How I Prepared for Black Magic Halloween Party 2019 | Everyday Kath

This is the before look, and I will see you guys later. My name is Poison… Poison Ivy~. Char! Joke, I’ll do my pictorial. Let’s go. Okay, so for tonight, I’m gonna be ‘Poison Ivy’. Actually we had three top choices: First, I wanted to do ‘Edward Scissorhands’, because I recently watched the movie and I super liked it. Sorry I watched it late. So that was the first option. Second ‘Maleficent’, but we thought there might be a lot who will also go for ‘Maleficent’ due to it being recently shown in theatres, and then lastly ‘Poison Ivy’. So our glam team voted, just like how we decide on all of my looks, because my stylist, hair stylist— especially the hair stylist! makeup artist all of them have a say and yeah we decided to go with ‘Poison Ivy’. So now, my hair is prepared. We’ll do our best because I don’t want it to be like beautiful, I want it to be a bit costumey. and far from my usual looks. I’m so excited! This is my first Halloween with a team to help me and to help fix me. I’m excited, especially Rodil (hair stylist), because this is his forte. So we’ll see if we can achieve the ‘Poison Ivy’ look. I will see you guys later. This is it. Rodil: Careful, girl.
Kathryn: Let’s go! Rodil: Center it the way you want. Kathryn: Actually this Halloween…
Rodil: Okay, go, set it first. Kathryn: There. Justine: Oh my Godddddddd.
(Kathryn giggles) The wig looks great!
Rodil: Especially when it’s like that. Poison Ivy (Kathryn laughs)
Rodil: No! Poison… Rodil: Poison Ivy~ Poison… Poison Ivy~ Ah you need to say it twice! Poison…
(Rodil laughs) Poison… Really?
Rodil: Yes! So I need to it like that in my interview later. (Rodil coaching on the background) Poison Ivy (Kathryn laughs)
Rodil: Like that! Rodil: I’m so kilig (no direct translation, but essentially means giddy or overwhelmed)
(Kathryn laughs) Rodil: I’m very kilig on this look. Rodil: Super! Rodil: Like that.
(Kathryn laughs) Photographer: Blow the candles! All right, we are done with the video shoot, with the pictorial, and I’m just waiting for Mr. Daniel to pick me up. And I’m so excited! This is my final look. So thank you so much to my beloved, supportive glam team. (Everybody applause) We did our best and I’m super happy about my overall look so… Let’s go party now.

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  2. Suprise niyo po sana siya pangarap niya makita kayo sana po pagbigyan niyo ko advance gift ko na po sa anniversary namin ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  3. Iba talaga si ate Kath 3 Videos palang mag 1M na nagmamahal sa kanyaโคโค


  4. Mga taong guston' gustong mag karoon ng madaming like; be like;
    "๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ gawin mo tong blue chuchu kung agree kayo"

  5. Namamagasa ako lagi syang may vlog. Pero alam naman natin na busy syang tao. Sana next vlog, yung normal day mo sa bahay nyo with family ang ipakita mo. The real you! Thanks.

  6. Sarap naman nung trabaho nung nagvevape. Hahahahahaha imagine, pinabugahan sa'yo si Kathryn Bernardo… on purpose!!!!

  7. I love kath beauty Kahit nung bata pa sya. Napaka natural ng beauty. I wonder kung sino hug samin. Pa hug mga kapatid! Bisita kayo samin.

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