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Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen today, we’re going to do quick and simple this is perfect for holiday entertaining It’s all about how to build your very own charcuterie tray That’s French speak for a cured meat platter Perfect for your holiday spread your next holiday party or just to enjoy with family. Let’s go see how this all comes together So I’ll show you some of the things that we got we’ll start off with the cured meats I went ahead and I got some this is some capicola some pepper coated salami, and I have heard really good things about these meats, so I also got some prosciutto crudo and Some Genoa salami these have all been sliced I bought everything pre sliced because that makes it easy because if you’re in a hurry and come up with the last-minute get-together you don’t want to be messing with this stuff in your kitchen you just want to slap it on a tray and Enjoy their time and your friends and your time together to go on the cheese and charcuterie We went ahead and got some pitted dates and some dried figs I got a couple of bags of both dark and white Seedless grapes those go great with cheese and the charcuterie as well. Let’s make our truck whoo to retrace I’ve got my little board here We’re just gonna open up everything doesn’t mean we’re gonna put everything in the package out on the board But you know the best part about charcuterie is that you can just pile it up, and it’s gonna look beautiful These little cured and smoked meats. They are one of the best things and then when I have Christmas Eve in my house Which is every year we always start off our meal With a very large antipasto spread, and it usually has some of this truck hooter e cheese what-have-you Everybody loves it and honestly there have been years when people have said You didn’t need to make the main course Because the antipasto was absolutely perfect here is some of that peppered salami and You don’t look you can just even just slap it down here Because like I said your friends. Love you, and they’re not going care But just for me, just try and make it a little bit pretty, no this is just a little bit of Genoa salami This one doesn’t have a lot of the pepper on the outside and We are not highbrow in our house, so we’re just sharing with you. How we would do it if our friends were coming over The last thing we have Meet wise is this prosciutto now if you’ve never enjoyed prosciutto. It usually it’s very very thin It’s a salt cured meat It comes with these little plastic Sheets interleaved and you can just separate them like that Just like that and then gently peel it if it comes apart, it’s not a problem in fact you might just want to go ahead and Then separate it like that Because it’s gonna be easier for your guests to deal with I enjoy putting it on a tray like this Because it is very rich, and it’s very salty and it’s very delicious But if you just tear it up into little strips like that And another thing about prosciutto a little bit goes a long way I literally put four pieces of prosciutto on this tray And then you can just arrange that right there Now I have these green grapes We’re gonna put on this This tray look how pretty look how pretty that is so pretty you eat with your eyes first Always remember that now the other thing I’m gonna put on here. Just some of these dried figs These are really nice palate cleanser And they help you to cut the richness of some of this this meat You don’t need a ton on there just a few so I’m just gonna go ahead and pop some of these dates on here And that is how you make a beautiful quick and easy economical budget-friendly Charcuterie tray and that is how you build a charcuterie platter? Super simple and super delicious you tell me you don’t enjoy having something like this on your holiday table around this time of year It’s perfect for Quick get together x’ pickup gatherings. It’s easy to take with you if you get invited somewhere And it’s easy just to pick up the things that you need at the grocery store And it really requires absolutely no cooking a pretty tray Or a foil pan for that matter whatever you have it’s gonna work Just throw it together throw some grapes on there some dried fruit. I love dried apricots on mine too, but today. We have grapes and Dried figs and it’s just gonna be delicious Pair this with a delicious cheese tray and you are all set to go You don’t need much more than that to make a great get-together Spectacular I hope you give this a try I hope you learned something today, and if you enjoyed it, please consider giving me a thumbs up And if you’re new to my kitchen welcome, it’s always a pleasure to welcome new friends Please consider hitting that subscribe button if you are a tried-and-true member of the Marines kitchen family Please remember to hit the bell notification button so that you don’t miss out on all the real food for real people real easy recipes that we present all the time right from our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I Hope that you give making your own charcuterie platter a try, and I hope that you love it and until next time. I’ll see ya

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  1. Awesome! Love the arrangement. We definitely eat with our eyes .Love it.Thank you for sharing the goodness. Have an amazing evening.:)

  2. Very nice Noreen. You’ve also given me. Some ideas on what to add to a vegan food tray for my son in law and daughter, is in figs and dates! Thanks again for another helpful tip! With love from BanDana Gramma!


  4. We love Coppa! Try using it in chicken cordon bleu..the ultra thin sliced. It melts in and leaves all the flavor in the chicken.

  5. Okay, the fig, grape and date tip is key, love it! Also, it makes me look as if I sort of know what I’m doing! I usually buy these already done however excited to try. Thank you 🙂

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