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TIA: Young Thug has finally scored his first
number one album with ‘So Much Fun.’ But before we got the 19 tracks of whimsical,
high-energy bangers, our first taste of ‘So Much Fun’ was the offbeat cover art
featuring an aerial shot of Young Thug’s face made up of hundreds of individual Thuggers
looking up from a slime green field. Fano: There’s exactly 803 copies of Thug that
I had gone through and individually placed. TIA: That’s Nashville artist and designer
Fano, who painstakingly placed each of the 803 Thugs and created the ‘So Much Fun’
cover. TIA: Back in 2015, Fano was just a Young Thug
fan when he took a chance and reached out on Twitter to Thugger’s creative director
and right-hand-man Be EL Be, who most recently directed the video for ‘Surf.’ Be EL Be: When I was making the ‘Slime Season
2’ cover, I’d be like, ‘Hey, if you guys are a fan of Young Thug, here’s your
chance to design a cover for him. Fano: So I just tweeted back to him like,
‘Yo, check out my stuff.’ Be EL Be: Fano ended up being the best one
out of all of them. Fano: And 30 minutes later, he called me back
and was just like, ‘Yo, your stuff’s dope. You’re gonna be Thug’s official designer
now.’ TIA: Now, Fano is a huge part of the visual
aesthetic for Young Thug’s brand, creating designs for Thug’s merch, tour posters,
and a good majority of his album art. Be EL Be: So he actually did Slime Season
2, 3, I’m Up. Fano: Eventually, Thug was about to go on
tour, so they brought me out to do his stage visuals and all that. Just being able to sit in on studio sessions
and just see how he actually creates, it’s just inspiring and cool to see. TIA: Like with all of Thug’s projects, Fano
works closely with Be EL Be to represent the music through visuals. Fano hadn’t heard any of the music on ‘So
Much Fun’ when he started working on the cover art. But he and Be EL knew they wanted to stay
away from the dark imagery of some of Thug’s past projects and create something that screamed
fun. Be EL Be: My first initial idea was a bunch
of people from all across the world like on a globe coming together. Fano: Really, it all was inspired by the Beijing
Olympics, I don’t know if you ever saw the Opening Ceremony. Be EL Be: So we thought a bunch of Thugs that
make up Thug. That’d be hard. TIA: With the idea in place, Be El started
working around Thug’s busy schedule to squeeze in an impromptu photoshoot at his LA studio. BE EL: He was actually putting together his
tracklist to ‘So Much Fun’ and I was like, ‘Hey, I need to take this picture of you real quick.’ I didn’t even tell him why. He was like, ‘Alright!’ This is the picture that I took of him, that’s
where it really comes from. And then I was like I need you to come outside,
and I’ma take more pictures of you.’ I just grabbed a chair and stood on it, and
then kinda just lifted my arm with the iPhone and took it. He just looking like, ‘Okay, that’s it?’” TIA: After the parking lot photoshoot, Be
EL sent to the pics off to Fano in Nashville to create the outline of Thug’s face on
Photoshop. FANO: I pretty much did the outline of the
main image, his main face, so I could kind of have a guide of where I was gonna place
him. I had to go through and cut out the backgrounds
of all 23. And then, I made variants, so I made a set
in the black outfits, a set that were in white outfits, then a set that were in the yellow
outfits for the little highlights in his hair that I kind of just hand-placed along the
outline that I had made of his face. And I tried to keep them spread out so you
couldn’t tell like, ‘Oh, that’s the same picture standing next to each other. TIA: Fano only had four days to make the artwork
and creating 803 copies of Young Thug came with its own challenges. Fano: The worst thing was like so when I first
started on the cover, I had placed like maybe 200 or 300 of them down, and my Photoshop
crashed because the file was just way too big. Be EL Be: And the label like, ‘if you don’t
get this cover done, the album’s gonna get pushed back.’ Fano: By noon, Be EL hits me like, ‘Yo,
this is the day. We gotta turn the album in. What do you got?’ TIA: It’s the little details on and around
Thug’s face that make the cover pop. Most of these additions were made the day
the artwork was revealed to fans. Fano: So that whole day we just spent figuring
out like, “All right, let’s put grass on it. Let’s ya know make the tattoos look like they’re
dug in the ground. Ya know, throw the plane at the top. Just a subtle little detail, so it’s not empty. Be EL Be: Put the chain on, but he made it
in white. Then I was like, ‘Make some of ‘em bigger.’ Be EL Be: The last addition was the font. And then I was like, ‘Oh, it look like he
was cutting the grass.’ I’m like, ‘Lemme get one more shot of
you cutting grass.’ So I had to go back to Thug the next day,
and say, ‘Hey Thug, let me bother you one more time, get one more picture.’ And that’s actually after he dyed his hair,
so two days later, he dyes his hair blonde. This was the picture in the exact same parking
lot. Fano: We literally took that picture that
day, like before we turned the cover in. So I went online and found this random picture
of a drone shot of like an old lady cutting her lawn. It was like the perfect angle, so I cut her
out and threw Thug on top of it. Be EL Be: And that was the last thing, and
when I showed Young Thug, he was like, ‘Woah, that’s the cover! That’s the cover right there. Send it to me!!’ And he posted it instantly. And everybody went crazy. Fano: It’s vibrant. It’s got that slime green color to it. And, I don’t know, it’s just different. And just to see the sales now, it’s pretty
cool. TIA: Now, Be El Be’s working on Young Thug’s
next album ‘Punk.’ Be EL Be: With the ‘Punk’ album out, you
can definitely expect like music, you know ballads. And it’s gonna be a lot of solo records,
this one ain’t gonna have a lot of features. TIA: And he’s planning on recruiting Fano
once again for the ‘Punk’ album art. Be EL Be: Fano, he has an eye. Like a marketing eye. He knows what the fans want. He knows what the artist may want, so he kinda
bridges that gap. And he’s gonna be doing the next cover,
so we gonna be working on that. TIA: Fano has since provided designs and album
covers for rappers like Gunna and Moneybagg Yo. But when it comes to working with Young Thug,
Fano still feels like a fan. Fano: He’s my favorite rapper, so just being
able to work with him is just a blessing enough for me. TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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