How I celebrated Sankranti in 2020 (Kite flying festival)

Hello everyone and welcome to the
channel. It is early in the morning and I am going to my college to celebrate
kite flying day or Sankrant as we call it here in India. Now I have reached to my college but I am late. Celebration and so already started. To enter the college we need to show our ID card here. First things first I need to go to
washroom as it is too cold outside. Finally I found my friends now we will
sit here and enjoy . It is not pleasant and sunny weather in fact it is bit cloudy which is not the ideal weather to fly kites. Currently I’m on the 6th floor of the
college to get a better view. Look at the crowd down there. It was getting kind of boring up there so
I came back down. I don’t know if you can hear me clearly
but college has arranged D.J. over here which is awesome. Finally it seems like everything is
almost over here so I’ll go back to the home and enjoy rest of the day
there with my family. So I’m at home now and I’ll get my kites and go to the terrace. It is late in the morning right now and
weather is now pleasant and sunny which is perfect. I still don’t see many kites in
the sky. Yellow kite is our kite. One small request to all you guys
watching this video is to take care of birds while you enjoy your festival.
The thread of kite can harm them and give them cuts. Just look at those
innocent birds. It is evening right now and the sun is about to set but few
kites are still visible in the sky. It is night now. I can only see couple of
lanterns flying tonight. Otherwise on sankrant night the sky is lit up with
the lanterns. Anyways I’m going to end my video here. It was a great day for me and
thanks for watching.See you next time.

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