How Ellen Saved Money at Her Star-Studded 60th Birthday Party

I had my 60th birthday
party this weekend. So many people came. I don’t want to name drop but
Portia de Rossi was there. You can imagine when she
walked in, I was like, oh my god, you’re here. Who else? You know. Diddy was there. And Puffy was there. And Puff Daddy was there. Love was there. Don Julio was there. Yep. And I know some of you are
thinking, wait a minute, Ellen, your birthday
was two weeks ago. Let me correct you, my
birthday started two weeks ago. And then I had this
party this weekend. My birthday is like
an entire season. It’s like Christmas and the flu. And parties can get expensive. You know that, right? Especially when there’s
a lot of people. So here’s a money-saving tip
for all of you: don’t hire a band, invite all
your musician friends. And it turns out they’ll just
perform for free, especially when there’s Don Julio involved. So Pharrell performed with Meta. Free. And French Montana
performed free. Pink performed free. Alessia Cara performed free. Melissa Etheridge
performed free. I joined her for free. Didn’t charge anything. Here’s another tip, make sure
you invite Reese Witherspoon. Because now I see why she’s
such an amazing producer, she’s the one who, and
I won’t say forced, but strongly suggested
everyone should perform. There she is giving
the finger to somebody. And Pink is there
ready to perform. And, later in the night, Tig
Notaro, the hilarious Tig Notaro, got up and
she decided to perform Adele’s song “Hello.” Now, Tig cannot
sing or play piano, but that didn’t stop her. So I got up there and
kicked her off the stage. It was an epic night. I was looking all
around and I was thinking how is this my life? I mean all of my
idols were in one room and they were there for
me, and the open bar. And I had so much fun. And then I came into work
on Monday after my party and I saw this headline. And I was like, oops, I think
I’m responsible for that. I think that’s my fault. I
don’t want to blame anyone in particular, but I saw
someone sitting at the bar drinking all night long. I’ll just give her
first name, Oprah. And you can figure out
which Oprah it was. I am so thankful to
everybody for coming. And thank you, Portia, you
put on the most amazing party I have ever. It’s just a party
I’ll never forget. And I think everyone
who attended. Some people took
videos on their phones. Everybody had their phones out. This is an exclusive
clip from my party. [INTERPOSING VOICES] But here is a tiny, tiny
glimpse of something. (SINGING) What about us? What about all the
broken happy ever after? What about us? What about all the plans
that ended in disaster? What about us? What about trust? And that guy was the only
person in my birthday party to land a triple axle. Say hello to Twitch over there. I would say that was
a fun party, right? Ellen it was so crazy. And y’all, it was, it was nuts. Nothing in life prepares you
for those kind of events. You know what I mean? I couldn’t have been
prepared to bump into Oprah. Oh, sorry, oh my god. All there for love. That just speaks volumes
for you too, Ellen. Everybody turned up, just
the most eclectic group of people, all sharing
love, having fun, dancing and having a good time. And that was for you. It was a lovely, lovely evening. And it’s so weird. You just assume
everybody knows, and I know so many different
types of people. That’s what’s so great about it. It was a really
crazy mix of people. And you assume everyone
knows everyone. And Adele, I was talking to
Adele, and then she sees Pink and she’s like, oh
introduce me to Pink. And I’m like you
don’t know Pink? And so I introduced
Adele to Pink. And then the Weeknd was
like, is that Michael Keaton? Would you introduce
me to Michael Keaton? And I’m like, sure. So I just walked around
introducing everybody all night long. But it was so much fun. It was really, I mean it was
a party that, like I said, I’ll never forget. And Portia, she did
the whole thing, she put that entire
thing together. So I love you, thank you very
much for doing that, Portia. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things. Like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing.

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