How Russians celebrate New Year: telling Christmas stories and signing postcards. Learn Russian B1B2

Hi everyone Welcome to Russian with Dasha I am not alone today, as you can see. Kristina is visiting me. Hi! Kristina is a Russian language teacher, she teaches on Skype, she also has a YouTube channel. You can see the link in the description and subscribe. Kristina, what are we doing with you today? Today we have such a pre-holiday .. New Year’s mood. And we decided to sign postcards. Here we have very beautiful different ones. Yes, today we will tell how to sign postcards in Russian. I know that in America, for example, when you congratulate a person on his birthday or on some holiday, it is usually not customary to wish for something, but in Russia is exactly the opposite. Yes, we love to wish for something, we love to send greeting cards with wishes. For today’s video, we announced a competition on our Instagram and will sign postcards to our winners. You probably know that Christmas is celebrated on January 7th in Russia, but since Catholic Christmas is very, very close, we decided to sign the Merry Christmas card first. How do we usually congratulate? What can we say to mom and dad? We can write: “Beloved mom and dad, we wish you a Merry Christmas!” For my parents I chose this card and I will write: beloved mom and dad, I congratulate you on Christmas! If I congratulate alone, I write: I congratulate you, and if there are several people, we write: we congratulate. Congratulations on what? Merry Christmas, happy new year, happy birthday. Also, note that we write: “I congratulate you (informal)” if, for example, I write a card to my friend. We write “I congratulate you (formal)” if, for example, the card is for grandmother, and we address her politely, or this is some unfamiliar person, or this is an official congratulation. Yes, if, for example, you write to several people, you also write: “I congratulate you (plural).” How do we say Happy New Year in Russian? Happy New Year! I have different Soviet postcards here, as you can see, and ‘Happy New Year’ is written on them. Instrumental case I also have one. Yes, and I will sign the card to my female friend. What will I write there? I will write: “Beloved (girl)friend, I wish you a Happy New Year!” Did you go to kindergarten as a child? Of course. How did you celebrate the new year there? For the new year, we always had a Christmas party – Novogodnyaya yolka – that is the name of the holiday in kindergarten, because, of course, there is a Christmas tree on this day as a symbol of the new year. Yes, as we have now. It is customary for us to put a Christmas tree at home or at work before the new year, as well as for Christmas in Europe. Our traditions are very similar. Children come to this Christmas party, well, including me, when I was little, they dress up in different funny New Year’s costumes. Parents often make them. I remember that I was always a snowflake in kindergarten. It seems to me that all the girls we had were snowflakes. I don’t remember any other costume, maybe princesses. Squirrels? Boys were squirrels. Teddy bears and squirrels. Bunnies. Yes Yes Yes! Boys were bunnies, girls were snowflakes. When I was 5 years old, I went to a pre-school, where we danced, sang, drew, studied English. I remember that I had a costume of a fox. Since I sang well, I was offered to perform a song on the stage. I remember how I was standing in my fox costume, and Santa Claus (Ded Moroz) came up, who was actually played by a female teacher. A (female) teacher? Yes, it was a woman dressed as Santa Claus. But, as I recall, I stood on stage, singing my song about a horse, then I told all the children that when Santa Claus came up to me, I felt that the cold was blowing from him, and how cold I got. The spirit of Christmas and Happy New Year … Yes. I used to believe in Santa Claus, and you? I .. To be honest, I don’t remember that I seriously believed in him, maybe when I was very, very small. But then … I know that I already understood that he does not exist. So. And that in fact, all the gifts that I received for the new year were given to me and bought by my parents. But my parents thought I still believe. I supported this illusion and played along with it. As we have said, in Russia it is customary to wish something. We usually write .. If we sign a card only on our own behalf, we write: I wish, and if there are several of us: we wish. And then we use the nouns in the genitive case. Yes, this is the second case. For example, I wish you happiness, health, success in work, happiness in your personal life. Also, to those who study the Russian language – you can wish them success in learning the Russian language. Love, family happiness, family well-being. Have a good mood. And you can also say: “I wish a happy New Year.” Briefly and clearly. Yes, that is, the new year should only bring happy moments. I also wanted to tell a story about how I believed in Santa Claus. I was 6 years old. Usually you get ready all day on the 31st, and then you go to bed so that at twelve o’clock, at midnight, when the new year comes, you will be cheerful and cheerful. And my mother said: “Well, Dasha, let’s go to bed and have a nap.” And I remember that we went to the room, lay down, I could not sleep, because I was waiting for Santa Claus .. and then I heard that a window opened in the living room. It was open for a while, then closed. I told my mother: “Mom, what was that?” She said: Well, let’s go and see.” We came to the living room and saw that there were gifts. I was so happy, I thought that yes, probably Santa Claus came and brought gifts. I began to wake up my older brother, who was sleeping in the living room. I said: “Danil, Danil, look, Santa Claus visited us!” He flew inside the window, put gifts and flew out. Yes, it was nice for some time to think that Santa Claus exists. My parents hid the gifts on the balcony, they also said: “Here, Santa Claus has arrived, look, he left the gifts on the balcony.” And my brother and I always ran there happily. In my family it is always customary to give presents at twelve o’clock, when the chimes are already playing, because in Russia we are all waiting for this moment, we watch it on TV. One of the traditions: first, of course, the president’s speech, then the chimes, then the gifts. We always say with impatience: “What will Santa Claus give to us?” In Russia it is important not to miss the midnight. Be sure to drink champagne under the chiming clock. We make a wish too. We make a wish, drink champagne. Yes, but we do not just make a wish. We usually take a small piece of paper, write our wishes on this piece of paper and, while the chimes are playing, at least in my family it was like this: we usually burn this piece of paper and throw the ashes into champagne. And drink it all. But usually the whole paper is not burned, and we have to choke on it this champagne. Now it’s time to sign cards to those who participated in our giveaway. First postcard for Akesh from India. Dear Akesh, I wish you a Happy New Year. And my first postcard for Yoris. Yoris, be happy in the new year. Gerald, happy new year! I wish you happiness! The second postcard for Matthew. Happy New Year, Matthew. All the best! And the third Instagram postcard, named Mr. Milleri. Mr. Milleri, Merry Christmas! And the third is for Stuart. Stuart, Merry Christmas! (I wish you) success in you creative work. Semik also came to congratulate you on Christmas, but he is a little shy in front of the camera. He’ll run away now. Okay. We congratulate you on the New Year. We wish you success in your studies, do not lose your motivation. Anything else to add? And learn Russian with us! And travel, of course! Do not forget. Come to Russia, we are waiting for you!

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  2. It's pretty encouraging that I can understand some sentences completely, because I'm Czech, but have only studied Russian via Duolingo.

  3. Thanks for the video. You have very interesting content and I hope you continue posting more videos with subtitles in English and Russian!

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