How Fun is your Fitness?

Zumba is a group fitness class. Rather
than focusing on technical perfection and proper technique, it’s more about
having fun and having a good time. Zumba’s a party, Zumba’s excitement. You move at your own tempo, you move at the way you want to. You can make the moves yourself. You don’t have to do exactly what the instructor is saying. It makes me feel really happy looking at them feel like it’s a party and not just working out. Much of their enjoyment of Zumba comes from how it contrasts with traditional group fitness classes. A big part of Zumba
is latin dance moves, but even social dancing moves that you might
associate with dancing out in a club. So instead of doing boring exercise moves, they get to essentially
dance for a workout. When they make that comparison between
Zumba and traditional group fitness or other types of physical activity, Zumba always comes out favorably.

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