How Steve Harvey’s Grandkids Convinced Him to Buy an $8,500 Teepee

I bought you something
since you’re always bringing me stuff. I bought you something. Yeah. And that’s a logo. That’s the show you
should be watching right before she come one. Yeah. Yeah. We’re partners. Your show then my show. You’re going to love this. I hope so. Yeah. You will. Is it money? Yeah. I wouldn’t even
tell your producers. Oh. Look at leather pants. No, no. No, no. No, no. Are they pleather? No. They’re vegan leather. So pleather. Yes. They’re vegan leather. Yeah. Look at that. Hey. You can put them on
and get them ate off. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] That’s not what that means. You don’t understand
what vegan leather means. It doesn’t mean you can eat it. It just means it’s
not made from a cow. That’s why you can eat it. No. Because you’re a vegan. No. No. It doesn’t mean you
can eat the pants. It just means that
they’re not made from– thank you. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] You can’t eat them. Yeah. That’s what that means. It doesn’t mean that. It’s what it means. Don’t worry about that. You don’t worry about it. Try it. I’m not going to eat it. It’d be delicious. You eat it. I’m not a vegan. It doesn’t matter. If they were leather
pants, I’d tear ’em up. You’d eat them? Yeah. I’m going to give
them to Portia. I bet she would love these. Now you see what I’m getting at. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] No. This is five years I’ve been
trying to get this moment. She gets me all the time. I just got her. No. And you fell right into it. You said, I’m going to
give them to Portia. Now we’re talking. Bam. Bam. Well, I’m so happy to see you. Thank you for my gift and
congratulations on the show. You got picked up
for another season. You got an Emmy nomination. All going good. Going pretty good, man. Going pretty good. Yeah. You’re having fun. Life is good. Yeah. Grandkids now. Yeah. You have how many now? We’ve got four now
and one on the way. Wow. So we got two boys, two girls. It’s a tie breaker coming. And you don’t know
what it is yet? No. Not yet. All right. Four grandkids. Yeah. Four grandkids. My wife Marjorie is all in. She’s all in. This Nana Papa thing
is big for her. She’s Nana. Right. I figured that. Cool name. Yeah. It’d be weird for her to
be Papa and you be Nana. Yeah. I don’t want to be Papa, though. What do you want to be? I want to be called Big Pimpin’. Is it too late? How old are they? Well, I can’t. She told me my granddaughters
can’t call me Big Pimpin’. No? No. But she’s all– let me
tell you crazy my wife is. Oh, these two right here– she’s into everything. Halloween at our
house– you know, I just thought Halloween
was just candy. It’s just getting kids candy. That’s all we had. Just candy. She throws a thing in
the backyard, a carnival. We have cotton candy machines,
making the apples machines, we got a petting
zoo, and a teepee. A 16 foot high teepee. Wow. And so, you know, the
kids are loving it. So the next day is
Wednesday because Halloween was on a Tuesday, so the
next day is Wednesday. So I’m off on Wednesdays. I’m out at the pool
smoking a cigar. I’m having a good time. All of a sudden,
the four grandkids are on the other side of
the house just screaming. [SCREAMING] They’re taking the teepee. They’re taking the teepee. The man had come over to remove
the teepee and the petting zoo. These kids’ mouths were so
wide like Charlie Brown. You can see their little
dang-a-long in the back of their– [SCREAMING] And so I go over there and
I’m panicking ’cause Papa they’re taking the teepee. So I said, hold, hold. I said, sir, sir. Stop taking the teepee
down in front of the kids. Look at these kids. Sir, I have to
remove the teepee. It’s my job. I don’t give a damn
what your job is. You see these kids tripping. Take the teepee down. Just go do something else
and leave a teepee alone. So he said, OK sir. So I got him calmed down. I go back to my
cigar in the pool. Hour and a half later,
they’re taking the teepee. So I panic. I throw the cigar in the
pool, which is not a good idea ’cause it don’t look like a
cigar when it’s in the pool. It’s in there doing
some other stuff. And I go around
there and they just, they’re taking the teepee. I said, sir, sir, you got to
stop taking this teepee down in front of these kids. Sir, I’m done. I have to go. I said, OK. Man, well how much
is the teepee? The due said the TP is $8,500. I said what kind
of damn teepee– so Papa, they’re
taking the teepee. Shut up for a minute
and let me talk. They’re taking the teepee. So I bought the teepee. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] The teepee is in our yard. I had them move it over. Oh, you got a picture of it. It’s 16 feet high, folks. So it’s in the backyard. So recently, little
Rose comes over. She can talk pretty good
and like she’s a little– she’s a girl, so
she’s a little– she tells everything. And I was trying to get her
not to and she’d comes back in. Nana, our teepee smells
like Papa’s cigars. [INAUDIBLE] I can’t
believe she’s telling this. And so my wife goes, Steve,
why does the teepee smell like cigars? I say, ’cause it’s $8,500
and when they’re not here, it’s not a teepee,
it’s a cigar lounge. I see. Yeah. That’s fair. It’s a nice place. It’s fair. Smoke goes straight up. It’s really nice. I bet it’s nice in there. Yeah. It’s nice. I bet it’s real nice
and smoky in there when you’re by yourself. It’s so nice.

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  1. It doesn’t matter which show he’s on, if he’s present there it immediately turns into the Steve Harvey show. Legend!!

  2. When I read the title, I thought it said “toupee”! Steve Harvey buying an 8,500 dollar TOUPEE! I had to watch this.

  3. I’m the only person who think Steve is like one of the funniest,nicest, person ever only if he was my grand dad lol

  4. Hi dear ellentube I am shafi I am live in KSA I want to sit on this TV show is it possible I am not super star

  5. I can see me and my Dad getting in trouble from my Mom and my Girl for turning it into a Cigar Lounge Foreal 😂😂😂

  6. I didn’t get the first joke of vegan pants and what is the relation between vegan pants and the lesbian?

  7. Here I am, a dutchman, wondering what a teepee is. Paused @ 5:22 and decided to google Teepee. Literally 2 seconds later they show it on the screen… like what are the odds lol.

  8. Thats not good tho spoiling them like that just cuz they screaming. They gunna grow up too entitled . but I LOVE some Steve Harvey

  9. Dear mama Ellen iam Eritrea boy East africa iam not good speak english i live in Holland Breda please Help me for my futur my Goal thanks God bless you Dear MAM ELLEN

  10. Love steve harvey, but his story telling is dead lol! Its too long and not enough laughs.. i cant believe im saying this but.. Kevin Hart tells a story better.. its funnier! His facial expressions etc – its all funny and not so long winded

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