Hospitals & Handcuffs ft. Jenn McAllister 🏥 MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever

– Hi! I’m Jenn McAllister
and this is the story of how I ended up
sleeping on folding chairs in a Mexican hospital on my 19th birthday. So, on my 19th birthday,
I went to Cabo with my two best friends. The reason I wanted to go to Mexico for my 19th birthday is
because you can drink there when you’re 18. We were staying at an all inclusive resort which was kind of amazing
because everything was just already paid for. So, you can just run wild
and take whatever you want. On my actual birthday,
we went out and we had a really really good time. There’s this place in Cabo that’s like a row of bars, basically. It’s kind of like a club scene. So we went to this bar called Squid Row. And that’s where we spent our first night it was really wild. So, the day after my birthday,
I was really hungover. We still have a few more days of our trip, so we decide to go out again. We’re just getting tequila
shot after tequila shot. We’re at this all inclusive resort again, so the shots are free. I decided that night I didn’t
really want to get that drunk because I’m, you know,
just trying to survive. So, I definitely wasn’t
taking as many shots as them. I think the first sign that
the night was, you know, going to be interesting,
is there was another girl at the bar who was
legitimately out of her mind. She was just going wild. It
was like classic drunk girl. She was screaming, she was
talking to us and making jokes and at one point she took her
top off for the bartenders. They were having a good time with that. It was out of control,
and we were all just looking at each other like It is 8:00 p.m. So we decided we’re
gonna back where we went the previous night and you know, turn up at Squid Row. So, we order a taxi and as
we’re walking to the car, my friend trips over a trashcan. I’m like, Okay, here we go. We get in the cab and my
one friend is just getting more and more drunk. He’s slurring his words, he’s not really able to make eye contact, it just wasn’t a good sign. So, by the time we get to the club, he’s somehow even more drunk. So at the first club, there’s
a $15 cover at the door. Like, maybe two other people
are in the entire place. There was no one, it was empty. And then there’s us. Three tourists, two of
which are incredibly drunk. Instead of taking a
breather, my two friends just run straight to the dance floor and just are going crazy. They’re like, just dancing out of control, twerking just being too much. And then, one of the bouncers comes over and asks us to leave. At first I’m like, why? ‘Cause we’re the only people who paid to get in there. But then, I look at my two friends who are basically laying on the ground at this point and I understand. So, I grabbed my friends,
and we go outside. And my most drunk friend is suddenly super mad that we had to leave. I lose sight of him for one second and when I find him again he’s arguing with the bouncer to get our $15 back. I’m trying to diffuse
the entire situation. I’m like, just, let’s go,
who cares about the money, and then I look over and notice that there just so happens to
be two police officers watching this whole thing go down. So, they come over and start
to put my friend in handcuffs. I’m losing my mind, we’re in Mexico. My friend can’t go to jail here. We’re 19 years olds
like, what even happens if he goes to jail? On top of that, the police officers don’t really speak English and I don’t really speak Spanish. So I guess the cops felt
bad for these Americans and they took the handcuffs off my friend and they just told me to
take him straight home. So I grabbed my friends and I put them all in the first cab that I see
and we go back to the resort. When we’re in the taxi,
things are starting to take a really serious turn. This is when my friend is clearly getting way too dangerously drunk. He has a trashcan on
his lap at this point, like in the back of the taxi. So we get back to the hotel
and it’s getting worse. He’s basically like drooling
and foaming at the mouth, and I make the decision that we have to go to the hospital at this point. Once the hotel staff
realized what was going on, a cab was kind of out of the question. They just called us an ambulance. So, we get there they
have to put him like, in a wheelchair to get
him into the hospital. We walk in behind him. It’s like the smallest hospital
I’ve ever seen in my life. They take my one friend
into a room to start doing doctor stuff and
then my other friend goes to the bathroom. I’m pretty much left alone to kind of deal with the whole situation. Eventually, I found out
that my friend who went to the bathroom was just
passed out on the floor. So I’m in the waiting room, just like, how did this
night get so out of hand? Then the people at the
front desk call me over and they’re trying to tell me how much this whole ordeal costs. I thought they were originally telling me the cost was $150. Finally, they take a piece of paper out and write 150 and then they write 1500, and they cross out the top one, and circle the bottom one, $1500. No (bleep) way, no way. So I take out my credit
card and I pay for it, ’cause we really don’t
have any other options. They tell me that they have
to keep my friend overnight and meanwhile my other friend is still in a bathroom passed out. The next morning, which felt
like maybe 30 minutes later, I woke up to the sound
of roosters screaming. And here I am just laying
across folding chairs in a hospital in Mexico. So, happy birthday to me. When my friend finally woke
up, he was super confused. He didn’t remember anything. And we all kinda just were laughing, because we could not believe that this is where our night ended up. So, we gather our stuff,
we go back to the hotel. On our last night in
Mexico, we went out again. Because I guess we
don’t learn any lessons. So, I guess the moral of the story is maybe don’t get super
drunk in a foreign country and end up in a hospital. I hope you guys liked my
story and if you wanna see more videos like this, then make sure to click over here and subscribe to MTV.

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