of recipes. Thanks Christina.

  2. Cookbooks – I just received my Amazon order of your books yesterday. They are beautifully designed and laid out. I'm especially excited about all the pictures. A picture for every recipe. They are wonderful. I'm not sure who is more excited, me or my husband πŸ™‚

  3. Can you please make more dinner videos like this? I'm newlywed, and not such a great cook, and these videos are so helpful for me to make small portions for the two of us. I also love the way that you do your videos, you go over each and every step which is so helpful for someone like me who doesn't know to do those small important steps.

  4. I did this missing ouster sauce and you don't need soy if you don't want it.Just to let you know that if you put the lightly fried chicken in the bowl with the sauce before you put it on a pan it coats better and the flavor gets into the chicken while you get the broccoli on the pan or you can mix them together if you like then pour them on the pan. Also keep in mind if you want you can put baking paper to line the pan less cleaning and you can bet to have sauce to have at the end.

  5. Toss thigh pieces in the egg then cornstarch works. Also, once fried toss into bowl with sauce coat the pieces then put on pan.

  6. This cooking with honey is ridiculous! Honey when heated bad for brain. Heated honey has got a delirious effect on the body for sure. Anything is tasty isn't necessarily worth eating. You please go ahead. But don't play with the life of public

  7. Just wanted you to know that I made this last night and it was fantastic. I'm so happy it was so easy. I even perfumed the rice with a little star anise and some cardamom. I'll surely make this again! Thank you!

  8. for origional soy sauce with out alcohol it is 2 cups of water 1 cup soy sauce 1 half cup brown sugar 1 half cup of honey 1 inch ginger piece 2 tbs of garlic powder 1 tbs chili flakes optional and u can add 1 to 2 tbs of sesame seeds cook on medium heat whisking done when sauce thickens

  9. Beautiful! I'm trying out this recipe tomorrow. Already prepped the chicken and brocolli

    edit: i had to sub out corn starch for potato because i didn't have any. it came out tasting good but i couldn't get the skin on the outside crispy. any reason for this? I had to put the oven to 500 to get a glaze on it.

  10. Great video and technique. Love the cutting with scissors. Only thing is that it appeared the chicken was fried in olive oil. Would use something with a higher smoke point like canola, no?

  11. Smash your garlic before you mince or chop. It pushes out that garlic flavor. I've made this with some fresh ginger added. The flavor just wows you. And used sesame oil. And sprinked sesame seeds on top of the finished chicken. Great video!!

  12. Absolutely delicious πŸ˜‹. Your β€œI believe I can fry” instructions plus the video made my first time frying anything, ever, a snap. Everything came out perfectly. I added some red pepper flakes to the sauce and yellow pepper with the broccoli . Winner winner chicken dinner. Thank you

  13. Hello Christina, why do not you mix the chicken and the sauce in the bowl?. Anyway, nice recipe, thanks.

  14. Just found your Chanel and great cooking for two. Can you do the same with bone in and skin on thigh? Can you also put foil on cookie sheet? Looks delicious! Thanks!

  15. I would like to ask, at what temperature were you roasting the chicken and broccoli? It looks simple, and very good! I'll definitely give it a try! Thank you for the recipe! God bless you!

  16. Why not place chicken pieces in bowl of sauce to coat more thoroughly, instead of pouring onto baking sheet?

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