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I remember the very first day that
I decided to become a chiropractor. I was 18 years old. And at the time that I would have
been in grade twelve .In Ontario, ee had five grades in high school.
So it was one grade before the fifth grade which would be
before university and a one
of my strong interests in school in terms of subject
matter was math and mathematics. I just loved math and I worked
hard at it but I really enjoyed it. So I’ve always thought that I would get
into some kind of career though that would involve math. So
accounting would come to mind. So I wasn’t really sure about it but it
did piqued my interest because of the numbers. And even at that time in high school
I’ve already been visiting a chiropractor for corrections and adjustments
since early teens around 13. So I had a good good understanding
of at least personal experience about chiropractic but I never thought
of it as a career early on. But there was one moment. And it literally changed my life. And I was at my my aunt’s house visiting
with my family and my cousin Tony at the time. Even though I’m
getting emotional but that’s
how critical was my life. But my cousin Tony time he was a recent
graduate of the chiropractic college in Toronto. And you know we’re just sitting casually
on a stool on the sofa in the family room at my aunt’s house and I don’t know
how this happened or why it happened but out of the blue he
just asked me you know, “Walter what do you want
to do you know as a career? Like what you want to get into?” And
you know I promptly answered I’m really thinking about accounting.
And he was really encouraging with his answer. You
know he didn’t knowck it at all. He said “you know that’s
a great profession. You know you do well in the years to come
but have you ever considered becoming a chiropractor?” And it was like it was
like a flash of light just sparked in front of me and I go you know
what? Yes. That’s a great idea. And I just don’t know why
it never occurred to me even
with my experience having been adjusted since the age of 13 you
know until the age of 18 at that moment fairly regularly and with personal
experience of chiropractic helped me get through headaches and so forth that
never occurred to me as a career path. But it was like a flash just
like an instant. Yes absolutely. And that was the moment in my life where
I decided to become a chiropractor. And from that point on there was nothing
that actually deterred me from that from that big big decision
and that big dream. It was literally a big dream of mine. There was nothing else I wanted more
than to go to university and get the prerequisites to get into
Chiropractic College. And that was it was like
my big burning desire time. And so I truly believe. That for me becoming a chiropractor
was definitely a calling. It’s not like I got into chiropractic
with an emotional experience. You know some chiropractors,
chiropractic literally saved their life and they
wanted to give back to society. Humanity by serving as a chiropractor
that was not my my you know origin but to me I truly believe that it was a calling
and I didn’t realize how much more cloying it was until you know. Until going through practice. And. You know today actually marks my 20th
year anniversary as a chiropractor which is phenomenal. And looking back at all of the
experiences I’ve had in my life. All of the growth opportunities all of
the lessons personal and professionally everything that shaped me what I am
today is because of chiropractic. The first several years were really struggle very
hard and I struggled a lot and not many people actually know this. In fact maybe one or two only people
know this that I shared this with. But by I’d say by my fifth year into
practice I was it was just running a practice and building practice and being a chiropractor was
just very very challenging. A lot of hardships at the time and I
actually really thought about quitting the current depression. Going back and just thinking about that. You know I just can’t imagine all the things I
would’ve missed all the opportunities of helping others and all the
growth opportunity that
I’ve had in myself as well. But I did it and I don’t know why and I think
it was probably because it was part of my calling. But what I what I was during in my early
years is I was all searching for for truth and searching for answers in my
personal journey and what I did was I would I would go to a lot of seminars
and these are seminars outside of chiropractic so personal growth seminars
personal development seminars and I read tons of books personal growth and
personal development and I was looking for solutions looking for answers to
try to make it in and be successful as a chiropractor. And it was hard. So and it wasn’t until I actually attended
a seminar called Pure Powerful and that literally saved my career and saved
me it kept me and really sparked my passion for chiropractic all over again. And from there started attending other
seminars and chiropractic and then taking more training courses on technique and
science and philosophy chiropractic and really discovered as B.J. Palmer would say the developer
of chiropractic the big idea. So to this day now 20 years into it I
can’t be happier and more thrilled and more passionate about chiropractic
literally more passionate than I am today than it was even yesterday. And I know it’s a calling for me. I know it’s I was meant
to be a chiropractor every
single life lesson has I gained and and you pulled through is
because of me being a chiropractor. And you know the first 15 years were still
very challenging and literally in the last five years where I
basically discovered my true
purpose which is to help people regain their quality of life
and regain their ability to enjoy their life. And especially when other options have
failed them to help them discover that chiropractic may be the way from them. So that drives me every single day and
when I hear patients you know their life has turned around and they’re doing
awesome and they’re happier, and they’re walking better and and they’re off their
medications and they’re just feeling great like they got their life
back because of chiropractic
and I was able to be the facilitator of that that
makes the biggest difference. You know for me and I know that I am
serving my purpose and my passion and. Just thinking back 20 years.
It’s hard to imagine you know. Your journey. It’s hard to imagine the journey from
20 years ago to now and all the ups and downs and all the emotions and stuff
but for one thing I could offer is just never give up in life whether
it’s personally whether
it’s in your personal life or whether it’s with your health. And you know just never give up because
when you’re seeking when you’re seeking truth you will find the answers and that’s
what I’ve learned as as as my journey as a chiropractor you know I’ve learned some
amazing universal truths
and experienced them because of chiropractic and then able to share
that with other people to help make their life better as well. So yes 20 years 20 years ago is when I
graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard Illinois and
I was just 26 years old at the time. And today now 20 years later I have an
amazing practice here in Vaughan Ontario. Right in Maple. Group grew up most my life in Maple from
high school until recently until I got married and I just loved my practice I
love my patients I love my community and everything I can do to help someone
just regain their health or regain their life through chiropractic.
That’s what I’m here for.

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