How This Former Child Bride Spoke Out In Pakistan | Fundamental | Refinery29

-People expect me…
-To stay at home. -To be nice.
-To give up my space. Freedom is the sense
of autonomy. But I do come from
a very patriarchal world. They see my differences first. It was difficult to not have
to be seen as a man or a woman. I don’t wanna apologize
for being angry anymore,
does that make sense? [SCREAMING] I’m not afraid to say that I do
believe in something great. And I’m gonna give up. -Fundamental.
-Gender. -Justice.
our community is our campaign.
So we are fighting every issue
that’s impacting our community.Why is important
that we fight
for queer justice,
gender justice
and against racism?
‘Cause you cannot
fight for one without
fighting for the other.

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  1. This was so amazing these girls are worth so much more than this they are strong independent women and deserve to have a life of their own

  2. I think this issue should be tackled from a societal level rather than from an economic perspective. I think the idea of sexualizing a female childs body should also be eradicated. In the south asian culture, a young girl child is ripe enough for bearing children and are easier to tame. Also the perspective of having the right to owning a woman's body and the absence of self-agency should be tackled. This entire problem can only be addressed from a grassroot level, especially to men from previous to present generations from villages or poor states all over South Asia.

  3. I wish all these girls the most beautiful life they want.. May they get all the education they need and hopefully that will make society rethink how they treat them ❤️

  4. These women are so brave. Thank you for the documentaries that you make, to raise awareness about those issues. I wanna make documentaries later as well, and to see yours give me so much strength to do the same, raise awareness about that kind of subjects. Thank you !

  5. The tower not only covers their face but also tears. They deserve having a dream and do anything they want. I'm very lucky to born in a country that boys and girls have the same right. But it also have some stereotypes about girl roles but it's still better here.

  6. Hi Refinery29, I really would like to make the subtitles for portuguese-brazil, the topic covered in the video is very important and I believe that other people should have access to this kind of content, I would be really happy if I could do this, congratulations for always showing the best topics ♡

  7. Amazing document but one criticism: these women (except Ms.Naz) seemed to be uncomfortable talking in Urdu as they were from KPK so it isn’t their mother tongue, I think they would be able to articulate their words better if they talked in their native language Pashto. I’m saying this as someone from KPK and a Pathan.

  8. You should do a story on former Isis brides in Canada being openly stalked and threatened by their newly emigrated ISIS solider captors. The Canadian government isn’t helping them, the sharia courts in Ontario and Toronto aren’t either.

  9. Lol to increase the age to 18 for a girl to be married off is to go against islam, the mother of islam Aishah was married off when she was 6 and muhammad the prophet of islam consumated the married when she was 9, while she was still playing with dolls.This documentary has created some awareness, but it doesn't talk about the real issue which is the religion. Political correct documentaries only shows the issues on the surface, but does not uncover "the root causes of the issue" quoting from ur drop down info, for your viewers. It's almost deceiving to only show your cinematography of kids playing but not discussing the issue which is islam.

  10. Thank you for this brilliant documentary! I'm from Pakistan myself, but born and brought up in Karachi, fortunately in a family and social circle where young marriages are not only deplorable, but also unheard of. I think the biggest issue is at the basic level of giving women the right to have ownership over their bodies and their person. In Pakistan, the common ideology is that once a girl goes through puberty, whichever age that might be, however young that may be, she should be married off to protect her. They label it as an Islamic law, but it only one of the many laws put down by men to take control over a woman's body, labeling girls as young as nine, as women ready for marriage. When you set the age limit for women to be married at 16 and for men at 18, that is the first red flag. What determines that girls mature earlier than boys? Is it really a sex linked trait, this early maturity? Or is it the deep rooted misogynistic culture and standards of raising girls to be empathetic, "grown up" and "sensible" while 25 year old grown men are called "just boys"? When you talk of "protecting" women and young girls before even respecting them as individual, when you police their actions, their emotions, their beliefs and their voices, that is when you lay the ground work for these sick and twisted "traditions" of early marriage. Sometimes I feel guilty for being born with privilege, not just privilege of money or a nice home, but the privilege of having an education, a family that believes in my rights, a father who doesn't just want to protect me, instead wants me to be able to protect myself. I feel guilty because while I sit in the comfort of my room, the promise of University and a job and my basic human rights, watching this documentary and tearing up over it, writing down this comment, girls my age, younger, older, are being forced into these disgusting traps of abuse and mental torture, glamourised and romanticised by our society, our media, our own mothers and grandmothers and the Government who is supposed to protect them, who is supposed to give them their rights, is pretty much telling them that hey, we really couldn't care less! Thank you to women like Rukhshana Naz for fighting for us, thank you to Zarmina for being as brave, bold and beautiful as she is, thank you to Sharmeen Obaid, to Marvi Sirmed, to my mom, my nani, to the women and girls of Pakistan who despite being clawed at and pushed behind barriers, continue to fight through and live on. #MeraJismMeriMarzi

  11. Guys, I just , indeed, am here, to clarify, that this opressing and surpressing women is totally not allowed in Islam! Dont get wrong pictures of Islam! You just have to look at how our beloved Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, treated his wives. May Allah grant you shifaa and guide you and me all! (allahumma amin)

  12. Child marriages should be completely banned, a teenage girl is not mature enough to make decisions on who should be suited for companionship, it’s only when she becomes a woman of age and sound mind to choose who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

  13. I live in Pakistan and these things only happens in the rural areas and in uneducated households. What this issue needs is education.

  14. this really break my heart. look how them must passed their life just "as" a home assisten. cooking, take care home, and husband. even much from them suffer from violence too.
    i don't think they would have a "voice" for talking or do what they wont.

  15. Why did my comment get deleted?
    Anyway this is an Indian cultural issue. Hindus also practice child mariage so why make this an Islamic issue. This shit is obviously islamophobic.
    No one marries their child in Indonesia or African Islamic countries. So tackle this as a cultural issue since it also exists in Hindu Indian culture.

  16. Respect all the women in the world and wish all the best in your life!! Momma love you more than anything and anyone 👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧

  17. Child brides exist in america a lot in traditional communities and in rural areas where Christians still practice child marrying.

  18. This is what happens behind the scene. I’m a Pakistani but I’m living with a safe family so thank the Lord I haven’t be married yet.
    My mom and dad have enough common sense to know that shield marriage is wrong.
    Ya Allah meh sab kill ye parai karoon ig. (Oh God I will pray for everyone).
    This is a serious problem but not enough people have the sense to see that these are mere children.
    This sister is amazing. She has the right idea for telling them about this.

  19. I really wish these parents could change the way they think. You cannot force someone to get married . Its not even allowed in the religion as well

  20. I'm subscribed to Refinery29 but didn't see this in my subscription box for some reason.. YouTube algorithm *cough cough*… But it was in my recommendations today and boy am I glad I didn't miss it! I actually cried! 😭😭

  21. im literally crying seeing this i cant even the pain these gurls go thru is just breaks my heart altho i never faced tat but there is always this fear in my heart n i wanna help soo many ppl in my life tats what i wanna do idk how but tats what iwanna do

  22. This frightens me. My own great grandmother was a child bride to escape the Armenian Genocide. Thank goodness Armenians have stopped practicing child marriage, and instead have allowed our daughters equality!

  23. अगर सारे वर्ल्ड से मुस्लिमो को चुन चुन के एक जगह रख दिया जाए और एक देश दे दिया जाए तो भी इन पर निगरानी रखना जरूरी है ये ट्रंप भी समझ चुका है क्योंकि ये इस्लाम को नंबर1 मानते हैं और मौका मिलने पर किसी को भी मिटा देंगे अजीब प्रजाति है आदमी सफेद कुर्ता और औरत काला बुर्का साला पूरा ज़ेब्रा प्रजाति

  24. Constitutional pedophilia. That’s so outrageous, inhuman and abhorrent. How do those people call themselves religious?
    Hypocritical criminals.

  25. I always thank God that I wasn’t born into a culture that forces this kind of stuff, it’s disgusting no matter what “culture” is behind it

  26. I come from Pakistan and i second it that child marriages still exist in Pakistan . I see young girls coming to us in Hospitals being pregnant at age 14 15 and then having alot of complications .
    Although i come from a family that is highly educated i am 27 but still they question me about when will i get married its considered that after 25 girl will not get any proposals and it is so because people want to control the daughter-in- law n if she is young its easy to get hold of her and mould her if she is old she will have her own opinion and that would be Against ego of mother in law and her husband …. if a girl isnt married by a certain age she is seen as having some sort of problem or having an affair so she isnt getting married and this mindset prevails in our educated lots as well i get proposals of doctors engineers i.t people who are considered highly educated lot and they are reluctant after coming to know my age that i am 27 and watching me doing everything so independently. So in my opinion its a mindset that needs to be changed even educated lot is having worst of the mindset of wanting 20 yeras old daughter-in-law for their 30 years old sons .

  27. The main reason they are telling always once a girl get married in early ages is poverty ,yes there is some point to accept it but don’t force a child to get married at very young age and imposing to their mind the getting married is a good choice .in Islam we can let our children get married but we cannot force them to married a person , brother and sisters let us understand properly our religion and let us Apply that not the culture that we know from the start ,, let us All be open minded in religious way..May Allah Subhannah Wa Ta’Ala guide us All in the right path in every decision that we will decide. Always put Allah Subhannah Wa Ta’Ala in second in our life that will be more easier..

  28. When men are making the laws, they will enslave the women. Women have to be in power in order to write their own stories.

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