How to Be a Funny Clown : How to Be a Birthday Party Clown

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Paul
Anderson from the ABC Circus here in Hollywood, Florida and we’re going to do how to be a
clown. “Well, Mr. Chicken, the other day I told a very important performer that I do
birthday parties.” “Ha ha ha? That?s pretty much what he did. But you know what? It’s
a service every kid has a birthday. In fact, you have birthdays too. And what if no one
of the clowns wanted to perform at your party? Well, it’s a service to the community and
it’s also a lot of fun and when you get it down it’s quite easy. You run in, you make
the birthday child the hero! It’s all about the birthday child you know, because after
all it’s their day. So Mr. Chicken, when its your birthday, I will come to your little
coupe and sing silly songs and do happy birthday for you.

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