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  1. I appreciate the way  you offer advice. It is done without being critical or haughty. Great content. I like the new pretty background. Your endings crack me up! <3

  2. I like the fact that you made a conscious decision to not be conformed to the standards of this world. So many people subscribe to the whole "test driving the car" belief with respect to pre-marital sex. By doing it God's way, you definitely avoid many heart bruises and heart breaks. ThanQ for letting your light so shine!!

  3. Wow🌺 I can relate to everything you saying I came from a Strick Christian household …. before our mother pass she told us never give up on god🙏🏼💟I have a 23-year-old son I had my heart broken before I'm talking to somebody but I have trust issues !I've been celibate for seven years but I'm praying to God that he will send me a suitable mate but in his timing when he know I'm right👫💍❤️you always ask god reveal who your Mate is . Our father is he the right mate you don't won't go through another heartbreak.. so right my oldest brother getting merry April 1,…. i had co- work ask me do I just hang out with just church people I just smile & know that she see church in me🙏🏼… I don't drink or go Clubbin anymore you know when you was young you did all that !!!and you just get older and wiser or you just want to change your life .and I think Bye haven't my son I you want to be example 🙏🏼🌺🌸have no regrets I just want to move forward now I'm in the presence of the Lord and thank you for always ending your program went to prayers . & yes am 45 young young amen I won't my son see me walking believe in god like any Christian u make mistaking u ask forgiveness trust that father from heavenly have your back 💯👼🏼💡💟

  4. This was so inspiring. I myself am in a place where God has me alone just for him to make a relationship between us. I feel like I am finding out who I am, being okay without companionship, most importantly transforming into who God wants me to be.

  5. This is the second video I've watched of yours. I love it! I'm not even sure how I ended up on your channel. I just turned 33 and have never dated. I guess I figured it would happen when it was supposed to, but everything you mentioned in the video in the reason why. I was just asking the Lord to set me apart from the world and what everyone else was doing. I didn't expect I'd be single this long though, so it's definitely trusting in the Lord's timing. Thanks for the video and prayer!

  6. I LOVE IT 💗 You are so beautiful and funny ! This blessed me and I just had to become a new subby ❤️can't wait to check out your other videos ☺️

  7. Great video, here's a link to a video I recently did on marriage and courting – when you have time hopefully you can check it out 🙂 https://youtu.be/0v0sfPmHBPY

  8. Hey, Kytia! I have a question. When you were friends with your husband (before you were married) how did you treat that friendship? How did you fight any temptations that you might have had with him? How could you have waited SO. LOOOONG? I'm guessing it had something to do with focusing on your relationship with God and your friendships with other Christian women and all your other activities and school.

    Well… I think I answered my own question, but if you can add anything else… please do! 😀

  9. Hi, I've stumbled across your videos after being uncertain about how to prepare for being a wife. I plan on getting married next year and moving in with my future husband (he lives in France and I live in the States) while I start and complete grad school. So far my family isn't in agreement about me being with him because of his completion and the fact that we are miles away from each other. I'm not sure what to do especially since I haven't mentioned the possibility of getting married to my family because of their lack of support and criticism. Although I'm currently 21 and it's about to be a year since we known each other (we Skype twice a week, he gives me French lessons once a week for an hour, we talk and text everyday regardless of our 6 hour time difference), I feel like getting married would be nice especially since we've been talking about having a committed relationship ever since we met. I'm just afraid of possibly not having our families together like I wanted.

  10. This is a great video. I really needed to hear this. I've been waiting for marriage, but not dating and I've been cylebent for over a couple of years. I can't wait til I get married. Pray for me. This is off the subject, but you look like the movie star Lisa Bonea, I totally spelled her last name so wrong😆😃🤣😅, but I think you know who I'm talking about. Thank you for this video. GOD BLESS YOU AND HUBBY.🍎🍎🍎🍎

  11. I feel like I have so much love to give and it has been put in my heart by GOD to marry but although right now I am focused on GOD. should I date intentionally or should I date casually and what if his faith isn’t as mine. Plsss help


  13. Hi Lovely! I am happy I found your channel! I am a mom of 4 Beautiful daughters.. 2 are highschoolers and 1 is a preteen and the baby girl is 8. I can't wait to show them(my teens) this video because its so encouraging to me and I believe it will be for them also. One of my daughters struggles a bit harder in this area than her sisters but Glory be to God! for your obedience and this video of a timeless message! Thanks again and Blessing to you and your family!

  14. Thanks for the video …when you guys were dating I saw a video that you waited til marriage to have sex ..during that time of dating did you kiss or or touch?? I mean such things apart from sex

  15. Such a great video. I am going to share with my niece who is turning 18 and still abstaining from sex. I know at times she wishes she had a boyfriend and the boys she did like God revealed to her their true intentions. Thank you again..God bless

  16. This is so encouraging. Sometimes I get sad because I do feel like EVERYONE has someone. And I just wonder where is right guy. I pray. I wait. But I have to continue to wait because God’s timing is perfect. Thank you for this amazing message. You’re awesome!!

  17. This is exactly my story, I am 26 years old and I have never dated anyone because I strongly feel that I need to establish a great relationship with God and I hate the idea of" testing the waters", I can feel in my spirit that that is not what I nor God wants for me. My friends give me a lot of slack for it, which makes it more difficult because I feel like there's something wrong with. I always find myself wanting to do what they do and date around like them but I don't because I know I would hate it. Still single but I'm not tryna mingle, I've decided not focus on myself and my relationship with God. Thank you for this very encouraging message. Bless You

  18. Hey after God showed you or told you who your husband is..what did you do with that information?
    I’m in a situation where I know whom my husband will be but we are not close friends..so I’m wondering how we can know each other better so I can know what kind of person he is.
    My first thought is to inquire around about him without making it obvious..

    What are your thoughts?

  19. God gave you for me…i just got you on you tube days ago you are inspiring me to pick…your priority for jesus is ..the lovely thing i found in your videos , every time God has people..and i thank God …and thanks alot for inspiring me and others who need chirst in priority

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