How do Spanish People Celebrate Christmas?

hi everybody i’m krista from Spanish pop
in this lesson you’ll learn some important phrases for Christmas in Spain
and some valuable cultural tips in Spanish Christmas is called Navidad
Navidad the Christmas season is a big occasion and it’s celebrated over 12
days many families Saturn Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve
afterwards they walk in the streets with torches making music and singing on
Navidad or Christmas Day Spanish people greet
each other by saying Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad
it means Merry Christmas when you meet someone on Christmas Day
be sure to greet them with this phrase Spanish people celebrate the holiday
with their own special events and customs the most popular food to eat on
Christmas is Maddie’s cause Maddie’s cause it means seafood seafood is part
of a traditional Spanish Christmas dinner it includes all kinds of things
like fish lobsters shellfish and shrimp a typical dinner would be a large one
with many courses including tapas soup and delicious desserts let’s wrap up this lesson by recapping
what you’ve learned listen to the words and repeat after me
Christmas Navidad now either Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad
Oh Feliz Navidad seafood mariscos mariscos well done here’s a fun fact in the past
there were many kids who didn’t receive presents on Christmas Day why do you
think this was even though some children did not get presents because they
misbehaved the real reason was different traditionally it was thought that the
Magi or three wise men from the Bible instead of Santa Claus brought gifts to
the children on January sixth instead of on Christmas Day that’s it you just
learn about how Spanish people celebrate Christmas and so important facts about
the holiday if you want to learn Spanish even faster just click the link in the
description and download tons of PDF lessons for free see you soon nos vemos okay my throat go down weird let’s wrap
up this little butt back okay oh yeah people celebrate see you soon
nos vemos so when we say hi actually

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  1. Hola Rosa,
    ¡Feliz Navidad!.
    Una pequeña observación (una idea). Creo que ese video debe ser mas en español para que las gente hacen mas esfuerzo para entender el idioma.
    Muchas gracias para su videos.

  2. Me gustaba aprender sobre la cultura española y sobre su verísono de la Navidad. Por favor, yo necesito más videos para tú!

  3. I am Spanish born in Spain but no longer living there for the last 30 years. With regards to El belen in Spain.. If i don't believe in Jesus and don't like much about religious stuff… Does this mean (El belen) in Spain for me would be pointless ? And again witness that El belen in spain seems to be characters that are not even Spanish tradition but more like ancient Jerusalem images instead. I do like more Christmas the real lights show and Christmas trees. Just not so much with el belen course it makes me think it is mainly looks more so Arabic which doesn't look nothing like the real spanish style.

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