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  1. seeing this video makes me want to spend my birthday alone..mom, dad! you two gonna have to have some plans for that day, i don't want you to be home, i wanna be alone!

  2. How ironic’! This was suggested to me as I’m getting ready to celebrate my 21st birthday on the 18th and I was totally freaking out about me being alone! I know it’s late but I hope you had a good birthday and I hope I do too!

  3. I feel like you are like me when it's my birthday like if I want something or I did something I wasn't supposed to do I would be like but it's my birthday

  4. My advice is don't use a very bright light while doing your makeup because you will realise that you look like you are burned 😅

  5. I spent my 21st drinking 8 shots and the rest I could not remember. I was told I went to 3 clubs and was a dancing machine 😂

  6. I spent my 21st birthday in a homeless shelter after i broke my arm and couldn't work. I had too much pride and i couldn't face my father i cried every night for a year. Please dont feel alone i dont want anyone to hurt like i did. Keep working hard and tell someone they matter.

  7. You shouldn't spend your birthday alone, you only make 21 once.

    I wish you happiness. : d
    And your not alone, we are all here :p (late but here, sory)

  8. I've hidden my real birthdate for a few years :/, we gotta destroy this internet culture. Sounds fucked, but we're losing connection

  9. My birthday always falls between my final exams so I had birthday party only once in 1st or 2nd standard and now I am in 9th standard so I am throwing a party finally!!!!!!

  10. Hey girl I have a qn;
    At the start of your vid you were using the clearasil rapid action pads, I know it's got fragrance in it but how is it using those pads?

  11. Has anyone ever said you look like Hoseok? Like a much cuter, more feminine Hobi, cuz like you make the same facial expressions lol idk… you are just very cute

  12. Ohh, so emotional~~~ I`m sitting at home now, wearing almost the same T-shirt, watching it alone, being alone with no friends around( lonely
    but at least i have your videos :`)

  13. When you say I'm old You say it because you feel that several years have passed. Or do you really say it because you think you're old? how ridiculous

  14. Im 19 y'o and I've never had any birthday party or got any birthday present huhu and now i don't feel like having any birthday party like for real

  15. saws it
    The beginning: starts playing
    oH sHe SweEt BuT AaA PSycHo AaA LitTlE PsYcHo LiKe sHe ScReamInG MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

    okay it make me wheeze a little

  16. Nobody remembering about my date of birthday. Mom too. My last birthday was cringe, cause my last birthday doesn't exist((((((((

  17. I just noticed you posted this on my birthday😆😆
    I know I'm SUPER late but Happy Birthday!!! Always stay happy and healthy :)💜

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