How Medieval Times Serves 1300 Chicken Dinners in 30 Minutes — How to Make It

– This is, “How to Make It”, and today we’re at Medieval Times. (bouncy medieval music) Tory? – Yes, hello.
– Nice to meet you, I’m Katie. – Nice to meet you, Katie. – You are gonna be training
me a little bit tonight. – [Tory] I am. – I’m basically shadowing you – [Tory] Yes. – All night, for the performance. – We are going to be
talking to the guests, getting them involved
in the show a little, getting ’em really excited, of course- – Are we a part of this show? – We are a part of the show.
– Oh my god. – We have one part called procession, where we are down in the sand,
getting our guests amped up, and it’s fun. – Oh my gosh. And how many people
are coming out tonight, for this performance? Think I heard 740? – Wow, about. – 740 people? – So that’s a good-sized show. – Is that norm, that’s like- – That’s a good-sized show. – Do you ever do more than that? – Our max is about 1350. – 1350, well I’m here
on a good night then. Let’s go put costumes on. (upbeat music) Tory, what are the difficult
things about this job beyond a normal restaurant server without knights and horses and theater happening at the same time. – We’re bringing all 28 chickens, all 28 corns, potatoes, all at once, all in one shot, so it
is physically demanding. – And it’s faster. – It’s fast. (upbeat music) – Are there any pitfalls
I should be avoiding? – While I was training I made
it all the way out there, served my first two chickens, my arm gave out, and I
dropped the entire tray. It happens, we’ve all made mistakes, especially sometimes
it’s dark in the arena, drinks spill, there are mistakes, but we know how to take care of it, we have seen it all. – Confidence level waning. – It should be going up knowing that I, myself, have dropped everything. – What happens when
people ask for silverware? – What is silverware? – That’s your response? – We are in the 11th century, if you can eat a
cheeseburger you can do it, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s great. – So what does the
welcome speech sound like? – You’re gonna wanna look at
the two ends of the tables, if you have their attention, then you know you’re good to go. Welcome to the castle, my name’s Victoria and I’m gonna be your server today. As you were guessing, cheering on the black and white knight, yay. You will also be cheering
on the red knight and the yellow knight. We like everyone on this side, they’re our friends they’re our allies. However, the real ugly colors behind me, we do not like them, you’re gonna wanna boo them the whole show. As you will see, there are
no utensils at the table, it is the 11th century you will be eating with these bad boys, it’s easy, it’s fun, you can do it I promise. We also let them know that we will be down in procession during the show, so please do cheer us on. – That might hurt your tip situation. – Nope, not at all. – I’m giving that intro. – So that’s the thing, it’s our time to really get the guests engaged and ready for the show. – This is a lot of people interaction. – It is. – There’s a reason why I’m
normally holed up in the kitchen, not dealing with- – And you have to stay in
character the entire time. So my lords, my ladies,
young squires, princess. – What? – Smiling, positive body language, so it’s just a constant stream
of us giving them everything. – So we’re working the whole time. – The whole time, yeah. – Okay. (cheering) – Hello my lords and ladies, welcome, what’s our table number? – Fourteen. – Fourteen, we’re gonna be right here, just slide all the way in. – Absolutely. – You’re gonna try and do the speech. – Interject if I forget something. – You got it. – Cause I’m sure I will. Welcome everyone, I’m Katie, I’m gonna be your server tonight. Just to let you know, we are cheering for knights in all of these colors, yellow, red, what’s our
colors, black and white. And then we ask that
you do not bang together any of your plates, cups,
it scares the horses, we don’t want that to happen, and- – [Tory] Enjoy the tournament. – Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. (cheering) (suspenseful music) So normally there are
three shows in one day. I have never experienced
anything like this. – We only have maybe
30 minutes to turn over for the next show, so we have to pre-bus everything off of our tables to get all the garbage and all the cups, get everything away, so that basically when the guests are getting up and leaving our tables are clear, we’re wiping, we’re resetting, and we’re doing it again. – I didn’t even think about that. This is an unbelievable operation, like I just, I’m overwhelmed, and I can’t imagine doing this alone. Look at the horses. I don’t want Tory to catch me. – Let the feast now be served. – This (censor beep) is
no joke, like for real, we have been running,
I have so much respect for you times 100. – Yup, it’s a lot of work. – This is not like regular
restaurant service, obviously. There was just a falcon flying around. (upbeat music) So the thing I noticed the most about this versus serving in a normal restaurant, number one everything is heavy, like so much heavier than
you would ever be carrying. You are bringing so much food out, so fast and consecutively,
it’s just crazy to me. – [Announcer] Medieval Times. – How many chickens did we serve tonight? – Arena-wide I would say we
were about 800, 800 or so. – And is that at like 3/4 capacity? Half? – Pretty much. – Okay, in this same situation, for this amount of people
if I were in the kitchen I’d be like oh I’m good,
show me where the kitchen is, but being out here, you
know, front of the house, part of the performance, in
an arena, you are amazing. So, we’re looking done for tonight. – Yes, so our station is pretty much done, we’re pretty much done here, but we do have one last thing, we’re gonna go muck out some stalls so care to follow me
we’re gonna go this way. – If you liked this episode and you’d like to see more, click here. First time using a chainsaw. We are in Astoria, Queens and
we are at Locomotive Studios and I’m about to go
meet my friend Shintaro who’s going to show me
how to make an ice bowl.

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  1. I hate to break it to all those kids and families out there. But corn, potatoes, coffee and tomatoes did not exists during the medieval times or Middle Ages. They didn’t show up until the late 15th century onward And even then, potatoes were thought to be poisonous.

  2. Oh my God, I am such a germaphobe and if I had physically seen that lady handling those bowls by putting her entire four fingers inside of my bowl while she was setting those tables…. I WOULD HAVE GONE NUTS & DEMANDED A NEW BOWL! I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the arena in the Chicago area which is actually located in the suburbs of Chicago called Schaumburg, IL. I WOULD JUST STOW AWAY A FORK, KNIFE & SPOON WRAPPED IN A ZIPLOCK BAG INSIDE MY PURSE TO USE TO EAT WITH!

  3. Please dont bang plates/cups, it scares the horses . . . but they're totally ok with swordfights and jousting. lol

  4. I know I’m bein annoying but I’m bothered by where she was grabbing the bowls when she was putting them down.

  5. midevail times and pirate times are both good shows if you’re in la and have the money and time i highly recommend it. get their early but it’s very fun especially for families and kids but even older adults get into it

  6. to be fair they did title is "How they SERVE the chicken" not "how they make the chicken". That's just the name of the show

  7. Am I the only one here that thinks that there should be more serving wenches and have more wenching cleavage? At least that's what I think of when I hear Medieval Times.

  8. Lol I remember going to midieval times, it was so cool and the food they served was so good! I think I was on the yellow team and I got a yellow paper crown hehe

  9. Why do literally all of the Medieval Times actors look the same… there’s always that one white skinny guy with a dark brown ponytail

  10. Order the vegan meal in advance, you will not regret it. Everyone was staring at my meal. You can always share it with someone. Friends was not impressed with their meals.

  11. I’m going there for the sixth time this year and tbh I’m kinda sick of it lol it is a good experience tho
    I was on the green knight thing and he won 😀 (last yr)

  12. Hello everyone. I have a question. My son is extremely picky and I just wanted to ask. Does the tomato soup have anything chunky in it

  13. Why is everyone saying this is so weird? Its literally dinner and a show. Is it that much different from watching sports at a bar?

  14. TOURNAMENT OF KINGS at Excalibur in Las Vegas is similar to the drama in the chain Medieval Times. The name of the drama is eponymous to the chain.

  15. Since Medieval Times transports guests to the 11th century, filming and photography must also be prohibitory.

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