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  1. Have you ever listen to Son Tung the vietnamese singer
    P.s. you are so handsom and sucsessful and i love your videos!!!😙😙😙

  2. you have all your familly beside you, and you don't have to miss anyone of them! so, please thank god and enjoy with them, coz there's a lot of people who wish to live your life..
    i'm really missig my familly 😥 , do you know how much it hurts when someone have such a stupid dream to just see his mom&dad?! well, i'm living this feeling nowadays.it's really the most painful thing that would happen ever! 😞
    anyways, happy new year, have a good time together 🙂

  3. Thanks for this, I wonder what the hell you do with the food after the dead “eats” it because it’ll be such a waste to throw all that shit away.

  4. It's different as Viet Nam, Korean shows many respect lol. We just bow 2 time while standing up and we have to put some yellow flowers (don't know the name), a other yellow flower and a tree with orange fruit (don't know what is it too). And we put juste a little bit food on the table, also have to put the table in front of the house with all of things. Happy new year!

  5. happy new year sibong, i'm from algeria i was so happy when i saw that you shared with us this special time, i'm so grateful thankyou so much and i love you so much 😘

  6. Miren que delicia como están. Colocando esos. Patillos en la mesa q delicia😋😋😋quedo lista la mes llena de delicias😋😋 comer 🍝🍝🍝🍜🍜🍜🍛🍛 Sibong que ricooo

  7. Wow, thank you for letting us be a part of this beautiful, personal ceremony of your family and allowing us to experience your culture. Its such a honour. I think its lovely that there was coffee on the table that your grandpa liked. And 100% ㅇㅈ with the women of Si family..that's exactly how it is for all customs in my country too >_< happy new year to you and your family~

  8. *I had 3 people die in two weeks..
    I never knew it was possible
    Best of luck to everyone who has lost somebody
    We shall all stand together through that sudden hardship.*

  9. Okey I know this has nothing to do with this video but can’t you make a video when you tries to speak Swedish? Hahah it would be really fun to see😂❤️ btw love your videos!💕

  10. (sae hae bok manhi bah doo seh yo).
    Sae-Hae Bok Mani Badeuseyo…

    HAPPY NEW YEAR☆★☆★★★

    Mr.Bad Man o yemeklerden Turkiyeye de gonder de bir biz de tadina bakalim ya….:)
    Your grandma çok samimi ve güzel birisi.Peki Mr.Bad Man neden yine türkçe altyazi yok ????Ugh!!!!.Anyway.

  11. I wish if my family had this kind of traditions, so spiritual! we are more realistic i think , once the person died they will never come back , no one can come back from the dead

  12. when he said “i miss you grandpa” i just hit my chest and was like “aw, my heart. this is so sweet”. eventually, i cried.

  13. again nice video sibongtv and your whole family are so adorable and not forget dishes which you shows in your video really they are very delicious .

  14. Happy New Year! And your grandma is so cute and young~♡
    I was hungry during this video♡~♡ that looks so delicious ♡

  15. How I celebrate New year…..
    I don't,I just sleep through out the whole day okay maybe I take a lunch break every 4 hours but I mostly sleep😂

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  17. Your grandma should be a youtuber..she,s so cute & funny..Happy New Year to you & your family 🌺 Is that traditional korean food? I dont think i could eat it..🌺

  18. omg… v do ceremony just like urs… in South India… but not on new year.. but during some special fest that are only ment for ceremony… its all the same india and Korea v r more often similar… I'm in love with your channel.. I love to c n learn new cultures.. thanks for this video.. ❤️❤️

  19. I'll be in Korea this coming Saturday for 1 week. Any suggestion where is the best place to celebrate the New Year countdown.

  20. Catholic Christians can do it. It’s honoring ancestors. It’s not idol worship. Sadly there was a period of martyrdom before this was realized.

  21. Sibong's grandma is beautiful and cute😍
    Sibong's late grandpa is happy to watch their happy new year memorial life from his heaven and he really missed them all and RIP to sibong's grandpa…. Have a happy grandpa from heaven and wanted to join them ❤☺👍🙏

  22. Happy new year. ..and 2019 is going to end after my 5th semester exam of engineering 😢😢😢 yeaaaaaahhh ye ye ye ye ye ye …😊😊😊 2020 will come after 50 days

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