Hotel CEO Steals Luggage for Fun in America

The CEO of Chawla Hotels, Dinesh Chawla – this is his sign name – on 18th August 2019, was flying from Orlando, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee. When he landed he was arrested by the police. At the Orlando airport, the police saw Chawla steal a suitcase from the baggage claim conveyor belt and place it in his car. He then boarded his flight. After seeing the footage he was arrested. When the police asked him if he had stolen the suitcases, he confessed stealing the suitcases and placing them in his car. The police asked him his reason for doing this. He said that he just did it for fun and enjoyment. The Orlando police had towed his car. When they opened the car they were shocked to find two suitcases. When the police asked about the second bag, he confessed to stealing the bag on 16th July and placing it in his car. That’s why there are two suitcases. If he wants bail, he has to pay $5,000. His court hearing is on Friday. The suitcase stolen on 18th August was valued at $2,599. The other suitcase stolen on 16th July was valued at $1,300. For such a small value he had to pay $5,000 for bail. You all must be thinking that he must be very stressed because he is in jail. Let me tell you about him. Chawla’s family was extremely rich. In Mississippi they own 17 hotels. They are very rich. Chawal’s own brothers are building luxury buildings in partnership with the Trump company. There are many people who do these things for fun.

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