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  1. Could whomever doing the subs please not sub over the original subs? It’s super annoying to see two translations over lapping each other.

  2. I kept facebook just purely for people to get in touch and message me. I only have one post up and check it once a day alongside with my emails. My experience with fb is so negative it is like a virtual game: but on the other side of that virtual social media is a person with feelings . People can be way horrible on it. So I just keep it open for just messages and to keep in touch with any social events I go to.

  3. Turned 23 in DC, 24 in NYC, and have no idea where I'm gonna be this year for my 25th bday…I wish it could be in Paris! but most important I wish I can spend it with my "Jo"! So sweet!

  4. You guys have great videos together. Like it more than each one of you filming on your own. You should do it more :). Damon you are too funny, enjoy your 20's man. They went by slow for me, my 30's flew by and I can't believe I'm 38 now. Enjoy every moment of it. For the record, age = money hahah.

  5. i've been watching you guys for about 5 years and i still love you. thank you for documenting these journeys all these years. <3 and happy belated bday

  6. Ça va être très émouvant pour Damon et Jo quand ils ont genre cinquante ans et ils peuvent regarder tout ses vidéos comme celui-ci

  7. They can be proud of getting older. Anyone else here ashamed whenever they get older at how you just squandered your youth away.

  8. Me: assumes jo is stuck somewhere and going to meet up with Damon later.

    seconds later

    Jo: oh my gawddd it’s y’a birtdayyyyyyy  pops out of same bed as Damon

  9. Omg. Reaaallly want to know the song that plays at 11:27. Have been searching for so long haha, does anyone know it by any chance?

  10. did y;all really go to a restaurant in the 16th arr. I oop- no wonder it looked so nice inside

  11. that balcony looks so much like the one in the airbnb i stayed in when I was in Paris! It was in the Latin Quarter.

  12. mhh you get me living off 50 Euro a month for my allowance…………………… I do survieve (off currywurst) (i live in Berlin)

  13. Just saying but the Bois de Boulogne is famous for prostitution so I understand why you went there for your birthday.

  14. Okay but did y'all take a nap before going out or something?!??? Because I'm 28 and I need to be in bed by 10pm.

  15. binging Damon and jo just pushed me to buy my tickets to Europe I've been putting off because I was scared to spend the money #shutupandgo

  16. not going to paris , but I am traveling for my 27th next month!. I was on shut up and go lastnight looking at flight itineraries 😁

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