Hosting OUR First Thanksgiving Dinner | Milabu

– Hello and welcome to Thanksgiving
Day. Happy Thanksgiving. We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner. – [Andrey] It’s going to
be a lot of food today. – Yes.
– [Andrey] A lot of commotion. – Yes. In our renovation
process of a house. So, this is fun. – [Andrey] Yeah, as you guys see the back splash is not done yet. – We literally still have
tape on the windows. (laughs) – [Andrey] Oh, I’ll take that off. – We can take it off. But right now, I’m actually prepping the turkey. It’s been brining for
two days, and dry-brined. Now, I’m actually going to prep and put it in the oven. And
then, I have chickens to do, and then stuffing that I have to finish, and then my sister, Karina, is coming. She’s bringing her side dishes. So, A lot of stuff happening today. If you guys want
to join along, come on. Let’s see what happens
today. Hopefully it’s good. Babe, you want to go show them the dinner table, how
we set it up yesterday? – [Andrey] Oh, let’s go see.
– Let’s go do it together. – [Andrey] Oh, yeah. Since,
it was Milana who did this. [Milana] We did it together
– [Andrey] Okay, yeah. I helped a little bit – (laughs) Welcome to our dining room. We have this beautiful artwork called cotton dove in simply white. – [Andrey] Is this for people
to ask why is it there? – (laughs) We’re going to let them chose
which color to put this room? – (laughs) So, yeah. It’s still a working progress, but you know what? It actually looks pretty
good. I’m happy with it. This is a very simple table
setting, but I want it to be very elegant, very
chic, just very clean. So, the dishes, the plates I
actually got at World Market. 70% off, which was phenomenal.
I think they’re gorgeous. I got ten of these. Beautiful.
I love the lip on the side. And then the linens and
the little napkin rings, also from World Market, also on sale, which is phenomenal.
And, then the silverware. How cool are these? Amazon. They were rated really good, so I got them. And then the glassware, Tarjay. (laughs) Andrey picked these out. I think they look pretty.
– [Andrey] Yeah. – It has a plaid type of design. – [Andrey] Plaid, yeah.
– Which we both really like. And then the centerpieces, like I said, this is from Hobby Lobby.
Candlesticks from Hobby Lobby, and the actual candles themselves. You want to show them what you participated in, babe? (laughs) – [Andrey] I put these leaves,
in honor of fall.(laughs) – From where did you you get them? – [Andrey] Oh, this is
all from our backyard. – Front yard actually. (laughs) – [Andrey] Funny. Well,
no. If we’ll be technical, – Did you go in the side yard? – [Andrey] It’s right on the corner yard. – Oh, you go to the side yard.
– [Andrey] Yeah. – Yeah, I’m actually really
happy the way it turned out. Oh, and this little, what is it? table runners from Tarjay as well, Target. I really like how it turned out. I think it looks really pretty. – [Andrey] Looks like a wedding. – Really? – [Andrey] No, I’m just joking. – Don’t say that.
– [Andrey] It does not. – I think it looks very
just clean, elegant. And, this side of the table
people are going to stand. (laughs) I’m joking. My sister is actually bringing two of her
benches, so that’s exciting. Obviously, you can see we don’t have enough seating in this house. (laughs) We’re not prepared. – [Andrey] Oh, we’re going to have like over 30 people, so.
– Yeah. – [Andrey] By the way that’s
our little nephew, Josiah. He’s a really good kid. He really wants to go play basketball and soccer. See, he’s excited. Look at his big smile. Are we ready for this bird?
– Yes. She is ready to go in the oven. – [Andrey] Is Milana ready
to pick this bird up? – I just don’t want to topple her over. – [Andrey] Oh man. Good
job. Wow, that looks good. That turkey was not pardoned. Actually, it will be pardoned. – Whew, there she is.
– [Andrey] For later on. – All right, we’ll see
you in a couple of hours. – [Andrey] How many hours? – Two for now. And, then
we’ll up the temp to crisp up the chicken,
not chicken, it’s turkey. – [Andrey] Yeah. All right,
what do we have here? – We are full on cooking.
Show them the turkey. How nice is this looking? We are doing actually a really good on time. The oven is doing great,
it’s cooking very, very even, which I’m very happy about.
– [Andrey] Oh, that’s good. – So yeah, it’s looking really nice. Do you want to see inside? Let me just show you the interior. – [Andrey] Wow, the heat.
– So yummy. Mmhm. – [Andrey] Oh and the flavor, yeah. – It smells so good! And then here, I am just bringing the
stuffing to room temp. Here, I’m making pretty
much the stock, slash – Jus.
– Jus for, what is it? – [Andrey] The jus? – [Karina] It’s like a gravy. – Gravy! That’s the jus for gravy. – [Andrey] Jus? – This right here butter,
that’s for the turkey. Karina is making corn casserole. – [Karina] Mhm.
– [Andrey] Corn casserole. And then, potatoes are
pretty much prepped. What else do we have?
Chicken’s over there. That I have to do right now, together. And then the salads right? Oh cucumbers! And yeah, doing really
good. so far. Time is great. I know, that’s what I was doing. – [Andrey] There we go. – Okay, I’ll hold it. – [Andrey] All right, we’re good to go now. There we go. Is that pretty? – No, we’re not done yet. – [Andrey] Not done yet, All right. – Hold on, I need…see? – All right, make sure it’s even. – I need to pull this
just a little bit down. – [Andrey] Okay, do it. – [Leana] Okay, that’s done. – [Andrey] Go for it
– [Leana] Okay. No. (laughs) This is like a little tough. – [Andrey] There, How about that? – How about we should
like break that thing off? – [Andrey] Take it off? Rip it off? – Yeah.
– [Andrey] Like this? Just break it off?
– Yeah! So it won’t go up anymore.
– [Andrey] Oh, look at that. Your planned worked. You have all the best ideas. Here we go. Do the
same thing on this side? Break it off? Yeah?
– That’s not going up. But if you want to, you can.
– [Andrey] You tell me. – That looks fine.
– [Andrey] This is fine? Okay. – Now let’s get the other plant. – [Andrey] We’re going
to get the… (laughs) Are we going to go steal them? (laughs) – [Leana] Yeah! (laughs) We should steal one of them!
– [Andrey] No! – [Leana] We should steal one. – [Andrey] I don’t know.
Milana’s gonna be mad. I don’t think we should do it. – Okay. – [Andrey] Let’s go find something else. Let’s go see what we’ve
got here on the ground. So she’s our little designer for today. She’s designing stuff away for us – [Leana] We could get leaves from this bush – [Andrey] From the bush? (laughs) – [Leana] We can
get this bush leaves. Those leaves are like way too small. – [Andrey] They’re too small. – [Andrey] All right, we found bunch beautiful red leaves here. Yeah? – How ’bout you hold hold all of these and I can hold all the leave branches. – [Andrey] Okay, I’m holding this. – [Andrey] What do you
think? Do we have enough? Yeah?
– [Leana] This is really hard – [Andrey] Let’s go see what we can do now. – Hold on. I tried to.. Oh. – [Andrey] Got it?
– Yeah! – [Andrey] Let’s go. Are you ready? – [Leana] That actually
kind of has brown stuff. – [Andrey] Okay, let’s
go. We’re going back. Are you ready? (laughs) All right. – Let’s just take off all of these leaves. Andrey, I need your help to
put in all of these leaves around it.
– [Andrey] Okay, I will do it. – All right, you can put those
two branches on the table. – [Andrey] Okay. Our final.
One of our final acts is to place these beautiful branches. – [Leana] I’ll
put that one right here. – [Andrey] Wow! Look at that! If that’s not fall, I don’t know what is. – [Leana] Now this
looks like a fall garden. – [Andrey] Yeah, it’s like a garden. – Yeah! – [Andrey] Turkey’s
coming out! Look at that. – [Milana] You have to actually do it. – [Andrey] Okay, I’ll do it.
– This is way too heavy. – [Andrey] You can record me, for once. – Just please don’t drop anything. – [Andrey] Okay. – Drippings are very important here. Nice. Perfect. (Karina clapping and cheering) Good job! I’m just going to baste it. – [Andrey] Put the juices back into it? – [Milana] Put it back on it. – [Andrey] Are you going to put this back? – [Milana] No! I’m basting it just for us and then we’re going to use the rest of
the juices for the gravy. – [Andrey] So we’ve got some green salad. And then we’ve got charcuterie board. (laughs) – [Milana] potatoes? Cut, you’re gonna
deconstruct the potatoes. – Yes, It’s going to be a deconstructed Yukon gold. – Heavy cream half and half, garlic. – [Andrey] Potatoes.
That was a first, right? – No.
– [Andrey] No? – That’s actually my preferred method. – [Andrey] It’s your preferred method? So that was fun. Can’t wait to try that. It’s really busy around here. – [Andrey ] So, we got this big bottle. And the tiny bottles. Goliath, David! (laughs) We’ll see if we can handle
the Goliath. I think we can. First cut? – Yes. – [Eddie] Really? Yo hold up, let me take a picture? – [Andrey] Go ahead man. – [Eddie] Bye bird. – [Karina] Could there be
a more perfect turkey? – [Eddie] No, this thing looks awesome. – Oh yes, it’s juicy! Hopefully. – [Karina] There was no
pardoning for this turkey. – Oh do you see that juice coming out? – [Milana] Whoa! Look at that! – [Milana] Is that really done? – [Eddie] Let’s hope it’s cooked. – [Karina] Does Levi want to see?
[Milana] He can come look – [Andrey] Come on Levi. – [Karina] The temperature was done. – [Milana] Yeah, it was done! – [Andrey] Around right here.
Let’s turn around Levi. – [Milana] It’s kind of freaking me out. – [Andrey] No, wait, wait, wait. This little guy wanted to come up. – [Man] Guys, we’re cutting the turkey. – [Levi] Totya Milana, I want this. – [Andrey] Good job,
you’re going to have that. – [Andrey] All right, here is all the food. There’s the deconstructed turkey. – Alright you guys, it
is the next morning. I didn’t end the vlog because
I literally fell asleep. – [Andrey] (laughs) She was so tired. – Oh, my.
– I wasn’t feeling good. And, I was so exhausted so I just… I didn’t think I was going to fall asleep, but I fell asleep. – And the food
was…superb. Everybody went back for seconds.
– Yeah. – Everybody said “Milana, you
should open up a restaurant.” – I said no, not going to happen. I don’t have the energy. (laughs) But you guys, thank you so much for spending the time with us. Happy Thanksgiving again
to you and your family. – Mhm. – And it’s just an
amazing time of the year. Just kind of, you know, makes you think of all the blessings you have in your life. Just like this one right here. My biggest blessing. My biggest blessing. But yeah. We just wanted
to say thank you so much, to all of you, for all
of your constant support, for all of your love on
all the videos (laughs) and just… it’s just incredible. Thank you guys so much. We’ve built an amazing community online and again, thank you for always joining us, and commenting, liking, sharing.
You guys are awesome, and we love you, and we appreciate you. But, I’m going to end it here. Thank you again for joining me, my friends, family for
Thanksgiving dinner, and I will see you on the
next one very soon. Bye!

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