How to Attract Women : Picking Up Women at Parties

DR. LIOR KANE: Hi. This is Dr. Kane with Expert
Village and author of “How to Become a Professional Bachelor.” You know, women are always seeking
men and one of the best ways is instead of you going out and have them seek you out is
throw your own party. It doesn’t have to cost much money and it doesn’t take much time,
but what you’ll have is you let people coming to your house, in your domain, seeking you
out. Now, what are some of the tricks and some of the trade games in throwing a professional
bachelor party? It’s simple. Number 1, your place has to be clean as we spoke to earlier.
Number 2, you have to have lots of music, you need to have some alcohol. Number 3, you
need to invite more women than men in a ratio of three to one. And number 4, as being the
host of your own party, you are the man. Now, what you need to do when this party begins
is, first of all, circulate amongst everyone. Approach everyone, man and woman. Now, don’t
be intimidated by women in groups. Women usually stay in groups of three or more when they’re
shy but you need to approach the group directly. By approaching the group directly and speaking
to each one of them, not only would you be able to get the woman of your dreams, but
they will seek you out. You’ll never know at the end of the night, you may be staying
home with more than one woman if you play your games right. So, remember, throw your
bachelor party, have fun, doesn’t cost you much, and not only will they seek you out
but they will come to your own house and dwelling and have fun with you.

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