House Party: Katherine – PART 10 – Game Grumps

A: Hey, I’m grump D: I’m not so grump A/D: and we’re the Game Grumps A: All right, welcome back. D: Hello, Hello, welcome back to Game Grumps A: so I’m very excited about this episode because D: We start with our boy. A: We’re gonna talk to frizzity frizzity Frankie Frank! D: Say the thing, say it. ( Lip smaking goodness) D: oh god, why does he just masticate like that? Here we go F: How’s it goin’ dude? A/D: Yay! F: You’re not drunk are you? A:(mockingly) you’re not drunk are you? D: uhhhhh I am completely sober F: Good, I’m straight edge. I can’t stand assholes who get drunk at parties. D: Oh, what a fucking douche. F: I feel like it’s my civic duty (A/D: dooootyyy.) to beat the ever-loving shit out of anybody i see with a drink. My contribution helps make this world better. A: Oh does it? D:Yeah A: does it. you said Duty Frank! D:Ahh (imitating punching sounds) pershh pershh *laughs* game over A: (imitating Frank) I’m gonna kick your fucking ass D: Uhh All right, ask him if he’s gonna guard the drinks all night. A: So you’re just gonna sit here in guard all the alcohol D: That sounds right A: okay F: I gathered it all up into this cabinet. So it’s nice and easy to keep watch. A: And steal. D:Yeah I’m just waiting for somebody to try something D: Something A: like me. D: what a douche D: I wonder if you have repressed homosexual urges Frank and that’s the cause of your deep-seated anger I guess we’ll find that out later when we romance you buddy. A: He uhh looks like a uhh He looks like a very clean nutsack D: You don’t keep your nutsack clean?? A: well, I mean well, I mean like D: I would have just said he looks like a nutsack.*giggle* A: I’m just saying like nutsacks usually look a little wrinkly D: He looks like what I would imagine a nutsack to look like if mine wasn’t constantly covered in dirt and feces. A:No! It’s like it’s like a nut sack that got a facelift (Dan laughing) (still laughing but more so now) A: Just a really clean like smooth nutsack. D: yeah du-, bro You think I haven’t gotten into like at least three doctors around Hollywood and asked for a sack tightening. A: Yeah D: All right, ask him what he thinks of Katherine. A: Uhhh Oh F: Duuude she’s so hot. I’d give my left nut for a night with her. A:You mean your whole body. D: I-dude-sto-( more Dan laughter) D: I’d give my whole nut head for her. *Arin laughing and then Dan* D: All right now-uh-is it now we say see you later A: Oh,okay A: Dude, dude ,dude ,dude D: Dude goodbye dude D:All right back to Katherine. A: which one’s Katherine? D: Uhh, the girl we’re trying to romance dude A: Oh D: dude A: doode D: doode A: Frank likes you D: no, uh, later. A: Excuse me Frank likes you ;3 D: well first we have to say he’s guarding the drinks K: Did you need something? A: oh, Frank’s guarding all the alcohol K: yeah, I noticed he’s being his typical douche-bag self tonight if you can come up with a way around him, let me know and I’ll help out if I can A: uhhh D: i think Frank has a crush on yooou. A: really? D: he wants to marry you. A: is that it? D: Yes A: What do you mean “as if” you’re beautiful! Oh, no, did I say that out loud? uuuh I ruined it STUPID STUPID STUPID (Danny luaghing) D: I mean, uhhh, I was looking at tangerines earlier and they reminded me of Franks nutsack head I-I’m panicking! ( Dan and Arin giggling) A: help me! *Dan and Arin laughing* D: Okay, uh, back to Frank now A: Oh okay, always a pleasure. D: Yeah, always a pleasure Katherine A: How’s it going pleasure dude? D: Hi, Rachel. Sorry your last weeks baby, babe. A: Everyone’s really getting along at this party You can see them as they chat about look, she’s looking and chatting about how she once beat some dude to death. D: She’s screaming at someone A: And then she’s like, “Um, I beat a dude too.” D: she’s like, “I’m doing a scavenger hunt if you um remember okay, never mind.” A: and they’re like “ummm” D: Rachel’s like, “I already had sex with the guy you guys you girls are talking to it’s weird. It’s weird that he’s still here.” A: All right, Franklin D. Uh, Yeah. F: How’s it going dude? D: Hi Dood F: staying away from the alcohol? A: No. I mean, Yes, I am. D: Oh wait. A: I’ve been chatting it up with Katherine? D: Oh, no, no, no, no uhh actually say goodbye A: oh okay D: …Um… There’s an empty vodka bottle on the table D: What was that? A: what was what what? D: was that- I just looked up for one second. Is that a poster on the wall? A: Where? D: oh, oh, yeah on the other side of the kitchen A: what are you talikg about? D: Right turn, right. A: What are you talking about? D: that’s left that’s left. boy you are infuriating A: was it (Arin makes strange yet hypnotizing sound) D: NOOOO god damnit (giggles) A: Yeah, yeah you mean this D: yeah that yeah, what is that? A: it’s a pixel, a blurry pixle. D: I love it looks great, it looks really good A: That’s a bump map. D: All right. Thanks Arin. A:Yeah D: okay, Look to the table to the right of Frank. A: ohhh Okay, you mean to the left of Frank? D: maybe? All right uh D: Look at the table, there will be an empty vodka bottle A/D: uhhhh A: there’s In the cabinet. D: Well, don’t open the cabinet A:How’s it goooing duuude? D: Shit, man. A: I don’t see no fucking vodka bottle dude. D: Neither do I A: is it the one that what’s his face is holding? D: the UH Wait, who? A: the the drinking drunkard guy? D: Here’s exactly what it says. A: there’s a beer back here. there’s a natty. D: great D: Now go back to Frank but this time look at the table, you will find an empty vodka bottle on the table. A: Nah A: Nah, dude. D: let’s check out some other tables. A: Well, here’s a table A:No. D: let’s try the main table main the kitchen. A: main? I did. there’s nothing. D: Huh A: Just pizza, dude D:Maybe all right. Let’s save the game. A:Okay D:in case Frank beats the shit out of us A: save game D: woahhhhhh A: enter a name for the saved game… woahhhhhhhh D: perfect A: save D: that was a really dramatic zoom in. go to the vodka bottle in the cabinet A: is her skirt all like yep, that’s a butt. D: okay, that’s fine. A: uh vodka bottle in the cabinet? D: Yeah, right right click on it to inspect it. A: it’s locked D: oh, Can you not even open it? A:No D: it’ll-He’ll kill you. A: Oh, I think so. Yeah. D: let’s see what happens. You just saved it. Oh, no, it’s okay D: Oh, there you go. Inspect right click on it to inspect it A: It’s a bottle of vodka. It looks like it’s empty D: okay uhmmm Now talk to Frank and ask him if you can take it F: How’s it going dude? D: Oh dude it’s so good right now. F: Staying away from the alcohol? A: Vodka bottle is completely empty mind if I take it. F: Yeah I guess that’s okay. A: nice vodka bottle, I think I’ll take it. F: But don’t say I never did nothing for you. D: It’s an empty bottle Frank! You fucking lunatic. A: Taking it. D: Um, okay uh A: Man she is- D:Talk to Frank one more time. A: Oh, yeah *Dan giggles* A: Tell him you’ll put in a good word for him. F: How’s it going, dude? A: Uh, I’ll put in a good word for ya F: nah, I pretty much know I got zero chance with her, but… D: Buht F:She seems to like you D: BUT A: Well. F: maybe you can help me out after all if you could get her to take a topless pic for me Maybe I’ll look the other way If you snag some of this alcohol. D: Wow, you’re a real man of your principles Frank. *Dan and Arin laughing* A: I’m a man of God, you know D: Yeah A: sounds like a deal. D: Yeah, nothing I’m straight edge and nothing pisses me off more than when people drink alcohol. It goes against everything I stand for Hey, can you get that girl to take a titty pic? You could have all the alcohol. *Arin laughs* Cool. Thanks, Frank. A: All right, what do I do now? D:having a good time Patrick, you enjoying yourself by the fire? *Arin inhales weirdly* A: I MET THIS GUY, HE’S REAL BRIGHT *Dan laughing* *More weird Arin inhales followed by giggles* D: I’m trying to bring the rain to put out this fire *Dan laughing* A: Good lord. He just won’t stop. D: I don’t remember him being tha-woah. I don’t remember him being that jacked up A: AH AH AH ADHFLJF AJFHB A: Jeezzus D: what’s up Brah? A: what’s new? What’s what’s going on was? D: All right, Talk to Katherine A: talk to kath-a-rine D: Hey baby bear! A: still talking your boyfriend your bo? K:Did you need something? A: Ummmm A: Um D: so frank says, that’s it. A:Really? D: Yep. K: that fucking douchebag. Well, what the fuck? I’m not just going to strip off in the middle of this party with all of these people around and the cellphone service in this House is spotty at best I have way too many important text messages going on and I seem to get the best reception here Figure that shit out if you want a tittie picture of me A/D: Wow D: Fuck me. Alright I’ll see what I can do A: Yeah D: jeez. What a charmer Um Okay, we need ti-uhh We need to go into our invent-*laugh*-Patrick losing his shit over there is killing me A: You’re not seeing this it ooor D: Katherine dude can I Can someone back me up on this that this insane? A: like I know you’re looking at me right now like something’s weirds going on And you don’t seem to be acknowledging that that’s the thing That’s the weird thing D: do you think was weird for the voice actress to go in and and just be like A: bffft haha *kiss* A: to go in and be like ” snap a tittie pic of me” D: yeah yeah “You’re gonna have to work harder than that if you want at a tittie pic of me” And she’s like looks up from the copy and she’s just like, “is this right? ” A: Yeah. D: Are you sure about this? D: um Okay. A: Ooh folders- D:go into your inventory A: inven-turrry okay D: um D: and go to the camera. A: Okay D: and right click on it and that should allow you to use it with the SD card. A: oh Okay, so right click D: Did that not do anything? A: and then SD card use with D: there you go! D: camera A: camera There I put the SD card into the camera and the no card message went away It looks like it’s ready to take pictures D: well, alright, then go into the inventory again and go to the cell phone jammer A:Cell phone jammeeer D: and turn it on A: turn on. D: how helpful what a coincidence that that was there. Arin: Um D: those exist? A: I don’t fucking know D: on like a A: okay, So that’s that. D: Well, whatever Um yep. Okay, so Uhh After this, you’ll have to keep following Katherine from room to room because she can get signal *giggle* So she can get a signal Maybe talk to her again K:did you need something? A/D: uuuuuuuh D: I don’t know K: what the fuck? I have like no cell signal. (D:Oh there we go)is there anywhere in this house that has decent coverage A: I got no bars either. D: That’s weird. You should probably go places to look around A: Yeah, so that i can follow you when you go to those places D: Ah but you’re like holding the cell phone jammer like right behind her head A:(panting) (still panting) D: do you like tangerines?A: where are you going? what are feelings on tangerines? It’s weird because they’re kind of like oranges but like different. A: wow di- did you get service yet? *Dan laughing* D: Is it A: can i look at your phone real quick to see if it has service? D: Did you ever hear of the 80’s band tangerine dream? I had a dream about tangerines, but it didn’t that it was nothing like the band D: you having a good are you having fun at the party? A: having a good signal cell phone signal? A: dis uh laptop K: god damnit. no signal again. I need to try another spot. A: always a pleasure *Dan laughs* D: Well, keep you posted I’ll probably just hang out with you so you can make sure you find- A: if you need me call my name! D: How is it in here? A: Did you just stick your hands through your body? ( dan exhales abruptly)D: what the fuck? I keep sticking my hand through my body Kwhat the fuck? I have like, no cell signal. is there anywhere in this house that has decent coverage? A: Always a pleasure. D: what the fuck? my whole body has become intangible and my hands can move into another dimension A: FUCK D:I have no bars A: my boyfriend is a real dick. he doesn’t appreciate what I’m capable of D: okay, when she’s in the master bathroom or back bedroom rather. A: All right D: You could turn the cellphone jammer off. A: oh, okay D: Cuz this is where you wanted to be.
what the fu-(D: Nooooo, stupid.)-ck? I have like, no cell signal. is there anywhere in this house that has decent coverage? D: close the door. A:Oh, jeez D: Okay and turn on the turn off the jamm D: NOOO Stephanie oh god! you blew it Arin! A: oh no, what the fuck? D: You fucking blew It! A: did blow it ?D: no wait, maybe it’s it might be okay if she goes into the garage it’s okay too A: okay She’s not going she’s not going to the garage! D: nooo! SHE’S NOT GOING TO THE GARAGE! D: nooo! noooo! NOOOO! A: should I turn it back on? D: Yeah, you should turn it on. Oh, yeah, that’s why A: what? D: cuz it’s not jammed anymore D: All right, now you gotta talk to her and start this whole shabang A:
whole rigmarole. D: always a pleasure A/D: what the fuck? A: Alright alright so D: I don’t have any bars either A: So I need to get ready in the master bedroom. D:Yeah, just when she goes in there D: You gotta close the door behind her and then turn the cell jammer off without talking to her A: Okay, I didn’t talk to her though. It just she just went too fast. D: oh,Okay A: What the fuck? D: what the fuck? A: Patrick what the fuck? D: I hate tangerines and you’re like *gasp* No! A: You are not the dream girl that I once thought I was D: I thought it was going to work between us A: oh oh D: uh uh okay D: what the fuck? I have excellent cell phone reception in here A: alright and then talk to her? D: uh Yes, make sure there are no people around then talk to her A: okay K: did you need something? D: so how about taking that topless pic for me now? K: Oh, yeah, it looks like nobody else is around. I guess this is your chance Oh, okay. Tell me what to do ( the guys start to panic) D: I have a pocket full of tangerines! I think you’ll you really like it! okay, next time on Game Grumps! A: (quickly) next time on Game Grumps D: Arin, We might not be the good guys in this situation A: Matt and Ryan said that we could get one we could get one boobie D: Yeah we’re talking specifically Matt and Ryan right now. So thanks guys. A: So I gotta . I gotta very quickly. D: Yeah A: Okay. All right. Here we go

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  1. Is it just me or does frank and Arin and danny (when they do his accent) sound like Sos from Gravity Falls? Like if you agree

  2. I'm slightly concerned with myself that I binge watched this whole gameplay series in one sitting

    Oh my God I didn't realize there was so much more lmao

  3. i physically cannot breathe watching this series im laughing too hard. i should be asleep its 2 am but i just keep mumbling "hows it goin dude" to myself

  4. 4:03 Why does Arin avoid that picture so hard? Before this episode, I was thinking it was weird that Arin just wouldn't ever stop to look at that picture. But after this moment, it's obvious that he is deliberately avoiding it. I'm just really curious as to why. Dan seems to clue in to Arin's reasons, here.

  5. Being someone who doesnt drink, Id just not go to a party. Come on Frank let people do stupid stuff then there will be less of them. 🙂

  6. The cabinet was a table in the older versions of the game where frank kept all his alcohol but the cabinet was easier to protecc

  7. Wait if frank is giving his left nut, which is his head then the right nut must be a seperate head. That means there’s two FRANKS!!!

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  11. I find it funny that everyone apparently hates Patrick but he's actually one the nicer characters. All he does is get drunk and stumble about the place minding his own buisness.

  12. It's funny how Dan and Arin are talking about how the voice actress had to talk about the topless pic, and yet they don't talk about what happens when you… get laid…

  13. 2:09 Nuthead Cinematic Universe confirmed

    As you're about to leave the party, a hand reaches up from under the bed and-

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    7:00 can't wait to watch the Frank route
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