How far could you go on the fat from a Christmas dinner?

Now it wouldn’t surprise anyone to
realise that Christmas dinner isn’t the healthiest meal of the year but if you
can’t indulge yourself at Christmas when can you? But suppose you really want to
find out what’s inside your turkey and trimmings, we’ve asked a food scientist
to crunch the numbers and find out for us We have calculated here the amount of
fat that goes into cooking a Christmas dinner for ten people, this is the amount
that comes from your turkey, your potatoes, your Yorkshire puddings, your
pigs in blankets, your carrots and parsnips and this is the amount that
comes from your Christmas stuffing, most of this is going to be eaten during your
Christmas dinner but a good amount of it is going to end up thrown away, probably
poured down the sink once you’ve enjoyed your gut-busting
meal clearing up the fat that’s left behind is the last thing on anyone’s
mind so perhaps we’re all a bit guilty of
pouring the odd dribble down the sink but as we speak there’s around 20,000 tonnes
of fat in the eastern region sewers that’s enough to fill eight Olympic
sized swimming pools, now you’ve only got to look at this really instructive model
to see why that’s a problem, that poo is not going anywhere
Maria sent me her leftover cooking oil and I want to see if there’s anything
more productive that we can do with it now David have you got any ideas?
We’ve got van here that we can run on biodiesel, let’s see how far we can get
on that quantity. Well that sounds like some crazy festive science, I’m
definitely in – it’s not exactly realistic that people can use their leftover
Christmas turkey fat for car fuel but cooking oil can be used? Yes that’s
right, on an industrial scale they can collect used cooking oil and recycle it
into biodiesel which could be used in older vehicles like this but modern
vehicles probably won’t thank you for it So that’s it, definitely do not try this
at home unless you’re very clever and know what you’re doing OK so we’ve put the Christmas fuel in,
the light is already on which isn’t a good start but we’ve reset the trip to
zero so let’s see how far we go That’s over a mile gone, it’s going to be a bit of a walk home David. I think it will Mark Well that was about two miles
that’s not bad considering we’ve been using the equivalent of the fat that’s
been discarded from your average Christmas dinner, now Anglian Water’s got six
and a half million customers, imagine if we could collect all of that fat and use
that, by my calculations I reckon we could probably just about get to the moon and back
twice. Nevermind the moon we want to get back for Christmas dinner
You alright guys? Yeah can you come pick us up?

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