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– [Jennifer] Hi Fudgies, and welcome back to Bunches of Lunches. This week, I have lots of fun lunches to share with you, and all these lunches are inspired by New Year’s Eve party food, and of course, these lunches are fun, but they’re super easy to make. Now before we jump right in, don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe
button if you haven’t already. And now, on to the lunches. Okay, guys, I’m kicking things off with lunch idea number one. This lunch is going to combine two of our favorite party foods, pizza and sliders. To make these pizza
sliders, I’m gonna start with some King’s Hawaiian rolls. These are so good. The next thing I’m going to
do is add some pasta sauce. Now the trick here is not
to use too much sauce, but you also don’t wanna
use too little sauce, otherwise, your sandwiches will be dry. Next, I’m adding about 3/4 of a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese followed by a good thick layer of turkey pepperoni. There is a lotta pepperoni on here, and that’s exactly how we like it. Next, I’m adding another 3/4 of a cup of shredded mozzarella. These sliders are gonna be
extra cheesy and delicious. So now I’m just gonna put
the top of the bread on, and before I stick it in the oven, I have a really yummy sauce
that I wanna spread on the top. For this, I’m using just a
little bit of melted butter. To this, I’m going to
add some powdered garlic and some Italian seasoning, and then I’m going to mix it up. And then, using my basting brush, I’m just gonna lightly coat the top. Last but not least,
I’m also gonna sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan
cheese all over the top. These sandwiches are gonna
come out toasty and cheesy, but the best part is that
they were really easy to make. While those are in the oven, I’ll go ahead and prepare today’s
vegetable, which is just gonna be a few carrots, and in
just about 10 minutes, our sliders are ready. These smell so good. The tops are a little
bit toasty and buttery. The cheese inside is nice and melted. I’m pretty sure my kids
are gonna love these. Now, I like to serve these
when they’re nice and hot, but you could definitely serve them room temperature as well. For our fruit today, I’m going
to add some honeydew melon with just a handful of blueberries. I’ll add a handful of
carrots, and if you guys have been around for a
while, you’ll know that if there’s carrots, there’s
often ranch as well, and then I’m also gonna throw
in some really special yogurt. My kids have never tried them before. These are the Sour Patch
Kids Go-Gurt yogurt tubes. For the drink today, I’m
going to give the kids these really fun Minion juice bottles. There’s actually apple juice inside. These are so cute. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve ever seen the Minion movie. We thought it was so funny. And then last but not least, I have a special treat for the kids today. I’m gonna let them share
this box of Cracker Jacks. I know they’ll be excited to see that there’s a prize inside. This is definitely kind
of an old fashioned treat. You guys, this snack
is over 120 years old. And there you have it. There’s everything in our lunch today. (bell dinging) Okay, guys, lunch time is
over, and I’ve got Jackson here with me to tell me what he thought. What was your favorite part? – [Jackson] The Cracker Jacks. – [Jennifer] (laughing) The Cracker Jacks? We’ve never had Cracker Jacks before, so this was the first time. Did you find the prize inside? – [Jackson] It was a sticker. – [Jennifer] So as you
can tell, the sliders are completely gone, and most
everything else is gone, too. What’d you think, McKenzie? – [McKenzie] I really
liked the pizza sliders. – [Jennifer] Yeah, you ate both of them. What did you think
about the Cracker Jacks? – [McKenzie] It was pretty good. – [Jennifer] What about you, Lily? What’d you think of the pizza sandwich? – [Lily] It was the yummiest. – [Jennifer] (laughing) The yummiest? Did you like anything else?
– No. – [Jennifer] The juice
or the Cracker Jacks? – [Lily] Only the juice. Only the juice and then the pizzas. And we’ll see you tomorrow, friends. – [Jennifer] Hey, guys, and welcome to lunch idea number two. This lunch is based on
another party favorite which is cheesy bean dip,
but we’re gonna turn it into a lunch. I’m gonna use a really yummy
but easy bean dip recipe. I’ll go ahead and link it down below if you wanna check it out. This dip comes together
in about 10 minutes. You’ll only need a few ingredients. You could even add more layers to this dip and have a seven-layer thing going on, but today, I’m just doing
the beans and the cheese. Before I serve this, I do
like to add more cheese on top and then stick it under the
broiler for about five minutes. Now to keep this hot for lunch, I will go ahead and spoon
it into my kids’ Thermoses and then to go along with the bean dip, of course I’m gonna add
some chips to the lunch. These are the multigrain scoops which are perfect for dipping. For our vegetable today,
I’m gonna add some celery which is also very yummy to
dip in the beans as well, and for their fruit, I
have some delicious apples, but before I add these to the lunch box, I’m going to let them soak in some water mixed with a little bit of lemon juice. This is gonna keep our
apples nice and fresh in the lunch box. They shouldn’t turn brown and
yucky, and I almost forgot. I also wanna add a little bit of ranch to the lunch today so the kids can dip their celery in it, and
then I’m also gonna give the kids a really yummy treat today. This is Arroz Con Leche, which
is basically rice pudding but this one has lots of
yummy cinnamon added to it. No raisins, though. The kids don’t like it
if it has raisins in it, and then last but not
least, for the drink today, I’m gonna go ahead and give the kids some of these lemonade pouches
from Trader Joe’s, and I’d say that is a good lookin’ lunch. Afterwards, I’ll show you
if they liked it or not. – [Lily] Lunch is over now. – [Jennifer] So what’d you think, Lily? What was your favorite part? – [Lily] The rice cinnamon thing. – [Jennifer] Yeah, she really
liked the rice pudding, but I have to say, this
is a really big cup. I think her and Jackson
probably coulda split one ’cause they only ate about 1/2. – [Lily] I like the bean dip too. – [Jennifer] What about you, Jackson? What was your favorite? – [Jackson] The beans and the chips. – [Jennifer] And what about you, Kenzie? What was your favorite? – [McKenzie] I really like
the beans and chips too. – [Jennifer] (laughing) So
everybody liked that, huh? – [McKenzie] Mmhmm. – [Jennifer] Good job today, guys. – [McKenzie] We’ll see you tomorrow. – [Jennifer] Hey, Fudgies, and welcome to lunch idea number
three, and for this lunch, we’re gonna start by making dessert first, and one treat that we always
love to have at parties is some kind of Chex mix, and
then here comes the fun part. I’m gonna drizzle just a little bit of melted white chocolate
all over the cereal and the pretzels and the M&M’s and then mix it all up together. Now before I can add
this to the lunch box, I do need to lay it on a cookie sheet and let the chocolate harden just a bit. So while that’s happening, I’m going to heat up the main course
which is another party food that we love, and that’s mini hot dogs. There are so many
different ways you can make mini hot dogs for a party, but today, I’m keeping it really easy. I’m just gonna heat up these bagel dogs. Now once I have the bagel dogs heated up, I’m gonna go ahead and
add them to the Thermoses, but I’ve also added a little paper towel in the inside of the thermos,
and that’s gonna help our food stay hot, but
not get really soggy. At least that’s the idea, anyway. This is my first time trying this method, so we’ll have to see if it works or not. Next, I’m gonna slice up some cucumbers, and of course, I’m gonna
stick some ranch in there. I have a really good ranch recipe if you’d like to check it out. I will link it down below. I’m also gonna throw in some celery, pretty much just because I have it, and I wanna use it all
up before it goes bad, and then another food that we love to have at parties just to
nibble on are black olives, so I’m just gonna add a
few into today’s lunch. And there you have it. This lunch is already kind of looking like a party veggie tray. For our fruit today, I’m gonna add some cubes of cantaloupe,
and in this back section, I’m gonna go ahead and add our Chex mix. The chocolate’s all nice and hard, and so I can just break up a few pieces and put it in the lunch box. Now if you don’t like white chocolate, you could make this Chex
mix with regular chocolate, and it’s really good, too. For an added snack today, I’m also gonna throw in some Doritos, but these are the cool ranch ones. I’m gonna put a poll in right here. Let me know if you prefer
nacho flavor Doritos or cool ranch. Now I don’t have a special
drink for today’s lunch, so I’m just gonna give the kids water. Most of the time they
just have water anyway. Alrighty, guys. Lunch time is over, and I’ve got McKenzie here to tell us what she thought. – [McKenzie] I really,
really loved that Chex mix. – [Jennifer] That Chex mix, yeah. I feel like you put just
anything in the Chex mix and it would be good, but I
especially like that combination of salty and sweet, plus
it’s super easy to make. What else did you like? – [McKenzie] I really like the cucumbers. – [Jennifer] Okay, Jackson,
what did you think? – [Jackson] I really liked it. – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [Jackson] I liked the pigs
in a blanket and I liked the– – [Jennifer] The little bagel dogs? – [Jackson] Uh-huh, and
I liked the, what is it? The pretzel things? – [Jennifer] Oh, the Chex mix? – Mmhmm.
– Yeah. And now it’s Lily’s turn. What did you think? – [Lily] My favorite part was the hot dog. – [Jennifer] Little hot dogs? – Mmhmm.
– Did you like anything else? – [Lily] No. – [Jennifer] (laughing) No? Not even the Chex mix? – [Lily] What’s Chex mix? – [Jennifer] The Chex mix, the cereal with the chocolate on it. – [Lily] Well, somebody ate
all mine, so I don’t know. – Somebody ate yours?
– Yeah. – [Jennifer] Was it Jackson? – [Lily] Yeah, it was Jack. – [Jennifer] Well, I have some more. Do you need some more? – [Lily] Momma, I don’t know. – [Jennifer] Oh, okay. Say, “See you tomorrow.” – [Lily] See you tomorrow-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o ee-o-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o-ee-o– – [Jennifer] Hey there, and welcome to lunch idea number four. For this lunch, I’m
gonna start by heating up some chicken taquitos. These are definitely one
of the easiest party foods that you can make, and I especially like to bring them to parties. They’re not fancy, but
they’re often the first to go. People love them, and I like to put these in my toaster oven, that
way they cook really fast, but they get nice and
crispy on the outside. Now the trick to putting these in a lunch is actually going to be to cut them in 1/2 that way they can actually
fit in the Thermoses. Now, whenever I bring taquitos to a party, I also like to bring some dipping sauces, so for this lunch, I’m giving each kid a little container of sour cream and a little container of mild guacamole. For our fruit today, I’m
keeping it super simple. I’m just gonna throw in a mandarin orange, and of course, I’m gonna
add my favorite picks. I love to add googly
eye picks to my oranges. It’s super easy but makes
’em look really fun, almost like a cute little monster. Next, I’m gonna throw in some carrots with some ranch, of course. Next, I’m also gonna throw
in some cheese cubes. These are a Colby-Jack cheese, and they’re just like
the ones you might find on a cheese platter at a party. For an added snack today,
I’m also gonna offer the kids some Sun Chips, and for the treat, this tiny little package of Oreo cookies. There’s just two cookies in
there, perfect for a lunch, and then last but not least, I’m also gonna throw in this yogurt drink. The kids love these,
and they especially love the strawberry banana flavor, but I don’t buy them too often. – [Lily] Lunch is over now, and I didn’t eat much of my food. – [Jennifer] No you didn’t. Were you too full today? – [Lily] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Now I do have to say that she opened up her yogurt here which she did drink, and she spilled it all over her other foods, and so you didn’t wanna eat ’em then, huh? – [Lily] Mmhmm. – [Jennifer] Oh well. But you tried everything, right? – [Lily] Yeah. – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [Lily] My favorite was the drink even though it squirted. – [Jennifer] The yogurt drink? Strawberry banana? – [Lily] That was delicious. – [Jennifer] What about you, big sister? What did you think? – [McKenzie] It was cool. – [Jennifer] What was your favorite part? – [McKenzie] I really
liked the yogurt drink. – [Jennifer] Did your
taquitos stay nice and crispy in your Thermos, or did they get soggy? – [McKenzie] They’re nice and crispy. – [Jennifer] Well, good. And last but not least, Jackson. What did you think? – [Jackson] My favorite
part is the yogurt drink. – [Jennifer] (laughing)
Everybody loved the yogurt. Did you like the taquitos? – [Jackson] Yeah. Bye guys, see you tomorrow. – [Jennifer] Hey guys, and
welcome to lunch number five. Now just like with all
of our lunches this week, this one’s gonna have
lots of party foods in it, but I’m actually gonna start
by making dessert first. I thought it would be
really fun to give the kids fortune cookies today, but to make them extra cute, I took some of
my leftover white chocolate and melted it down, and
now I’m going to dip 1/2 of my fortune cookie
in the white chocolate and then quickly dip
it into some sprinkles. These are super easy to
make, but cute enough to take to a party. So now that I have all
of my sprinkles on there, I am gonna set this aside
so that the chocolate has time to harden, and
while that’s happening, I’m gonna move on to my meatballs. Meatballs are definitely
a classic party food. You can just throw them in the crock pot with lots of different kinds of sauces, and they’re usually a crowd pleaser, but since I’m just making
a few meatballs today, I’m gonna do this on the stove, and for our special sauce today, I’m gonna use a combination of
our favorite barbecue sauce, and I’m going to combine that with our favorite Asian-style barbecue sauce. So there’s teriyaki in
there, ginger, and garlic. It’s a delicious combination. Now that the meatballs are heated through, I’ll go ahead and add
them to the Thermoses. Now since our meatballs
have sort of an Asian flavor to them, I thought some steamed dumplings would go really well with them. These ones are full of
chicken and vegetables, and they come with a yummy dipping sauce, and then for our fruit
today, another party favorite which is a fruit salad. Now I’m keeping mine super simple today. It’s just fruit. I’m not gonna add any Cool
Whip or any added sugar. For our vegetable today, I’m
adding some sugar snap peas, and then last but not least, our really cute fortune cookies. I’m gonna give the kids two apiece. – [McKenzie] Lunch time is over
now, and here’s what we ate. – [Jennifer] Overall, the
kids loved the fruit salad. It’s pretty much all
gone, and surprisingly, the meatballs are all gone, too. What’d you think, Kenzie? – [McKenzie] I really liked the meatballs. – [Jennifer] Yeah, that was
a very good sauce on there, but I have to say they didn’t really like the dumplings very much. I thought they were really good, especially with the dipping sauce. Now for Lily, I am amazed. You must have really liked
those meatballs, huh? – [Lily] Yeah. – [Jennifer] Was that your favorite, or was something else your favorite? – [Lily] The meatballs. – [Jennifer] The meatballs? She ate all three of them or two of them? – [Lily] Three. – [Jennifer] And we gave
the last one to Griffin. And Jackson’s actually not here right now, so he can’t tell you what he liked, but he did eat all of
his meatballs as well. – [Daughters] We’ll see you next week. Happy New Year. – [Jennifer] Let me know
in the comments down below, out of all of the lunches this week, which one was your favorite? Give this video a big thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you next time, and Happy New Year! (“I Need Only You” by Love Beans) ♪ The two of us together ♪ ♪ I need only you in this crazy world ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we got love, love, love ♪ ♪ I need only you here with me ♪ (upbeat music)

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