How is a Rs. 1500 / Night PARTY Hostel in BANGKOK?

I came to aunty’s cart the last time and had a salad. It was classic, delicious and wonderful. This time around we are having chicken feet salad. He is asking me to try it out. I said sure, why not. It was good the last time around as well. Taste is good. Along with that we are having glass noodle salad. I got these new shoes since Traveling Desi was coming to make videos. That’s wonderful. I am Traveling Desi. And this is the favorite area for any Bangkok traveler, Khaosan. Where my cousin Parag and I are headed. Who is settled in Bangkok. Today is the day, I become a turtle. How much money did you waste on this? When it comes to the matter of my bike, don’t ask. I even got a stand that I am yet to use. How much is it? C’mon, tell me. It cost me 10,000 Baht. Everything is packed. I almost forgot the most important thing. What’s that? The Party Smart capsules, these are really important. What are they used for? They save you from hangover sometimes. Okay. I asked a friend to bring to for me, look how many he brought. He brought 2 whole boxes. So you mean that if someone is planning to drink a lot, they should have this capsule prior? They said that you should have it before drinking. I don’t drink alcohol and don’t promote it in any capacity. You are such a big, mature person, you should be aware of this. Now I don’t preach or convince people, hence, no promoting of alcohol. But don’t drink so much that you need this capsule. I just drink one bottle. He means one bottle of beer. And you too. I just drink milk. Milk! Bring milk for my bro. Chocolate milk. He’s quite a milky fellow. You can get milk downstairs at the Family Mart. Great. Turn off your AC. We’ll do that. Where is the remote? I’m the elder brother, I have to take up motherly duties such as asking them to turn on the light, the AC. Check the “Tootiyan”, check if you are missing any items in your luggage. Tooti means faucet in Punjabi. Well done. Let’s go. It’s finally time to depart. We just have to call a Grab taxi and see what’s the equation at the hostel where we are headed. It’s showing 300 Baht as the cost. The taxi is arriving in the next 5 minutes. Try to keep up with it, we’ll take a few shots of you. Is that fine? We are actually making Instagram stories right now. Since the videos will be edited and posted in the next 2-3 days. If you want immediate updates, you can follow “TheTravelingDesi” on Instagram. Let me compare the size of his thighs to mine. These are mine, and those are his thighs. In that, we’ll be posting 100 daily stories for this trip to give you real-time updates. Please follow on “TheTravelingDesi” on the Instagram. At the Instagram. At or on? On. Please follow “TheTravelingDesi” on Instagram. On Instagram. So you should choose Grab taxi from the options available in the Grab app, this gives you a metered taxi. Otherwise if you choose Grab car, you get a private driver and a private car, which can be a bit more expensive. We’ll reach the Mad Monkey hostel in a little while. After that, we have to check-in first. You officially require a passport and have to give a security deposit. Then we’ll get our room. And then we’ll see what’s the scene at Khaosan and what’s the environment at Mad Monkey hostel. Brother. Yes? I have been worried by your status. Why? I’ve ran all the way just to meet you. If any Subscriber comes to your recommended place and meets you with such elation, it feels truly wonderful. And soon enough, Parag reached as well. Then I paid the gentleman who was driving the taxi and freed him. If you want you can register your card to pay as well. And then we headed inside to check-in. I have a check-in with the name Mohit Manocha. I’ll give you my passport. For 2 people. It’s mandatory to show your passport as an ID proof. Since the reservation was done through, you have to pay a small fee in advance. Or you can deposit your passport as security and withdraw funds from the ATM later on to pay them. I always make a request for the corner room. This is because it’s where the pool-side view is available. You can see how it looks from the inside. Since it was nighttime by the time we reached, it looks something like this during the day. Since this is a hostel, there are shared bedroom dorms available as well where you can meet up with co-travelers from around the world. Just like I met Eda in our room last year. All right guys, so this was Eda, and she is my roommate. You are leaving tomorrow right? Yes. Just for tonight. And now I’m headed straight down to the party. Her friends are downstairs, the friends that you made here right? Yeah. You are traveling by yourself right? Yeah. The link to my last year’s hostel experience is flashing on the screen right now. You can check it out if you like. And finally, we have reached Mad Monkey hostel. Unfortunately, it’s not well-lit, so you might notice a bit grain in the video. He has already claimed his bed. Now we just have to get ready and freshen up. First order of business, turn on the AC. Then we will head downstairs and check out the bar scene for then night. I went down for a stroll and I met 4-5 people who came here after watching my last year’s video. It was an amazing party last year. Since it’s New Year’s time, people spend less time in Bangkok and more time on beaches and (copanion?). So it’s not as loud as usual. So we’ll head downstairs, chill for a bit and then head towards Khaosan for dinner. Is that fine? Let’s go. Is there a card for this? What card? I’ll have a Virgin Mojito. Then we reached the bar, and ordered drinks. I asked for a Red Bull and they handed me a bottle of Thailand’s version of Red Bull without soda. Then as we got up after finishing our drinks, I spotted a few fellow Indian travelers, so we chatted with them for a bit. Sorry, what’s your good name? Varun. Varun. And you? Karishma. How about you? Paolomi. Paolomi. Is that a Bengali name by any chance? It’s not, but I get that a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. And you are? Prithvi. Prithvi. And where are you guys all from? Mumbai. Mumbai. Okay. I must go to Mumbai, actually. You are from Delhi right? Faridabad, technically Delhi. Yes, Yes, yeah. After that I met a few more travelers and some staff members. And during this time, they started handing out the hostel’s traditional free shots, which are offered periodically. If you want, you can take a 5 minute walk and reach Khaosan, which is the biggest party street in all of Bangkok. This is where all of us gathered. We’ll cover that in the next vlog. If you enjoyed this video, Please hit that Like button. 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