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Hey guys! I’m Nichole Dailey, Chef de Cuisine
at Traeger Grills and today we’re gonna run you through a recipe for some quick
dinner rolls. So first thing, you want to start out with is blooming your yeast.
You want your water to be around 110 degrees. You’re just gonna sprinkle
the yeast over the top. We’ve got about a cup of water and 2 ounces of yeast. While
that’s blooming, we’re gonna throw our flour, this is about 3 and 1/2 cups, right
into the mixer with your sugar, it’s about a quarter of a cup, and a teaspoon
of salt, and then you’re just gonna turn this on low and let it kind of mix
together. Okay, so our yeast has bloomed. When you put the yeast in, if it doesn’t
start to bubble, you’re yeast is most likely dead or old. A good way to
preserve it is to either keep it in a container in the fridge or in the
freezer. You just want to keep it really cold and it prolongs the life. So you
want your water around 110 degrees. Once your yeast blooms, you’re going to pour
that into your dry that’s in the mixer already. And we’re doing this with a dough hook. You just want it to incorporate and kind
of come together before you move on to the next step. So as this is going, I’ll
usually just scrape down the edges a little bit to make sure there’s no
flour pockets or anything like that once it comes together a little
bit, you can turn up the speed on it. We’re gonna add one egg and a couple
tablespoons of butter and for stuff like this, I always like to crack my egg in
something else before I put it in so I don’t get any shells. We’ve got our one
egg and we’re just looking for this to come together a little bit more. You want
it to pick up all that flour that’s on the bottom and then we’re going to work
the butter in. This butter is room temperature so it’ll incorporate much
easier. You don’t want it to be ice-cold or you’re just gonna get chunks of
butter. So you can see that this is all started to come together. There’s no more
loose flour or liquid anywhere so we’re just going to start dropping the butter
in. So once all this butter is incorporated a little bit we’re going to
turn up the speed again and knead it for about three to five minutes. You want it
to be sort of elasticy and it shouldn’t stick to your fingers at all. Once it’s
ready to go we’re going to take it out of there and put it in a buttered glass
dish, cover it loosely with a kitchen towel, and let it rise in a warm spot
preferably 70-75 degrees. You’re gonna let it rise for about 30 to 40 minutes until
it’s almost doubled. So the butter on the edges of the bowl just allow the dough
to kind of slide up the sides instead of getting stuck so it can rise a lot
easier. We’re gonna scrape this down one more
time and then turn it back up and just let it knead. You can do this by hand if
you like but I think the mixer makes it a little bit easier and cleaner. So after you add your butter, if your
dough is a little bit sticky and it’s sticking to the sides of the mixing bowl
you can just sprinkle the edges with a little bit of flour and you can see
it’ll bring it back together. Okay so our dough’s all ready to go here. Should be
pretty easy to get it out of the mixing bowl and it shouldn’t be super sticky.
It’s just kind of like tacky a little bit and then you just want to roll it
into a ball and set it in the middle and then we’re just going to cover this with
a kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm spot for about a half an hour. Okay, so our dough has been rising for
about 40 minutes now you want it to just be about doubled in size while this was
rising, we started our grill at 375. We’ve got apple pellets in it for this
one. You can use pecan, oak, anything that’s not really strong like a Hickory
or Mesquite. So we’re gonna take our dough on a lightly floured surface and
just pull this right out of here and we’re going to cut it into 8 pieces.
We’re gonna do 8 balls. So I just go straight across. So I just kind of eyeball it some of
these are obviously bigger than others but you can kind of just adjust it as
you go and as you’re doing this you want the seam to be on the bottom so, like
with this one, you’ll take it and fold it in on itself and then what you’re going
to do on a wood surface, a cutting board, you can do it on the stainless steel
table too, is you’re just going to lightly roll it and it’ll start to kind
of stick to the table which will keep that seam and then as you roll it with
your hands, it’ll close that seam up until it’s a little ball. So we’re gonna
do that with all of these and then we’re gonna bake them in this cast-iron pan
we’re gonna lightly butter it before we place them in. So we’ll get all these
formed and in the pan. Okay so we’re gonna take a piece of room-temperature
butter and just kind of coat the inside of this pan. So we’re gonna just take
these and place them. Leave a little bit of space between because they will rise
up one more time. So we’re gonna cover these with a kitchen towel again and let
them rise in a warm spot for about 20 more minutes. Once they’re done we’ll
take them out to the grill. Right before we do that we’re gonna brush them with a
little bit of melted butter. We’re gonna top it with some sea salt, you can have
some fun with it here. You can do sea salt, you can do Everything Bagel
seasoning. I like a little bit of thyme or herbs on the top. You could do a
garlic infused butter. It’s really whatever you prefer. We’re gonna keep it
simple with this one with just a little bit of sea salt. Okay, so our rolls have been rising for
about 20 minutes now. They’re just about doubled in size. Again, we’re gonna brush
them with some melted butter and sprinkle them with a little bit of sea
salt. Again, you can use whatever you want here. I like to use thyme, garlic, butter
you could do a little bit of garlic powder if you want. We’re just gonna keep
these ones simple. So now we’re gonna throw these on the grill at 375 for
about a half an hour. Alright, so we’ve got our grill preheated to 375. We’re
gonna throw these on for about a half an hour and we’ve got apple pellets in this
one but you can use whatever you like maple, pecan, just something a little bit
lighter. So we’ll come back and check on these in about 30 minutes. Okay, so these have been on for about 30
minutes. What you’re looking for is this light golden brown all the way around. If
you’re not much of a baker and you get a little nervous with rolls wondering if
they’re done or not, you can always temp them. So we use the thermo pens and I
usually just go in on the side and what you’re looking for here is an
internal temp of 200 degrees which these are at 201 right now so they’re good to
go. We’ll take these inside and they’re
ready to serve. Alright so we’ve got our finished rolls here let’s see how they
came out and I like to serve these with just a little bit of butter. You can do a
little bowl of salt next to them. It should be like a light, flaky roll. Ooh!
Let’s see how these are. I don’t think there’s anything better
than a hot roll mmm. Alright, go to to find
this recipe and many more as well as on our App.

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  1. Great recipe. So I think we can also start a new drinking game. How many times can you use "so" in a video….. now to start some baking.

  2. Very clear directions, and your presentation was really fluid and understandable. Definitely trying this, they looked fabulous when done. Yummy.

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