How Chef Wolfgang Puck Serves 25,000 Dishes at The Oscars Every Year — Mise En Place

– You know the important
part is all the people are gonna be so hungry, why? Because they don’t eat in the morning. They have no time, they
have to get makeup. They have to go to the hairdresser. They have fit into their skinny dresses. But the time comes ten o’clock at night there is no vegan or vegetarians, they all eat the chicken
pot pie, or the Wagyu steak. Right now we are just
doing prep work here. And everybody is getting ready. And at nine o’clock it’s gonna start. And then you will see the
rush here in the kitchen. It’s like game time. All right, so this is
our Miyazaki beef here. We’re gonna sear it on the grill here and then we put it in
the oven when we need it. Everything is seared but not cooked. We cook everything at the last moment. So that way you get the same food as we serve at Spago or
CUT or at the Bel-Air. It’s really the must-go party because it’s the only place where
you also can get good food. If you go to the Vanity Fair party and all these other parties
there’s no food really. (upbeat music) We have chefs from all of our restaurants. We have a chef from Dallas,
we have chefs from New York, we have chefs from Spago in Istanbul. I mean, Eric runs the whole show here. He is in charge of 200 chefs. So that way he makes me look good. – [Producer] Then what’s your job? – My job is just being here. Being Wolfgang. (classical music) How are my ham people here? How is the jamon? So we have two guys from Spain here who are cutting the Cinco Jotas ham. They are really
specialized, better than me. Though he cut his hand
already, so we’ll see. Maybe I have to jump in. How is the hand, okay? – [Chef] Good, good, wonderful. – Not enough ham, you cut the hand too? (upbeat music) Fuji-san! – [Fuji] Yes? – You gonna marinate
the fish a little bit? – Yeah, we did yeah.
– Yeah. I think it could use a little bit more ponzu on there. And this is chef Fuji, who runs our restaurant in Dallas. And he always comes for the Oscars, why? People love sushi and
sashimi and it’s really great to have somebody who we can trust and who is here all the time. So in about an hour, we’re
gonna go down on the red carpet. There is more to running a restaurant or a catering business than cooking. It is also people have to know us. And we wanna show to all
the television stations which are lined up down there what we are serving tonight. And then maybe I get a drink downstairs at the bar with a few old friends like Jeff Bezos and Bob Iger. I’m gonna come back up here and
we’re gonna slowly get ready When I was young the chef was not known. The chef was somewhere in
the cellar in the background. I still remember when I came to LA the first 30, 40 years ago. I went to a club and I danced with a girl and she asked me what I
do, I said, “I’m a cook.” The song was over, she left me. And I didn’t even walk
on her feet or anything. But I’m sure today’s that is different. How are the scallops, all right? Sushi rolls? You are ready? – [Fuji] Yes. – Tomorrow I am going on a diet, okay? Tomorrow I am going on a
diet for sure, that’s it. My f****** my f****** pants are so tight. Oh my god. I thought they cleaned it
in the dishwasher but no. All right, I’m gonna go sit down. Rest a little bit and then we go. – Then we go. It’s all about leadership. He give us directions, we follow through. Thank you. – We really start getting into action when they call out Best Director. – 7:15, so we’re gonna
say maybe around 8:00 it’s gonna be go time. Then it’s gonna get
busy, it’s gonna get busy it’s gonna get crazy, it’s gonna get fun. It’ll be nice. – When they say the best movie and then they say, “Thank
you, the show is over,” everybody wants to eat right away. – [Announcer] And the Oscar goes to… Olivia Coleman. – Wow. – It’s five minutes before go time. I have all the chefs on line right now. Everybody’s getting
antsy, and ready to go. But it’s like the Super Bowl. We’re ready to kick off. – I’m doing the truffle thing too. I’ll be the most truffle-shaved
person in the city tonight. – This is your favorite
job every year right? Shave four pounds of truffles. – [Eric] Okay, everybody listen up! – Don’t fuck it up this time. 25 years we did okay. Slowly, yeah. All right everybody is ready? – [Chefs] Yes chef! – All right! All right! Let’s fire the food now! Yeah, yeah, yeah, all the
appetizers, let’s start. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. I want a hundred right away. Let’s push it. People are hungry, okay
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s get it out there. All right. You know where Barbara Streisand sits? No. Pot pie for Barbara
Streisand, extra truffles! – [Chefs] Yes chef! – She’s with James Brolin, her husband. 23 years she said. All right too many people
are waiting, let’s go! Let’s pick up, pick up, pick up! (classical music) Chicken pot pie, you want another one? (laughs) We have a song, be happy. How are you? Ham for Jose. You eat it, you taste it. – [Jose] I like this one. – Taste if it’s good. – [Jose] This one. – [Wolfgang] All right. – Is this a good plate? – Yeah, a beautiful ham. – Look at, now the Austrians know how to cut ham too, s***. – Yep, we don’t need to Spaniards anymore. You are fired! All right! All right guys! Congratulations, everybody
was very happy out there. I saw a lot of people who were leaving and they all said the best ever. So now, all we have to do
is do better next year. So it’s really simple. Cheers! (cheers) 25 years, how many more? – [Cameraman] I don’t know, how many more? – I don’t know, I think maybe ten. But you know, Byron sooner or later is gonna take over so I
think in about five years I’m gonna push him a little bit, so by ten years I’m gonna come as a guest. But I think I will be bored, you know? I think it’s more
excitement in the kitchen then actually coming for
dinner and being a guest. Unless you win an award, unless you get something really special. If not, big deal. No lifetime achievement for me because I will get it when I’m dead. (chuckles)

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  1. Wolfgang: My job is only being here.
    Also Wolfgang: I'm gonna go and take some rest.

    I couldn't relate more to anything else ")

  2. As someone who's worked 3 of these events, I can't imagine why he says yes every year. The amount of second and third plating options had me fuming with these people.

  3. I ate at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI. The food was really good and if you can I would highly recommend you eat at one of his restaurants!

  4. Wait, I thought they were supposed to show the celebrities drinking blood from sacrifices, oh wait nvm that's behind the scenes.

  5. This shows that it takes hard work and structure to get where he’s at. When they all said “yes chef” that’s how you know you made it. Legend!

  6. Met Wolfgang during a trip to Spago in LA. Food was fabulous and he is a class act takes time to spend 5-10 minutes at each table if he is in town.

  7. Right off the bat. Is that a propane heat lamp inside!? WTF!? That sounds an extream fire hazard. Why would you ever do that? If it is out side why is there carpet outside? This must be California. I lived there for 6 years. Nothing else can be so messed up.

  8. I met him a couple times at his restaurant in BH. He actually walks around and introduces himself. A very cool guy.

  9. How to make a vegan or vegetarian eat meat in the words of Wolfgang Puck: Make them a celeb and invite them to the Oscars.👍🏼

  10. Remind me who pays for the Oscars again? Miyazaki beef? Isn't that the most expensive beef in the world? Who in the hell can afford that for 1500 egos who can buy it themselves?

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